29 December 2012 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT, USA

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29 December 2012 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT



  1. Mylo Xyloto
  2. Hurts Like Heaven
  3. In My Place
  4. Major Minus
  5. Lovers In Japan
  6. The Scientist
  7. Yellow
  8. Violet Hill
  9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  10. Princess Of China
  11. Up In Flames
  12. Warning Sign
  13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  14. Viva La Vida
  15. Charlie Brown
  16. Paradise
  17. Us Against The World
  18. Speed Of Sound
  19. Clocks
  20. Fix You
  21. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


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Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[1], unless stated otherwise.

29 December 2012 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT

Another amazing show and my first at Mohegan Sun. It's a great venue;feels smaller and more intimate than the other venues I've seen them in. I was in section 26 on the left side of the stage so I had a great view of Jonny. The band seemed in great spirit,full of energy after some well deserved time off. It was fun to see Matt McGinn and one of the women on the crew having a blast dancing and goofing around a few minutes before the boys went on. Only wish I'd brought along my copy of Roadie to see if he'd sign it. Not at all surprised to hear the band met up with some Sandy Hook kids beforehand(maybe that's why they were late coming onstage). It's in their nature and not splashing it all over the media themselves is yet another example of how selfless they are. Don't think I'll be able to go to either Barclay show. The withdrawal symptoms have already started setting in! I've got my fingers crossed that the Latin America tour will happen after all!! [thanks eleanordc]

Ok everyone. It has come time for me to attempt to relay in words the single best experience of my life. There really aren't words to describe it but here I go: I should start off by saying that my original seat with my parents was in the way back of the nosebleeds but the most fabulous roadie, who is my new best friend (his name is Adam) gave me his very last upgrade ticket. The ticket was for the seat in the front row right up against the catwalk. This meant my parents had to stay up in the old seats and they were scared of letting me go down alone but they of course couldn't refuse this ticket:[2]

Anyway, I finally got down there. And it was very literally the best seat in the entire place. Here are a few pictures from before the show:[3] Now we get to the good part. Again there really aren't words to describe what I lived last night, but I'm going to try. When the boys came out, my adrenaline totally spiked and I was screaming my head off. Jonny was literally 8 feet in front of me with no one in between!

And Chris... oh man Chris... his eyes really are so much bluer in real life. I will tell you that I had SOOO much eye sex with him. I even made him chuckle a little because I was screaming so much. He sang entire verses TO ME. And he made those big bug-out eyes at me 3 times! There really are not words to describe what it felt like. AANNNDDDD I had an AMAZING view of his shirt change. I thought to take a picture, but I couldn't move. I just stared. Its a good thing one can't be impregnated via eye sex, because if you could be, I would definitely be giving birth to quintuplets in about 9 months.

And so much Buckin right there in front of me!!! They are so perfect! Okay, I can't hold off on the most amazing parts of it anymore: Right after Every Teardrop was over, I was still going absolutely ballistic, and I looked over at Will because I'd had a fair share of eye sex with him prior to that, and he was looking RIGHT AT ME! And that wasn't all, he got a big grin on his face and WINKED AT ME!!! WILLIAM CHAMPION WINKED AT ME!!! But it didn't end there. He got up from behind his drum set and started walking toward me! He proceeded to point at me with his drumsticks and tossed one to me!!!

But the single best part was with Chris at the very end right before they took their bows. He looked at me, smiled, pointed at my shirt and mouthed "I like your shirt!" while he tugged on his own shirt. CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY JOHN MARTIN LIKES MY SHIRT!!! I STILL haven't fully processed it. And I simply cannot believe they played my all-time favorite song: WARNING SIGN!!! I sang it as loud as I could. But lets get to the bulk of the pictures shall we?[4]

Everything that happened last night was the best time of my life and that really is no exaggeration. I can't say enough thank you's to Coldplay for giving me the time of my life. But before I end this post, I saved the best pictures for last. (I was so close that I didn't even zoom in on either picture!) And I think it would make Chris happy to hear that the humble December 29th is now my favorite f***ing day! [thanks EmmaMartin]

29 December 2012 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT

I wasn't on the floor, but I was in the lower section, 5 rows from the floor. This arena was different from the others I've been to - the rows led right onto the floor from the seated sections, much like bleachers at a basketball game, so we were pretty close. They were great seats, so no chance of getting an upgrade for me, but I did wear my MX shirt and got a ton of compliments from everyone I ran into, so I was happy with that. Would have been MUCH happier for Chris to tell me he liked my shirt, of course! Anyway, getting to this place was interesting. Our initial flight was delayed then changed to a different city. Our flight out of that city (Philadelphia) was canceled all together! Irritated, we rented a car and started the remaining 4 hour drive through I think most of the traffic in the United States. Geez! Navigating even through the outskirts of NYC was interesting to say the least. A dozen traffic jams and 7 hours later, we finally arrived at the Mohegan Sun Resort. What a place. Mall-like but with high-end stores, restaurants, bars, spa, pool, casino after casino after casino...very nice. The arena was built into the resort as well as a conference center.

