25 June 2011: Glastonbury festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK

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Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland on the Pyramid Stage, 25th June 2011



  1. Mylo Xyloto
  2. Yellow
  3. In My Place
  4. Major Minus
  5. Lost!
  6. The Scientist
  7. Shiver
  8. Violet Hill
  9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  10. Everything's Not Lost
  11. Us Against The World
  12. Politik
  13. Viva la Vida
  14. Charlie Brown
  15. Life Is For Living
  16. Clocks
  17. Wonderful World (with altered words for Glastonbury)
  18. Fix You
  19. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


Photos from this show can be found at Coldplaying.com in the Gallery thread for Glastonbury festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK. http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/


Videos from this show can be found in the first post of the Coldplaying forum live thread for this show at http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=75461

Downloadable Multimedia

This concert was broadcast live on BBC2, VH1 and streamed live over the internet on 25th June, 2011. Audio and video download links are available at the Coldplaying messageboard - Multimedia forum[1].


All post-show discussion for this show at the forum thread http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=75461

Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[2], unless stated otherwise.

I could feel them being soo nervous. I think those "Glasto is so important" thing just put too much pressure on them. They were not at home on this stage and did not feel at all comfortable, trying to win the crowd over again and again. Those mistake during UATW proves that, I think. At Rock am Ring they enjoyed themselves and rocked the place, at Glasto they were kinda stiff. At least I felt that. The show was great, nevertheless. I liked fireworks and lasers, and walking man learned a couple of new moves (or I just didn't notice them earlier?). Clocks, GPASUYF, Viva and Charlie Brown were awesome, loved the whole set.


That was really good. It showed real class and showed them all back at top form in their home turf. Absolutely adore that it was a good mix of all eras (except X&Y because well, that was a figment of our imagination *bitter about it*) and that even the new songs went down with quite a decent crowd and viewer reaction (Charlie Brown was trending after being played with a generally positive reception). Chris was just Chris as per normal. Absolutely adorable and so abashed all the time. Oh and messing up, could that be any more endearing (obviously not)? This definitely brings back out the Coldplayer dominant side in me, and I can't wait for the album and the successive tour. And just because this was such a brilliant performance, even ETIAW didn't grate on me as much as it normally would.


What an outstanding, perfect performace. Everything in their live performances that I love they did. The perfect end to Shiver, the "Jonny Boy" before the riff in Major Minus, the crowd and ascension at the end of "Everything's Not Lost". The older songs they played from Parachutes were stunning; the setlist was perfect. The stage itself looked fantastic. It was mind blowing. Epic. Coldplay are back.

[Don't Shiver]

[After the concert] Chris looked exhausted as well as having a sore throat. Basically just said they were humbled and thanks to everyone for watching. Talked a bit about the light show at the end and how Glasto is their second home, but in general they just looked knackered. Understandable really - he really throws himself around on stage and bounces into the next track right after the last one finishes.


[After the concert] they were talking about that they have a few gigs left in amazing places , that they were nervous and now celebrating ... chris was drinking a beer ! He said he asked Bono to talk to god about arranging good weather. And that they'll be finishing the album this summer after the gigs!


I loved the show so much! I loved that they played Shiver and Everything's not Lost! Very nice touch to play those songs again on Glasto after not having played them for so long, and especially Shiver's been requested so much, and I don't know how long ago it was that they played it in full, with drums etc. So that was great! And I thought this was one of the best performances of Fix You I've seen, Chris just really hit the notes so well! Wow, that was awesome. And the light-show was crazy (and HLH is really so much better when it's dark, because I loved the lasers and fireworks, and at Pinkpop it was light at the start so that took away a lot of the magic unfortunately). And I'm happy they didn't play Trouble, just because it feels more special now that they played it on Pinkpop.


You know I really liked Every Teardrop for once. Maybe it was the 60,000 strong crowd cheeringi n unison or the multicoloured lit Pyramid Stage but somehow they made it work for me! 10/10. Face palmed when Chris fucked up Us Against The World but looking back it seems very down to earth and human! U2 last night were epic and sub human...almost alien like because they were so out of this world BUT Coldplay were epic but incredibly human and modest. What a wonderful show.


