13 July 2009: Shoreline Amphitheater, San Francisco, CA, USA

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13 July 2009: Shoreline Amphitheater, San Francisco, CA, USA



  1. Life In Technicolor
  2. Violet Hill
  3. Clocks
  4. In My Place
  5. Yellow
  6. Glass Of Water
  7. Cemeteries Of London
  8. 42
  9. Fix You
  10. Strawberry Swing
  11. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Partial Techno Remix)
  12. Talk (Partial Techno Remix)
  13. The Hardest Part (Chris Solo Piano)
  14. Postcards From Far Away (Chris Solo Piano)
  15. Viva La Vida
  16. Lost!
  17. Green Eyes (acoustic)
  18. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay / Death Will Never Conquer (Acoustic, sung by Will)
  19. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover - Acoustic)
  20. Viva La Vida (Remix Interlude)
  21. Politik
  22. Lovers In Japan
  23. Death And All His Friends
  24. The Scientist
  25. Life In Technicolor ii
  26. The Escapist (Outro)


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Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[1], unless stated otherwise.


I just got home, it was fucking amazing, the best night of my life. Can't write now, I'm SO tired and sweaty and need a shower/bedddd.

BUT I TOUCHED CHRIS MARTIN! (and Jonny and Will! Guy was being silly and shy, but OMG ANYWAY).

Will post a full review and lots of pics and vids tomorrow!!!!

Edit: Didn't get to hold up my sign btw, security took it away because it was "too big" at the very start. Grrr.


Hey guys,

I was about 10 feet away from Coldplay! The set list was the same and I have a bunch of videos I will load up tomorrow. The boys were great and Chris was saying how they loved San Francisco and that they don't tell that to everyone. He kept saying 'fuck' it was really funny! The crowd was pretty good, but I have PIT tickets for the show later today so I'm hoping for front row! Oh, when they went to the C-stage tons of people were grabbing at Chris and he was like "careful, careful" but he said it very sweetly. It took me over an hour to get out of the parking lot!


Man if there was anyway to describe tonight, it wouldn't be too far from an outdoor house party. Seriously most of all the little kids, couples, and friends I saw were in good spirits just enjoying the music, whether under the influence or not. And maybe since it's summer, it was like going to a baseball game. The fooood did help though, lemonade, Ben & Jerry's, kettle corn, garlic fries, cotton candy, I could go on but I'll stop here. All the same, very nice vibe from the crowd tonight.

My seat was in the 101 section so the ramp was smack dab in front of me. This time, I was able to feel the butterfly rain, get hit by the yellow balloons, and get a glow stick that Chris threw. I definitely had to watch my head tonight, lol. Very worth it all though. I second the Billie Jean request, sounded awesome live. I believe they did a version of Sitting on the Dock of the Bay on the C-stage as well...

I'm glad I went to see Coldplay in concert again, cause this time around the album was saturated more and the live instruments brought out sounds and melodies you just don't fully get from the cd.

While I did notice that sometimes the crowd wasn't fully into the concert by means of dancing or other "physical output", it was only a few times. The interest was still there, it was just a laid back energy.

Favorite banter: "I don't mean to sound like a schoolteacher...but, that's just the way it's going to be." - Chris *along the lines of*

I have a lack of pictures and videos, though I did manage to get screen footage of God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and snippets of a roadie breakdancing to Jay-Z before the concert began.

just a nice nice nice way to spend a summer monday night


This was my first Coldplay concert. Shoreline Amphitheater, July 13, 2009. Section 202, Row P, Seat 23. And all I can think now is this...

What an amazing show.

Though I was pretty far away from the stage, as soon as Coldplay took it the entire audience was filled with energy and enthusiasm. All of the songs, from Violet Hill, to Cemeteries of Shoreline London, and yes, even to one of my least favorite Coldplay tunes, Green Eyes, were performed flawlessly.

