23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA

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23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA



  1. Mylo Xyloto
  2. Hurts Like Heaven
  3. In My Place
  4. Major Minus
  5. Lovers In Japan
  6. The Scientist
  7. Yellow
  8. Violet Hill
  9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  10. Princess Of China
  11. Up In Flames
  12. Warning Sign
  13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  14. Viva La Vida
  15. Charlie Brown
  16. Paradise
  17. Us Against The World
  18. Speed Of Sound
  19. Clocks
  20. Fix You
  21. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


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Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[1], unless stated otherwise.

23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA

Tonight was better and worse for different reasons. First, Wolf Gang was again good. Robyn....writes going to the bathroom music because that's what I did both nights. Maybe she thinks it a tribute to play a band's song in her set be me no likey. And bitch, that is Chrissy Martin's ramp, keep your ass off it! Now the Coldplay. Better because I was far enough back to see all the lights and lasers and better sound mix. Was close to X stage. Better because Jonny wore his dancy green pants.

Worse because of idiots that choose to fight at shows. I was in the third seat from the aisle. The couple that sat in the seats next to me and the couple in front of them were douchebags! When the band came down to the X stage, people in the back came up in the aisle to take pics and stuff. They start screaming at them to "go sit down because we paid good money for these seats" then they start pushing and putting fingers in faces. I thought maybe the aisle people had tried to push their way into our row, but no they were just in the aisle. REALLY Dallas. Grow up. This happened during of all things Warning Sign. I told him thanks for ruining the most beautiful song on earth for me and my friend on the phone and oh yeah I paid good money for my ticket as well and didn't come here to listen to you act like a fool! Then he felt the need to keep apologizing. Just shut the fuck up OK! But of course that wasn't the end of it because then the guy in front of them had to have his turn at yelling. Then the person he yelled at came back with her BF and they all had another go round. Each time the AAC staff would come and do nothing. Throw the idiots out please. Where the fuck is Jackie when she's needed!

Speaking of Miss JJ, I saw her again tonight. Then when I see that the band runs down the aisle right in front of where my original seat was yesterday night I got the feeling she moved me up front to prevent a Buckland attack! Probably only took my cell number to track me using my phone. Well played, Jackie, well played. [Thanks Texasluvsjonny]

And I thought last night was great... Tonight was amazing. In my opinion the crowd tonight was better then last night's. Chris was very talkative tonight, more then usual. Chris commented that the singalong to the Scientist was one of the best they've ever heard. The boys were on point and so happy. Two comments Chris made that I loved "I know Lady Gaga says she has the best fans in the world but I think that's bullshit because we do. Don't tell her I said that though" and after a singalong "I wish I could kiss every single one of you" the xylobands never ceaze to amaze me, I'm always in such of awe of them. I overheard the guy behind me say before they got on stage that he was a casual Coldplay fan but during the show I kept hearing him gasp and say omg, this is the most amazing concert I've even been to. I love it when I see things like that. Coldplay never ceazes to amaze me everytime I see them and this show was no different. [Thanks l0wxo2]

23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA
Just back from the show! Another amazing night, like everything that this band does, really. I don't think that tonight was better, since both nights were unbelievable. The boys are in great form and as I said yesterday, this show and tour will make history since it is a treat not to be missed. Finally met Angie (Texasluvsjonny), which felt like meeting one of the members of the band, she is a high class fan. The amount of stories she has is unbelievable, her knowledge of every single detail of touring and of course, she is the most nicest girl on earth, as any die-hard Coldplay fan would be. Wolf Gang did a great job again, I think they are to great things. I did not pay much attention to Robyn this time, but you can't deny she is a great dancer. As to the boys, I think EVERY SINGLE person left that arena COMPLETELY delighted. To me, the only song which can be changed in this setlist is Clocks. Time to bring back Politik, Amsterdam, or Lost. It is not going to be easy for any other artist around to top this show. Met Jason Regler, who is very nice, but also a very private chap, like any Englishman. He had the nice detail of giving me a setlist at the end of the show. Also met Miller, who was very nice, but as always in a hurry. Let me finish again with what I said yesterday. Do the IMPOSSIBLE, but please do not miss this show. If you do, you are going to regret it your whole life, since it is the most AMAZING show on the entire planet. We are fans of the BEST band in the whole PLANET right now, and I would go on to say that they will, without doubt, be the BEST band of this century. Cheers everybody! See you in Houston!