That crowd was outstanding! The performance was NOT flawless as someone said earlier - especially the beginning was shaky and unfocused. It seemed to me like the boys aren't comfortable with Hurts Like Heaven yet - that opener did not work at all. But from there it only got better and more awesome and undescribably fantastic - a firework of highlights in almost every song. Nice setlist, although I would've loved one more song from the VLV era - like LiTii or Yes... Loved to hear Shiver again and GPASUYF in that great version! And I actually do like ETIAW now after first I was a little pessimistic. But that live version was a kicker and a powerful ending of an unforgettable performance. Oh, which Glasto was best? I'd say 2011>2002>2005 but only because 2002 was sooo special and important for the development of the band!


I think it was a really good performance but the crowd was shitty at some moments (Everything's Not Lost deserved WAY MUCH singalong that it had), so based on that and the fact that they closed with a, in my opinion, weak song, I choosed the 2005 show. Still, one of my favorite Coldplay show's ever. And we finally got an old stuff/new stuff balanced setlist!


Not only was it their best Glasto in my opinion, but one of their best live performances ever. A truly fantastic setlist of old and new, a flawless execution, and a happiness and energy that was awesome. They were just on top of their game from start to finish.


Watch on TV and I thought it was a stellar performance. I know some think that Chris seemed stiff & nervous but I thought he was just toning down the goofiness. I don't need him rattling on about some craziness (as entertaining as that can sometimes be, I think it feeds the haters). He kept the jumping and trashing around at a respectable pace so that his voice didn't suffer. He only asked how everyone was doing 10 times instead of his usual 50. All in all, I think this venue is really important to them and they treated it as such. To me, they looked like a band that knew the world was watching and they had something to prove.


Not to be overly critical, but I was jugely dissapointed by the performance. The setlist was choppy, and not well thought out. I hate that they played nothing from X&Y except fix you. They were really uncomfortable and visibly so throughout the entire performence. In essence, there were enough bad vibes to run a hoodoo factory, which completely ruined the whole experience for me.


I was excited all day to watch this online. I was planning as far back as last year to go to Glasto, but money interfered and prevented me from making the trek. So I figured watching with my sound system cranked was the next best thing. Yes, they did look nervous. However from Politik on they killed it. Today I fell back in love with Coldplay. I was enjoying it, then my favourite song Politik came on, and the notes Jonny added to the solo were, AMAZING. They woke the crowd up with Viva La Vida, and Charlie Brown has already become a classic. Watching this I acted like I was there, dancing and singing my lungs out. It brought back so many good memories of the Coldplay shows I've been to. Festivals are notorious for being plagued with technical problems, its to be expected with so many different bands setting up into the same sound board in such short a time, as well as no real soundchecks. Coldplay has asserted themselves as the big band of our time, and with U2 fading off into irrelevance, they are poised to become the biggest band in the world, this show, the new album and tour will either cement that, or keep Coldplay on the top of tier two in the music world. Much can be made of them not including a U2 cover, Im sure they mulled over it for quite awhile. They are huge fans, but they decided to do what they knew and not what was expected. I did think Jay-Z would come out for his verse in Lost! but they likely wanted it to be about them and their show. Jay would have been freaking cool but would have taken away from the overall specialness of the night! U2 covering Coldplay shows that they acknowledge that they are huge and the new kids in town. It was Bono showing mutual respect, we all already know Chris respects them, no need to pet their egos.


I watched it on HD last night and I must say it was like being there! I only wish I had some Coldplayers around to sing and dance with GPASUYF gave me chills, they rocked that song hard, and Mr. Champion has never hit those drums as hard before IMO. Personally, I didn't think they looked nervous, they had this show in the back of their pockets, pulling 19 songs out, 1 by 1, and giving it 100%. This show was pure to the core!!!!


Just finished watching the concert on Palladia.And I got to say that watching it in hd I felt like I was there!!Amazing concert!!I watched the stream earlier and it just wasnt the same as watching it in hd.They were full of energy and the setlist was perfect!!I liked that Jay-Z,Beyonce,Gwyn,and Simon all looked like they were enjoying like they were just fans dancing around.The boys were great!!Love me some Coldplay!!