The way they walked, galloped, (and if you caught a glimpse of Chris at the beginning of VLV, ran) between stages just added to the excitement in the air. It was also great when Chris interacted with the audience, asking for us to perform the "Mexican Cell Phone Wave", and encouraging us to sing a very overwhelming one note melody to Mr. William Champion.

And we obliged. Because "that's just the way it's got to be".

Coldplay knows how to put on an amazing show, and they sure as hell delivered this last night. Absolutely fantastic.

Oh, and Chris seems to like us a bit, unlike, as quoted by him, some of the other "fucking arseholes" out there.


What an amazing show!!This being my 6th time ive seen the boys live,it was by far the best one!!I think being in the 10th row had something to do with it.But I also believe a big part of it is that they are playing the best they have ever played live right now.They were so energetic from the start.Chris was very talkative with the crowd.I think the one thing that stood out for me was Johnnys playing.His guitar was very loud and he was on his game!!Like i said they were energetic but sometimes I think Guy is a little too casual as the other 3 just go nuts. During Death And All His Friends the banner got stuck and didnt come down all the way.But the production team was right on it and flashed the VIVA sign on the big screen that they use.During Yellow the baloons were all over the stage.I think at one point the whole stage was covered with them!!It was funny seeing Johnny,Chris,and Guy kicking the balls throughout the whole song.I even got hit in the head with one.I wasnt paying attention haha.Lovers In Japan was amazing with the butterfly confetti falling on me and my party.We all got a copy of LRLRL.It was pretty easy and smooth as they handed them out at the gates on the way out.Overall it was a flawless performance by the boys.And reminded me yet again why they are my favorite band!!Cant wait til next time!!


First, we started our 2 hour trip all the way to Shoreline, that part was fine. Then we got there 20 minutes before the parking lot opened, so we had to go to Starbucks. Then when we were there, we had to use the bathroom, but there was a big line so we had to wait for that. But since we had to wait, now there was a huge line of cars ready to go in to the parking lot. But finally we got in, and made our way to the venue. But now, we had to wait 40 minutes in line, so we could get in. While we were in line, two security guards yelled at everyone to have there tickets ready and to know the words to the songs!!! Finally we got in, and I was wondering why I haven't gotten LRLRL??? But anyways, my mom saw the bracelets!!! So I ended up spending $100 on: 2 packs of bracelets, the light blue VLV shirt, the blanket, and pins!!! Then we were just sitting in the lawn for 4 hours. During the first hour, I noticed something strange... two butterflies right in front of me!?! Then I looked around, and I found it...The Butterfly Cannon!!! Luckily, Coldplay's Roadies tested them during soundcheck!!! Since there was no wind, they all fell behind a barrier, and I grabbed a giant clump of like 20 of them. Then we waited for 3 hours, and nothing happened!!! Then at 8:45, these drunk guys came to the lawn, and took over everyone spots that have been there since 5!!! But anyways, least they new all the songs. But during the concert, I noticed something...I HAVE TO PEE!!! The whole concert I was holding it in, but either way I enjoyed the concert. Then finally in the second encore, Chris told us we are getting LRLRL!!! So I got that and we got into the car, and tried to get out!!! We had snacks that were in the car, and I was STARVING!!! So I took the gummy worms, and put my hand in the bag and said, "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" I forgot that they were sitting in the car for 9 hours!!! They were a huge clump of digusting gummyish-things!!! Then I slept for a 45 minutes in the car, then I got to my house at 2!!!

[Technicolor Liver]

Ok, I'm more calm now than I was last night, but everything still seems all surreal and crazy. You could say Coldplaying Karma was with me and wasn't with me last night. My friend and I got to Shoreline at about 6:15, and immediatley went and bought shirts. I originally picked the LiT one and my friend got a tour shirt, but when we went to the bathroom to change we both stupidly dropped them in the sink. So we took them back just to see if we could trade them in, and the merchandise lady was totally nice about it. Instead of an LiT one I got a DAAHF shirt, though, which I love!!!!