[Thanks the_escapist]

Was there last night with my tween daughter, her first concert. What a thrill for her, but after this I'm not sure anyone else will ever measure up! I saw them here 4 yrs. ago for Viva la Vida tour, and as good as that was, last night was spectacular! I was in awe, some real breathtaking moments. Highlights for me : very beginning - MX and the first time the wristbands lit up the arena, In My Place and the confetti, The Scientist sing-along, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. They sounded superb. One thing I wanted to add was that our seats were near stage left, where they exited. Was so cool that as they were leaving they stopped, turning all around and waving, seeming to truly take in all the love and appreciation, not taking it for granted. Loved that! [thanks LauraDallas]

Actually, I loved being in the back seats. The ones up front were really great, and it seemed the boys were only a stone's throw away, but the sound was very muddy and since the seats were edge-on, the light show wasn't as bright or powerful. Again, it was only because of my angle. On the second night when I was in the veeeery back (as far back and up as you can get), the light show was something out of a science fiction film. UNBELIEVABLE !! And there was a 3D effect to the entire place when the lights went out and the Xylo Bands started to glow, since I was so high up and toward the back looking down, and since the round mini-screens were at the top of the arena broadcasting the video, it seemed like a 3D color and light extravaganza, almost as if the screens were "floating", and the Xylo Bands seemed that way as well. And the sound was much, much, much, much better. I used to only sit in the back at concerts because it was all I could afford. Believe me, if you can't afford the primo seats up front for a Coldplay show, sitting in the back will appeal to all of your senses. There's not a bad seat in the house in my opinion to see these guys live, so if you're stuck in the back, so to speak, don't worry, your head will explode with what you'll see and hear from the band. [thanks Technicolo TX]

23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA
This was my first ever concert, so it was especially awesome. Unforgettable! Alright so I arrived at the AAC at around 5:10 and we waited outside in the hot Texas sun for the doors to open at around 5:30. Once we went inside we got our wristbands and bags checked (I wish I brought my mom's DSLR because apparently they were allowed––saw tons of people with them. My iPhone couldn't do justice even though I was close to the stage!). I bought a t-shirt and signed up for Oxfam and then I went to my seat. I waited for a couple of hours but the music was really relaxing and MX-ish in the arena. (Does anybody know if Coldplay wrote the intermission music?) At 7:00 Wolf Gang started and I really liked them and then they finished at 7:30 sharp. After another 10-15 min intermission Robyn opened and she was, um, well, unique I guess. Did anyone else feel awkward tension, especially during the first song when she just stood at the microphone? Robyn covered ETIAW which I thought was pretty good. To appease us she mentioned before it was "approved by Coldplay." Then she played more melodic songs compared to the first few which the crowd really got into, though there was a lot of people mockingly dancing. She finished at around 8:35 and I think Coldplay chose her because of her spaceship theme. Then after another 10 min intermission and some songs like "99 Problems" the Back to the Future theme came on and the crowd went wild. We all stood up and clapped until Coldplay got on the stage and then the crowd just lost it, seriously, there were so many people crying around me. They played MX, the Xylobands lit up and it was just magic.

HLH rushed through the arena and everyone was already having an AMAZING time. A lot of sing-along and just fun improv from Chris. Johnny rocked it on guitar. Then In My Place came on and the crowd went nuts (again) the confetti and lights were great along with great sing-along. Then Major Minus came on (One of the lower crowd involvement songs, I think). Lovers In Japan came on and the energy just continued to escalate. The balloons with paint fell down and popped out into the crowd and it was just a lovely song altogether. Then The Scientist came on( I think), and it was an AMAZING sing-along song. There was a beautiful segway into Yellow and the nice intro to Yellow was absolutely beautiful. The sing-along was amazing and beautiful as well. One of the greatest parts of the night. Violet Hill was ROCKIN'. Then GPASUYF 2.0 was even more rockin' and the crowd went absolutely wild!! There was a lot of improv like "yell if you're havin' a good time" or "lone star state" and other lovely Dallas references. Then they moved to the X-stage after a little intermission then PoC came on and everyone went crazy. Definitely and crowd favorite. The live version is great, especially Johnny on the guitar. Did anyone else think Rihanna sounded a little chipmunky?