2011 was the better performance. they have never been better, never been brigther, never been bigger than they were saturday night. it announced the band as the biggest in the world, but many already were aware of that. i think 2002 was a bigger for the band's career. to headline glastonbury and to play a majority of your, to that point, unreleased 2nd album is amazing. think of where they were at that point. think of how nervous they must have been before that show. and think of how they had the crowd won over before the bridge of politik, the show's opener. truly incredible. it changed the trajectory of the band, or rather, announced to the world exactly where this band was headed. suffice it to say, both shows were massive. these boys are special.


By late evening I was ready to relax, and turned on BBC2 to see Coldplay at Glastonbury. I've listened to Coldplay more than any other band in the first decade of this century. I wasn't disappointed last night - they were on top form, serving up all the favourites, mixed with new songs from their forthcoming album. Particularly wonderful was their sequence of three encores. "Clocks" got 'em going, then they moved into their anthem "Fix You" and finally a new song "Every Teardrop a Waterfall". Fantastic - and I couldn't help noticing the parallels with religious occasions like pilgrimages. Crowds with a common purpose, music full of feeling, an overwhelming sense of community. Chris Martin even repented at one point of having just made a mistake. I love many kinds of music - always have. This was sheer enjoyment for the thousands and thousands who were there - and for me. Fr M approves.


Media Reviews

“Everyone’s pretending they’re not that fussed, but you know that field is going to be packed”,the wise words of a stall owner who I chatted to on Thursday afternoon at Glastonbury that really summed up the mood leading up to Coldplay’s Saturday night headline set. Rarely were people admitting to having Coldplay at the top of their “Must See List” for the weekend, but you just knew that come Saturday evening the Pyramid Stage crowd was going to be packed and excited for the arrival of Britain’s biggest musical export of the last decade. Amid the excitement of a rare festival appearance for U2 and a vaguely controversial choice in Beyoncé you could almost say that Coldplay’s return to headline Glastonbury for the 3rd time had gone a little under the radar in comparison. Maybe with it being their 3rd headline set in 9 years it would be fair to argue that there was less of a sense of occasion surrounding Coldplay’s set. To top all of this off Elbow just 45 minutes before they arrived on stage played the show of their lives and one of most memorable sets of the weekend, a hard act to follow?

One thing they confirmed within seconds of taking to the stage is that they were not there to play it safe, opening with new (and as yet unreleased) track “Hurts Like Heaven” from their forthcoming new album. Further unreleased new tracks got an outing throughout the evening including the fantastic “Major Minus” and “Charlie Brown”, Chris Martin gave the crowd a brief apology for playing some new ones before adding “One day they might be your favourites”. After fireworks and an unknown new song to open Coldplay induced mass sing-alongs with the more familiar “Yellow” and “In My Place”, the latter accompanied by confetti raining from the rafters of the pyramid stage. A rare outing of early single “Shiver” as well as an even rarer outing for Parachutes album track “Everything is Not Lost” contributed to making the evening feel very special.

Chris Martin looked comfortable on the Pyramid Stage (no surprise there really!) and the crowd were engaged and singing every word back, the atmosphere was very much in stark contrast to the slightly flat headline set of U2 the previous night. The night’s biggest moments however came courtesy of Coldplay’s massive singles, “The Scientist”, “Clocks” and “Fix You” were all delivered in all their anthemic glory and 2008’s “Viva La Vida” was one of the highlights of the entire festival. If there was one glaring fault in the night’s set list, then finishing on new single “Every Tear is a Waterfall” was it, not the strongest of their songs (and looking back at the new songs they aired, not the strongest track their new album will have to offer) and it finished the evening on a rather less elated note.

So after almost flying in under the radar Coldplay went from being an unexciting prospect, taken for granted, to a highlight of the weekend. Big singles, rare tracks along with fireworks, lights and confetti in tasteful measures won the day for Chris Martin and co. Even the new songs went down a treat, and most importantly everyone in front of the Pyramid stage had the time of their lives. [5.0/5.0]


Playing the new material from their forthcoming fifth studio album, including 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall', Coldplay's third go as headliners at Worthy Farm seemed to be a test for Chris Martin and co, writes the NME with a review of 9/10. With a set that included the big guns 'Yellow' and 'In My Place', as well as most fans' first chance to hear the new tracks live, they pulled off a great Saturday night headline set. And it was done without too much Chris Martin cheese.