Anyway, we were handing our tickets to the agents, when a huge security guy came up and asked to see my sign. He then asked what seats we had, and I told him we were the 14th row, and he said he'd have to take my sign away. I got really upset and asked him why, and he claimed it was too big and would block everyone's views. I tried telling him I just wanted to show it to the roadies and have it after the show, but he wouldn't let me in and took it away. !

We then went to our seats, which were in section 101 (on the very edge of the amphitheatre), but we had seats in row N, the 14th row. We were kind of off to the side, but very close to the catwalk, and the view was still incredible! The opening acts were both nice, but I wasn't paying too much attention because of excitement. We spent the time after Amadou & Mariam and before Coldplay playing "I Spy" with the roadies, and I found Miller, Franksy, and Hoppy, among others. No Phil though!

And then Coldplay came on. The entire show was amazing (way better than San Jose last summer!), and Chris was his usual entertaining self. I don't remmeber exactly everything he said, but he had some pretty funny quotes. He seemed to think San Francisco was the best place to play at and had the best fans (which is true! ). Yellow was incredible with the giant balloons, and Chris was hilarious trying to head-butt them and pop them with the neck of his guitar. My Coldplaying Karma arrived right before Coldplay went up to the B-stage for GPASUYF. My friend noticed that security had put caution tape between all the seats and the aisle. We figured out just in time that that meant the guys were coming up this way on their way to play in the crowd, so she got the camera set up and let me lean over the caution tape. Security kept yelling at me for leaning too far, but it was worth it! Jonny, Guy, and Will came running up and I was able to slap Jonny's hand! Guy and Will ran by, but a moment later Chris came up. I was prepared and reached out, and grabbed on to his bicep!!!! The B-Stage setlist was awesome as well, and our seats were about equidistant from the regular stage and the B-Stage. I was prepared for the boys on the way down, and although I didn't touch Guy or Chris again, I gave Jonny a second hand slap and got one from Will too!

The rest of the night was amazing. The crowd went crazy during the Viva chanting, and I had to pour a bottle of water on myself after jumping around so much during Viva. Our seats were really incredible, and Chris went crazy on the little catwalk which was only a few rows in front of me. The crowd seemed to love Chris's humor, and the Mexican Cell Phone Wave/Billie Jean, both up on the lawn, were awesome! I also got two copies of LRLRL, and at the end of the show security gave my sign back. It was a nightmare getting out of Shoreline though, the parking lot/road there sucks!


this concert was fantastic, we are Australians and saw them in Brisbane when they were here in march and had to see them again..the crowd were awesome..everybody stood and danced along all night..spectacular


Apple CEO Steve Jobs spotted at Coldplay concert

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may have been back at work two weeks ago, but his schedule has afforded him some time to relax, Coldplay's Roadie #42 discovered for himself Tuesday night. Jobs is a self-professed music lover, and was seen speaking with Dave Holmes, a TV host and celebrity news writer, Apple Insider, CNN Money and MacNN all report today.

At a show in the Shoreline Amphitheater near San Francisco, Roadie #42 spotted Jobs talking to TV host and celebrity news blogger Dave Holmes outside of the band's dressing room. What was discussed wasn't mentioned, but Jobs' identifiable presence was unusual; in spite of his self-professed love of music, few publicly single him out as having appeared at a given event. The roadie himself admitted that he couldn't bring himself to talk to Jobs directly.

"I suddenly [felt] like a star-struck teenager," Roadie #42 said. "In order to get the gall up to speak to the guy, I [downed] a double espresso. The mixture of caffeine buzz and feeling like a cheesy little fanboy [meant] that all I [could] manage to say to him is 'Thank you so much.' I [realised] that [I was] quite simply making a tit of myself and so [excused] myself as fast as I appeared."

Roadie #42 is described as a "confirmed Apple devotee" and credits his involvement in the music industry to Jobs' computers. He confesses to having been particularly nervous on seeing the CEO, and excusing himself quickly after realizing his fan-crazy appearance.

Jobs currently only works at Apple offices three days a week, and spends the rest of the time working from home. Jobs recently took a six month leave to recover from what was first claimed to be a "hormonal imbalance," but in short order restated to be a more serious condition. Third-party sources later confirmed a liver transplant.