Up in Flames was lovely. AHT/DLIBYH was an absolute surprise to me and I thought it sounded amazing. There were inflatables of the song's symbols that lit up to the music and at the end pulsed to the heartbeat which I thought was amazing. And of course there was VLV which was one of the greatest performances and sing-along of the night. Chris said to make it "Dallas f****** Big" so we did!! Then to follow up VLV was the climax of the night which was Charlie Brown. Definitely the loudest part of the night and AMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIIINNNNNGGGG. The wristbands were magical and everything was just perfect!!! Ah, just speechless. A LOT sing-along with CB, and jumping, and drink spilling. MAGICAL!!!! Then came Paradise. Oh.my.goodness. That was phenomenal as well and the VLV,CB, and Paradise combo was EXCELLENT. Then they acted like it was time to go, but during the intermission the Xylobands were still lighting up and the crowd was ROARING!!!! So then they moved to the C-stage and played UATW which was beautiful. Chris wanted us to welcome each member of the band as they came onto the stage. There was a moment when Chris and Will went a capella and it was wonderful and really chilling-in-a-good-way. Then they played Speed of Sound acoustic which was a great sing along too which the crowd loved. Chris messed up and started again either during Speed of Sound or UATW, I can't remember, but we forgave him . Then then ran onto the main stage through the crowd and they gave high-fives to the fans as they went by, and I was jealous, but hey, I was privileged enough to be at a Coldplay concert! Clocks was played and of course the crowd went bonkers. Fix You was purely amazing and beautiful and wonderful and [insert positive word here], etc. Crowd was NUTS! Then MMIX/ETIAW came on and Chris started dancing and it was a great finale with the wristbands and all the lights, it was beautiful. Chris told us "Thanks for allowing us to play in your beautiful city" Then they bowed and went off the stage and we clapped and screamed and whistled and cheered for awhile until the lights came back on.

Just some extra stuff: Chris was pretty talky and had some nice moments with Johnny and Guy and even Will. There were a lot of Texas-specific lyrics which were really just fun and personal. You could really tell the band was happy and they love Dallas!! Chris mentioned if the band could kiss everyone of us they would because of our sing alongs. One thing I noticed was the wide spectrum of ages from 5-85 yrs old. I guess there's that special human quality in Coldplay's music that anyone can relate to, and it's why Coldplay is my favorite band. [thanks 27]

Coldplay and Soul Food The other night I ventured out for my first concert in I don’t know how long. I use to be a concert junkie back in my day; always making it a point to see any artist I deemed a “legend” or who produced music that just spoke to my soul…and hips. I’ve seen The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Elton John, Billy Joel, BB King (4 times), Dave Matthews, Plant and Page (the closest thing to Led Zeppelin I’ll ever get), Pearl Jam, Blues Traveler, Harry Connick Jr,Tori Amos (3 times), Alanis Morissette, ZZ Top (long story), Widespread Panic, Lenny Kravitz, Pink, and the list goes on.

I slowly stopped going over the years, not only because of time dwindling and kids multiplying, but because I started developing a sort of phobia about being stuck in massive crowds. Now, just thinking about being on the fringes of a mosh pit at Pearl Jam sends my pulse racing and not in a good way. I’m pretty sure the fear solidified when I was at a convention back in my home town of North Little Rock. I was standing against a fence line listening to Bill Clinton speak. I knew that I’d get to hang out with him later (it’s good to have connections) so I was just enjoying the speech. But he decided to walk down to where I was and the crowd behind me all rushed forward, crushing me against the fence. It was horrifying and I had a massive panic attack complete with hyperventilating and tears. It culminated with the President holding my hand and looking at me like he was sure I was crazy, dying, or both, and one of his secret service agents wrangling me under the fence and getting me to safety.