Best bit: 'Yellow'. At Glastonbury. Just brilliant. Low point: The lager-spilling, cigarette-burn-enducing, loud-mouthing idiots that we were stood next to for most of it. Banter: Chris Martin: "Beautiful, wonderful Glastonbury, thank you for having us, we're glad the sun came out for you and you stuck around to see us." Verdict: Emily Eavis said that Chris Martin would "do anything for Glastonbury" after he convinced Beyonce to play Worthy Farm this year - and you could see how much the festival means to the band during their live show. A great set of the classics and some of the new tracks, and not too many Chris Martin cheese moments/air punching/odd marching band outfits. Even the doubters seemed to enjoy it.


It's not easy being the boy band U2 when the real thing played the night before, writes the Guardian (who gave 4/5 stars for last night's performance). Guitarist Jonny Buckland got his apologies in early, telling the NME last week: "We hope U2 do a B-sides set with no lights". Before they walked onto the Pyramid stage, Coldplay were Glastonbury 2011's forgotten headliners. U2's mere presence on Friday generated intense debate and booking Beyoncé for Sunday night induced squeaks of delight. Yet a band whose last album, Viva La Vida, sold almost 7 million copies in 2008 somehow slipped into the background.

But that level of success is no fluke. Coldplay are a light, bright pop act, specialists in the kind of non-specific, one size fits all emotion that plays well in front of the Pyramid stage. Crucially, they're also on home turf, this being their third headline appearance in nine years. It doesn't hold the same fear for them that it did for four men from Dublin.

So after the symphonic intro music and fireworks, no one cares that the opener, new track Hurts Like Heaven, is basically a Walt Disney version of Arcade Fire's Keep the Car Running. Besides, it's only there to kill time until the audience have made it through the bog. What follows sets the mood properly, with shameless crowd-pleaser Yellow followed by In my Place and not long after, Scientist. It works, too. In the end they needn't have been quite so modest. Sure, they benefited from facing an audience who'd spent an afternoon in the sun, and who were still on a high from a spectacular Elbow performance, but they're also a kinder, more welcoming proposition than U2. So it didn't matter that they needed two shots at new song Us Against the World, or that it was a bit sappy. As with their earlier European festival performances, the whirling Charlie Brown was the standout new song, a definite advance on the still forgettable Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, even if the lyrics were guff about "running wild" and "glowing in the dark."

And despite front-loading the set, they kept plenty in reserve, Viva La Vida winning the prize for most joyous sing-a-long, at least until Clocks kicked off the encore. A victory that few predicted. Who knew a band this big could sneak up on people?


In this year's battle of the Glastonbury headliners, the old guard vs newcomers roles were reversed, writes Spinner on the third headline performance. U2 may be the elder statesmen of communal stadium rock, but they were wet behind the ears new boys when it came to headlining Worthy Farm. Coldplay, one of many bands in U2s stadium wake were the band to be contended with here. On Saturday night they took to the Pyramid Stage as headliners for the third time. Chris Martin and co.'s strong relationship with the festival started in 1999 -- they only headlined in 2002 after they agreed to play the local village fete the year before to help festival organiser Michael Eavis out of a tight spot. So you could have been forgiven for thinking headlining wouldn't have given them too many butterflies in the stomach, but then there was the spectre of U2's bloody-minded debut the night before; fierce, and with something to prove.

With fireworks wrupting at their entrance, Coldplay alunched into new song 'MX,' a song that bears more than a little of the urgent DNA of Arcade Fire. The start was a mix of old and new, with 'Yellow' rubbing shoulders with another new cut, 'Major Minor' and 'Lost!' and 'The Scientist' leading to a particularly grungey but splendid 'Shiver,' with Martin saying at the end, "That was the first song we ever played at Glastonbury." Maybe Coldplay had been taking some notes from U2 in how to suff up their back catalogue. 'Politik', too, was particularly loose-limbed and lusty. The question everyone was asking beforehand was would Martin's mate Jay-Z make it to the stage. After all, his missus Beyoncé is playing Sunday. TV footage showed them singing along to 'Viva La Vida' in the pit. That's one thing U2 didn't seem to have...