Caught Coldplay at the Shoreline Amphitheater last week, after a fabulous dinner at Fiesta del Mar. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them in concert, but this was the second time I’ve seen them on this tour. I feel like a teenager still sometimes. I couldn’t get any information from the Shoreline staff who the opening bands were, but the first one was a groovin’ rockabilly type sound with lots of harmonica, and the second was an African soul group (heavy on bass and some pretty fantastic dancers). Both very different from each other and not at all like Coldplay’s music, but very enjoyable all the same.

In between bands, they played a band that sounded like the Cocteau Twins, but wasn’t. It was very good - anyone have any idea who it could’ve been? This concert was spectacular. Coldplay is one of the few bands that I’ve seen that really interact with the audience and care about giving a top notch performance, not just a rehash of their albums. The Shoreline concert featured a different line up than when I saw them in the HP Pavilion (and the sound was a hundred times better. I love the HP Pavilion staff, but that place was NOT designed for acoustics!).

This show even featured some new tracks of the album, Left Right Left Right Left, which they gave to every attendee that night. Cool bonus that really made us feel that we were actually getting our money’s worth (though I was still happy we didn’t have to pay any TicketMaster monopoly fees since I bought the tickets directly from the box office).

Some happy moments of mine from the show:

When I saw them testing their lasers before Coldplay came out, I couldn’t help but hear "Where my lasers at? Yo!" ala Coach Z. Realizing that cell phones have completely replaced lighters at concerts and totally appreciated the lack of smoke (though, must be challenging to get those lasers to work! yo!)

Being told "There’s an App for that!" (yes, an app… for an iPhone.. to make it look like you’re holding up a lighter. *sigh*)

Hearing Blue Danube play and reminiscing about the number of times we played that tune on water glasses at the Gaslighter. Getting the correct variety of glasses to get all of the pitches, keeping them tuned, and staying all together was a feat of magnificent talent that we somehow pulled off most nights.

Loved the big giant yellow balloons floating around all sections that were filled with confetti during the song, Yellow. It made us all feel as if we were part of the performance. The balloons bouncing along, each of us reaching for them, sometimes they burst and released their confetti. Very cool. Very surreal. Using our cellphones (everyone had one) and doing the Mexican Cell Phone wave. Not sure why Coldplay referred to it as such, perhaps it originated in Mexico? Thrilled when the band did an acoustic tribute to Michael Jackson, doing a fantastic rendition of Billie Jean from the lawn.

Thinking, "Those who are dead, are not dead, they’re just living in my head" is true. None of you will ever be forgotten by me. The music was phenomenal, the performance was intense. Wow.


Media Reviews

Viva La Coldplay!

Trying to shuffle 21,000 people into one venue is a little bit tough. Major kudo's to the kids running the parking lot along with sheriffs, granted it still took us 45 minutes to get into the venue. We did miss the first band, but I heard they were folkish and mellow... fun as my friend Andrea (not me) said. The Gorge was filled to the top of the hill, left to right, all the way down to the front of the stage. Ages varying from 80-years-old to a newborn and plenty of pregnant women. It was a show no one wanted to miss and perfect for any music lover.

Right when the sun was going set behind the breathtaking scenery of the Gorge Coldplay took the stage with bright lights, high energy, and ear to ear grins. As they said...."anywhere you look it is beautiful." They instantly went in to play the hits new and old from "Clocks" to "Yellow." During "Yellow" giant yellow balloons floated across the crowd filled with yellow confetti. The camera work and video effects were fantastic on both of the side screens, by far some of the coolest effects I have seen during a live recording. The stage backdrop changed a few times once showing the cover of Viva La Vida, then the background of the gorge, and another VIVA backdrop. They also had these giant light-bulb looking lights that moved up and down and the graphics changed, they were used perfectly with each song.