That experience taught me three important things: the secret service are good folks even if they do like to party, a crowd of 50-year-old liberals is more dangerous than drunken ZZ Top rednecks, and I would never set foot in a crowd like that again. But last night I bit the bullet and went to the Coldplay concert. I’d be prouder of myself but I have to be honest and admit that it was purely because my husband had received suite tickets for the show. I decided I could handle that scenario because the crowds are thin in the platinum levels of the AA Center.

So I put on my rock-n-roll hooker shoes, headed out, settled into the suite with our $50 nachos, and relaxed…seriously relaxed. By the time Coldplay took the stage, I was already in my happy place. Every audience member was given a wristband to wear. When the lights went down they all lit up, blinking and flickering to the beat. The entire stadium looked like it was full of multicolored fireflies. Then the confetti canons exploded and huge balloons dropped down. It was a complete celebration of joy and Chris Martin said something that really struck home with where my thoughts had been earlier that day. He said (and I’m definitely paraphrasing), “I hope you have a f*cking great time tonight because you sound great. If you don’t, that’s ok because we’re going to have a f*cking great time tonight because you sound great!”

And you saw that in every moment of the show. They were having a blast. It was “play” for them and every moment was a moment of pure joy. And what this got me thinking about was a small epiphany I’d had earlier that day. I was recently asked to be in a music video for a friend’s band. They have a minimal budget (meaning actors will be paid with credit and a craft table full of Little Debbie’s) but I didn’t hesitate to take the job. And that’s what brought on my “lightbulb” moment. I don’t have to be paid to do something I love. I’ve been paid to act and I’ve done it for free. In fact, I often prefer the free gigs in community theatre and independent film because every person involved in the production is there because they LOVE what they’re doing. I’ve invested hundreds of hours in productions knowing I wouldn’t receive a dime in return. Why? Because when I’m standing on a stage or hanging out on a film set, every synapses in my body is ignited. It sets my soul on fire. It’s those moments that I experience pure joy. It’s those moments that I feel completely and fully alive.

So while I watched Chris Martin and the rest of the band run and jump around, I knew what they were feeling. They were completely submerged in their art and feeding off the energy of the audience. Nirvana. But I also wondered if someone walked up to them today and told them they’d lost all funding and would no longer receive any money for performing, if they still would? Would the need to share their art and live in their “joy” outweigh the need to be compensated for it? I think it would.

I think that when an artist–a true artist– walks away from their craft, their soul dims. We’re built to express and evoke emotions through the gifts we were given. When we’re cutoff from that, part of us wilts and shrivels away. There are probably millions of people trying to make it as an actor, musician, or artist; and I imagine for many it’s the lure of fame and fortune. But I think there are many that do it because they have to. They have to because that is the only way they feel whole. Proof is the simple fact of how many artists are willing to scrape by on pennies just to do what they love. I bet there are very few people who would be willing to live off Ramen noodles and wait tables while they try to get their big break in accounting or the insurance industry.

So what did all of this do for me? It made me look at some of my pursuits and ask,”Would I do it for free?” I think it’s a good gage of what’s important to you. I think everyone needs something in their life that lights them up without any promises of providing anything else but joy. I’m curious about what ignites the people reading this. What would you do for free? What sets your soul on fire? If you don’t know, then for God’s sake, find it! You owe it to your soul. It’s hungry, so go feed it. Now!! And when you figure it out, I’d love to hear about it…even if it’s accounting. [thanks Ash Robbins] [2]

Media Reviews

23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA
Lost In Reviews: I am a Coldplay virgin. Not in the sense that I don’t know their music, but I have never been to a live show of theirs. I have been very curious about their live shows since seeing the videos for “Fix You” and “Lost.” To say that lead singer, Chris Martin, has some energy is an understatement. When the two shows playing at the American Airlines Center (AAC) in Dallas, Texas were first announced, I thought it would be a good time to go and see Coldplay put on a show. I have not seen a large audience arena concert in a long time. I believe the last one I saw was No Doubt and Paramore at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, and that place is much smaller than the AAC.