Coldplay are sometime half-jokingly referred to as the Pyramid Stage House Band. After a night which cemented their special place around the Glastonbury table, expect another Eavis invite soon.


Coldplay are to festivals what Michael Eavis is to beards, says The Sun reviewing a red hot performance. The cynics can say what they like - Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman belong at the top of the bill on the Pyramid Stage. They know how to do it - a nod to Jay-Z before they come on with 99 Problems blaring out, some fireworks, a new song then BANG... Yellow. The band have rehearsed like demons to be ready for the gig. And it showed. They are always tight live, but this was special. The paper butterflies blew into the crowd during In My Place - with over 100k in tthe audience in full voice. It was beautiful. Chris said: "Forgive us for playing some new songs. One day they will be your favourites."

The new songs fiitted in seamlessly, but the big hits sent Worthy Farm into orbit. U2 might have 30 years experience - but there is no doubt their natural suitor is already in place. Chris said: "Thank you for giving us the best job in the world." Not a problem.


Twitter Updates

  • coldplay Just arrived at the pyramid stage, in time to see tinie tempah take it to another level. The adrenalin is fully pumping now. PH
  • coldplay Not sure how much use these boots will be in the Glastonbury mud (although, saying that, the sun is beaming now) A
  • coldplay Just bumped into ace soundman / producer Dan Green and Rik Simpson. They seemed excited. And rightly so. A http://t.co/xtQlYSm
  • coldplay Just under two hours until Coldplay. Elbow have just come on. The sun is blazing down. And the anticipation for what's ahead is tangible. A
  • coldplay Best view in the field (and he'll be beaming pixtures to lots of you folks later) A http://t.co/FEeGJQQ
  • coldplay The chaps will probably be popping in here at some point soon... A http://t.co/pflMTDf
  • coldplay It's a glorious glorious evening and Elbow are absolutely nailing it. Starting to feel like a rather special day. R42.
  • GwynethPaltrow Back f'ing stage at glasto! 40 mins til coldplay. elbow rocking it. http://say.ly/nPtrMA

The Oracle on 25 June 2011: Glastonbury festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK

December 19, 2012 - submitted by Sessions, Japan
Q. Hey there.
I googled & found this setlist at last night.
1. Is this real Glastonbury setlist for crew or members?
2. Who's Des Fallon??
The Oracle replies:
Yes, that is an official set list for crew from last year's Glastonbury.
Des was a much-loved live concert video director who had worked with the band - he sadly died.
I didn't know him myself but everyone I know who did, loved him and were deeply saddened.
The crew decided to end Glastonbury with a projection of Des inside the pyramid.
There is now The Des Fallon Video Visionary Award as part of the TPi Awards which is a fitting tribute to the man.

May 31, 2011 - submitted by Francis, United Kingdom
Q. Hi Mr Oracle
My question is a simple one but I hope you can answer it. I'm taking my exams and they finish on the 23rd of June Coldplay then play at Glastonbury fest on the 25th which means I can stay up and watch it and enjoy awesome show which I'm sure they will give us so to make sure it's an awesome show I want to know if Coldplay might perform any new tracks from the up and coming album? All I would like is a yes or no answer really just to build the tension we don't want to give the game now do we?
Thank you.
The Oracle replies:

February 15, 2011 - submitted by Billy, United States of America
Q. Did Phil Harvey, the fifth member of Coldplay, post this picture in the exhibition room?
The Oracle replies:
A few people have asked if was our Phil and yes he did indeed take and submit that photograph. Just to give you a little more information... On Saturday Phil posted the picture on Twitter with the caption "where me and Chris went climbing today".
The more eagle-eyed of you may have worked out from it they were in fact at Worthy Farm, the site of Glastonbury music festival; hence the name of the photo being Fields of Avalon.

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