The energy that the entire band had was amazing, falling to the floor of the stage, bending back words, jumping from the left to the right side of the stage. You knew the band was have a fantastic time. I am sure everyone got to hear their favorite Coldplay song, which doesn't happen a lot at shows. They even pulled of an acoustic version of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson in between the bottom of the hill and the floor. Yep, Coldplay left the main stage twice, once to play to the left of the stage on the floor (Chris even had a piano out there) and once they walked up to the middle of the gorge and played acoustic songs.

It was Will’s (the drummer) birthday and Chris sang the coolest little song for him while they were in between the hill and the floor. The set was interactive; we got to sing along a lot even when the crowd wasn't asked. The crowd got very overpowering through some songs during the night. It was very moving to hear that many people sing their hearts out, all just blown away to be seeing Coldplay.

Will asked the crowd to take out their cell phones and hold them up in the air, then put them down by their sides, then raise them up and create this huge wave of lights. It was so cool! My favorite part during the night... "Lovers in Japan." I don't know if you have heard or seen this on you tube, but oh my gosh, what an amazing experience. Within the blink of an eye, I (and the entire gorge) was covered in millions maybe even trillions of colorful paper butterflies. It was so magical and went perfectly with the song. Overall one of the best shows I have seen all year, it was phenomenal. If you missed it... go buy a plane ticket and catch it in another city before it's over, you won't regret it.


Coldplay delivers another rock-solid show at Shoreline Amphitheatre

Name the band that you'd least expect to deliver a Michael Jackson tribute. Metallica? Marilyn Manson? How about British alt-rock act Coldplay? It was the latter that surprised the capacity crowd at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on Monday with its tribute to the recently departed King of Pop. And the real shocker was how Coldplay went about it. Late in the set, the quartet moved from Shoreline's big main stage to a smaller platform, which probably measured no more than 6-by-6 feet, located at the rear of the reserved seats, near the lawn area. The players huddled together, acoustic instruments in hand, and vocalist Chris Martin announced that they were "going to go into a song that is far better than any song we could ever write."

A mandolin rang out, alongside two acoustic guitars, and the rhythm was instantly familiar, if not immediately identifiable. Then Martin uttered the first line of the song: "She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene... ." The crowd let forth a collective gasp, then a shriek, as 22,000 fans realized they were hearing an acoustic cover of Jackson's "Billie Jean."

It was a nice, unexpected moment — a "Thriller," if you will — in a show that lacked any other real surprises. In general, the evening consisted of just Coldplay being Coldplay; if you like the band, you would definitely have enjoyed the concert. Following the same game plan that it has used from the start, Coldplay spent roughly 100 minutes mixing radio-friendly pop songs and rock anthems with piano ballads and other softer material. Martin, the 32-year-old superstar who's married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, was his usual self: earnest, personable, and seemingly aware of how lucky he is to be in the position to perform in front of thousands of fans on a nightly basis.

Coldplay isn't big on bells and whistles, which makes it a rare bird in the flock of the world's most popular bands. So it's no surprise that its current tour is a decidedly stripped-down affair. Even the two smaller performance platforms erected away from the main stage seemed mainly intended to break down the barrier between the band and the audience. The foursome — Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion — sounded strong and agile as it kicked opened the show with "Life in Technicolor" and "Violet Hill," two numbers from the 2008 album "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends."

Coldplay was generous with the hits early on. The third number was the showstopper "Clocks," a track from "A Rush of Blood to the Head" that won for Record of the Year at the 2004 Grammy Awards. It was followed by a passionate rendition of "Yellow," the megahit from Coldplay's debut, 2000's "Parachutes," that introduced the band to American listeners. Martin is a terrific pianist, but he's not the finest lyricist in the world. His skill in delivering his lines, however, is without question. His sincerity can be found in every sentence he utters, whether he's moaning through something akin to a love letter or reciting Michael Jackson in a weak falsetto. Actually, MJ cover wasn't the best song of the night — that title would go to the touching original composition "Fix You"— but it was the most important. By paying tribute to the King of Pop, Coldplay showed us yet another side to its already impressive equation: the ability to surprise an audience.