I held off on getting tickets to the June 22, 2012 Coldplay Mylo Xyloto tour until a couple weeks beforehand. I was only interested in getting the cheap seats. Prompted by Ticketmaster, I was warned that the tickets were behind the stage and may have an obstructed view. Doing some research, I found out that the stage setup did not have a back to it, so seeing the band should not be a problem. I ended up going with a friend and we got tickets behind the stage, but slightly to the right side of the stage. At about $45 a ticket, they were not bad seats. We just got to see the back of them, instead of the front. I think we got better tickets (and cheaper ones) than those who sat at the top of the arena and got to see the front of the band. Upon entering the AAC, you are asked to pick up a wristband. You are told that these will be used as part of the show. Who knew then what an amazing vision these wristbands would create?

As the instruments and stage were in their final preparations for Coldplay to begin, a song came on. It was none other than “99 Problems” by Jay-Z. Mind you, Coldplay I like to think of as an all ages band, something that those who are higher up in digits and those still in elementary school could probably enjoy. The Jay-Z song was not an edited version, so sorry kids and grandma! The large screens in the AAC, four up high and one above the stage, told us to put our wristbands on if we had not already done so. The stage was comprised of a runway leading out from the main stage area and ending in a large “X.” Behind the stage was a semi-circle ramp. On both sides of the stage was a square platform. The theme for tour is obviously graffiti. It is everywhere, on the instruments, on the stage, and the colors are bright and fluorescent like you are having an 80s flashback.

The arena went black and some Star Wars theme music started to play. Once the band was on the stage and ready to play the full effect of those wristbands became amazingly apparent as they all lit up and blinked in unison. The opening songs were, appropriately, “Mylo Xyloto” and “Hurts Like Heaven.” Not having read about the current tour or what theatrics Coldplay was employing, I did not know that those wristbands were only the start. The second song was “My Place,” and during the chorus, Chris Martin ran out onto the runway and while doing so, huge cannons of confetti shot out over the crowd in the lower section. The confetti also covered the end section of the runway. The confetti cannons went off at least twice during the song.

During another song, large, fluorescent, paint splattered balls were dropped from the ceiling onto the crowd to bounce about, reminiscent of those outdoor concert and the travelling beach balls above the crowd. There was another song where some inflatable objects were placed at the entrances of some of the 200 and 300 sections of the arena. I did not really get why these were used, since they seemed small for such a large arena. They did not register much of an effect on me, and I was wondering if some of the audience even noticed they were there. The band performed a couple of songs on the large “X” at the end of the runway. This was the only drawback to the behind the stage seats. A large stack of hanging speakers blocked half of the view of their performance. One of the songs sung out there was “Princess of China.” Rihanna did not make a surprise appearance, but Rihanna singing her part of the song was on the screens. Chris Martin messed up part of another song out on the runway and was quick to stop and say “I f***ed up. I f***ed up.” with a smile and start over.

While they do sell seats behind the stage, those fans back there are not neglected. The band members used the ramp at the back of the stage to give us a little piece of their “front-facing” performance. Chris Martin used the ramp several times and the side platforms. Those in the very back of the arena got a little treat. At the beginning of the encore, Coldplay played two songs in the back corner of the arena. The one song I was desperate to see live was “Fix You” and it was the second to last song played. While I wanted the fireworks and the single, floating light bulb that is in the video, Chris Martin made up for this with his energy at the point in the song where it picks up in pace.