Mountain View review 2: Coldplay rocks Shoreline Amphitheater

So, someone mentioned something about a recession the other day. "Things are going to get worse before they get better," they said. "People are going out less, choosing their entertainment options more carefully and have decided to forgo vacations this year." At least that's what the talking heads are saying on TV, writes JamBase.

Far-removed from the somber media reports of the soft economy, the sell-out crowd in attendance to see Brit rock superstars Coldplay found themselves worlds away from any crisis with their hard-earned dough well spent. The evening was filled with incredibly tight arrangements, elegantly uncomplicated visual effects, an endearing frontman and even a few surprises for their economy-conscious fans. Having never been a huge follower of the band, I now understand why they are one of the biggest bands on the planet.

Beginning the show from behind a sheer mesh, the familiar sounds of "Life In Technicolor" brought the already frenzied fans to their feet. When the drape was raised, Martin appeared in a multi-colored military cadet-style jacket and began to lead the crowd through nearly two hours of energetic sing-along moments and anthemic choruses. The now-familiar 1830 painting "Liberty Leading the People" by Eugène Delacroix served as the backdrop for the show, while vintage style televisions onstage displayed video feeds and provided a warm glow behind the band.

A sprinkling of tiny-stickered acronyms adorning road cases backstage was the only hint of Coldplay's deeply rooted interests in activism, such as their support of Amnesty International, Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday and Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign. Other simple but effective visuals were integrated into the atmosphere including giant yellow balloons resurrected from 2005's "Twisted Logic" tour, which were released for the audience to bat around, creating what resembled a human-powered lava-lamp. Other touches included spherical screens displaying imagery or simple color patterns above the stage, pulsating bands of laser lights as well as millions of confetti butterflies set free to flutter throughout the venue.

Moving fluidly between the main stage and two mini-stages jutting into the crowd on either side, Coldplay showcased early hits from three previous albums including "Clocks," "In My Place," "Yellow," "Speed of Sound," "Trouble" as well as songs from 2008's Viva including the bluesy "Violet Hill," "Lost!" and the underrated "42," infused by Champion's surgically precise percussion. A highlight was an acoustic jam session where the band gathered on a tiny side stage to perform a brilliantly funky version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." The show ended with a particularly expressive performance of "The Scientist" and then back where it began with "Life in Technicolor II" to draw the evening to a close. Most of the orchestral tracks were performed with a stripped-down treatment, which came across as both bright and unrehearsed. Champion, pulling duty on guitar, drums and vocals, was a potent force as the familiar songs became much more dynamic than their more unassuming recorded counterparts.

Throughout the show, Chris Martin's playful interaction with the crowd, raucous piano pounding and uncoordinated flailing about added to the spectacle and sense that the band was enjoying themselves at least as much as their audience. The sheer joy and giddy energy bubbling over from the stage was contagious. It was as if everyone in attendance was sharing in the joy of having just discovered the most perfect radio station. The lively atmosphere never seemed to have a down moment and, as fans headed out into the night holding their recession-friendly live CD LeftRightLeftRighLeft (which you can download for FREE at coldplay.com), it seemed as though fans felt like they had gotten their money's worth. This was a big-time band performing huge songs in a way that few bands can match.


Twitter Updates

  • coldplay The view that will greet Chris in 15 mins. After everyone comes back from the bar! R#42
  • SRShearer The crowd at Coldplay is lit up like the night sky with the beatiful twinkle of camera and phone displays.
  • djFORtUne Ok um... Coldplay just pulled a ministage and are playing 20 feet infront of me. Not kidding.
  • dptalks Coldplay does not disappoint the crowd is awsome, love fest!!
  • garronma I can hear Coldplay performing live from my bedroom.
  • iBrad99 at he Coldplay concert.. Chris Martin is a psycopath!
  • mattical69 And Chris + @coldplay have reached the "Michael Bolton" segment of the show (Haha!) Good Times!! #Coldplay concert SF Bay!!
  • coldplay Thank you and goodnight from Mountain View California. R#42
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