If you read any part of my narrative on last night, it should be that Coldplay has earned every single fan they have based on what an amazing performance they gave the crowd in Dallas. The energy of the band, and especially Chris Martin, was astounding. Even if there were no wristbands, confetti, or balls to bounce around, it still would have been a top notch concert. Chris Martin said early on in the evening that the band was going to have an amazing time, even if we did not. Energy does transmit to an audience, and that was widely apparent on Friday night in Dallas. So go get some of those cheap seats and be prepared to be blown away by a little band called Coldplay. [3]

23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA
Dallas News: It looked like Christmas in June. A sea dotted by multicolored lights. Showers of fluorescent lasers. A spherical screen of swirling rainbow shades. A deluge of pastel-hued confetti. The Coldplay show Friday night at American Airlines Center was one of the most colorful and exhilarating concert performances I’ve ever seen. Chris Martin, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland and Guy Berryman delivered nearly two hours of passionate and accessible arty rock that teetered between ethereal and explosive.

The gig, the first of a two-night stand at AAC, was nearly sold out and electric. The moment the lights went down, after opening stints by Wolf Gang and Robyn, the atmosphere lit up. And we were all part of the wattage. We all donned the wristbands handed to us at the front doors. They looked like toy watches, except that the bands illuminated fiber optic-style. Add to that perfectly rounded balloons that resembled beach balls decorated in patches of paint reminiscent of the Mylo Xyloto album artwork. The abstract canvas effect blended beautifully with the music. Coldplay’s songs leave emotional impressions, particularly “Clocks,” “Hurts Like Heaven,” “In My Place” and “Paradise,” all of which were highlights of the show. There is a sweeping quality that enthralls and engulfs. It can be penetrating, cathartic even. Martin and drummer Champion deserve special mention. Champion’s drum work was beautifully muscular, especially for “God Put a Smile On Your Face,” “Viva La Vida” (featuring timpani) and “Yellow.” Martin was a dynamic frontman — unbridled energy, prowess on the piano and the acoustic guitar, and genuine appreciation of the fans.

That’s a deep connection. In front of me stood a young man who I would guess was no older than 16. He religiously sang the lyrics to every song as if the music were nourishing his soul. He sometimes looked oblivious to the show’s colorful overtures. All he needed was the music. [4]

Twitter Updates

23 June 2012: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA
  • @oxfamontour: Waiting for @oxfamamerica volunteers outside the AA arena. Excited for another night in #dallas #lovefoodhateinjustice
  • @robhoward: At Coldplay concert in Dallas --- looking fwd to seeing them live.
  • @JMNewby: Just got to AAC in Dallas for Coldplay!! Gonna be awesome!!!!!!
  • @krissymctigue: From what I can see I think this concert is about to blow my mind #coldplay #dallas pic.twitter.com/yKGtv1Uc
  • @sideways108: @coldplay in Dallas! Robyn is covering every tear is a waterfall. Ready for the real thing! The crowd likes this one.
  • @molliedanel: "Thank you Dallas! YOU READY FOR COLDPLAY?" -robyn, before she started singing another song. OMG LEAVE
  • @kirkbozeman: About to see #coldplay. #dallas #music #concerts #snapseed @ American Airlines Center instagr.am/p/MPQfqwqabb/
  • @TylerS_KVUE: Last row in the highest section of AAC in Dallas. Just happy to be here for @coldplay pic.twitter.com/wpOx0y1T
  • @RebeccaColon: @coldplay LOVE LOVE LOVED your show tonight in Dallas! Don't know how you top yourself every time!!!!!
  • @daniellehouston: Thank you Chris Martin for walking right by me in the AAC. I was ecstatic. Best night evaaaaa!!! @coldplay
  • @Olympia04: @coldplay never lets their fans down!! They were amazing in Dallas tonight!!
  • @xoxoaveryy: Just saw @coldplay in dallas. Truly amazing, going to remember this night as long as i live. Thank you so much!! pic.twitter.com/I26oU1YU
  • @ilovewre: @coldplay put on a great show in Dallas! It's obvious they love their fans!
  • @JustinUrso: Chris Martin and #Coldplay are all-star performers. Great concert in Dallas. You have to see them at least once. #coldplayfilm
  • @kndlljn: Coldplay. Amazing show. Light-up wristbands are the best things ever...just like @ American Airlines Center instagr.am/p/MPoTofG6Eq/
  • @NWAMatt: Phenomenal show by Coldplay tonight at AAC
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