We wanted to use the spa and thought about it but decided to scope out the outdoor areas around the arena instead. Later, we were told by a couple of women that they were turned away at the spa because Chris was in there at the time. Sigh. Anyway, while we were in the garage, we heard soundcheck happening, so we put our ears to the doors. At that time, someone that worked in one of the casinos (the suit wearing kind) asked us if we were there for CP. Hearing that we came from Virginia (and asking us, "Do you know it's going to snow?") and after having some funny conversation, he told us he couldn't do anything about getting us the band (our request, haha), but that he would get us in if we followed his lead and kept our mouths shut (I think he meant there....haha) We barely made it past one security guard, but the second one stopped us and said he had strict orders not to let anyone in because they'd had "some trouble" with people getting into the arena the night before. Our 'guide' acted like he didn't know who was playing there and said he just had two friends from Virginia that he was going to show around for a second. After some more convo, the guy said, "Okay, I didn't see you" and let us go in. So, we got to watch some of the soundcheck! No band, but it was still exciting.

The concert was classic MX, and I admit that I had great fun being the "person that knows everything about Coldplay". Strangers were saying to others, "Ask her!" Yeah, it was great, but a little sad because it's amazing how little people really know. I was glad to educate. They seemed to be in a great mood. Chris even has a new favorite day of the year. (I'm sorry, Chris, for losing your head a few times. I was also trying to see your perfect head in person!)

The show did start around 20 minutes late. I didn't know about the Sandy Hook meeting, but I'm not surprised. How generous and giving and wonderful....as usual. The snow. People in the Northeast U.S. rock at handling the snow, and showed up in full force. We stayed at the resort, so thankfully we just had to walk downstairs. We were concerned that our flights were going to be cancelled the next day, but thankfully, we drove the mainly decent roads to the airport the next morning and actually had flights that were very bumpy from high winds, but at least they were on time. Nice change!!

What a great trip. What a great band. I'm in awe always of the God that I call Chris Martin. While all the guys are fantastic, Chris is such a great frontman, drawing people in and having them eat out of the palm of his hand the entire show. I'm so thankful to be able to see one of the last MX shows (unless South America happens.) Thanks, guys, for another wonderful, exhilarating, passionate, orgasmic experience!!! [thanks LdySpace]

Media Reviews

29 December 2012 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT

MassLive: Chris Martin wanted to make Dec. 29 a date to remember. The lead singer of Coldplay used his bully pulpit at the sold out Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday night to lobby for “humble Dec. 29” to be revered in the way we think of more prominent annual dates like Dec. 25, Dec. 31, and July 4. “We want to make this the most memorable night of your life,” he declared at the outset of a 90 minute performance. “So every year when Dec. 29 rolls around, you will celebrate.”

Whether or not the 10,000 or so fans gathered in the Connecticut woods will be holding an annual celebration remains to be seen, but Coldplay made a solid effort at turning an ordinary arena concert into something memorable. Yes there were a lot of props and lasers and suspended video boards that some might consider gimmicky. But sometimes gimmicky equates to memorable. The pomp and circumstance began at the front door, where each patron was handed a Coldplay-labeled bracelet. It continued when those bracelets lit up on musical cue to the opening song “Hurts Like Heaven” and the arena was drenched in brilliant, bouncing colored lights. The confetti cannons were emptied next, colors equally bright, creating a buoyant feeling in the room during “In My Place.”

In a move that seemed like they were emptying every arrow from the quiver, the band released giant inflatable globes that bounded across the top of the crowd during “Lovers in Japan.”

The music was fine. The pageantry was stunning. There were quieter, more musical moments, just to remind the faithful that this is a solid band with live performing chops and songs that have a flow and grandeur. The best of those moments included “Yellow” which started on Martin’s piano before the band joined in, and “Warning Sign” which was sung with the whole group out at the end of a catwalk that extended across the arena floor. The band saved the last surprise for the encore, appearing out at the back of the hall to play acoustically on songs like “Us Against The World” and “Speed of Sound."

They made their way back through the crowd to ignite the main stage with closing songs “Clocks” and “Fix You.” Naturally 7 performed an opening set of acapella, beat box and R&B-styled songs that included a cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” and the George Harrison-penned Beatles song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” [5]

The Day: Is Chris Martin the hardest-working Brit in show business? There the singer was, Saturday night at Mohegan Sun, breaking a sweat literally after the first song of Coldplay's concert. He didn't just play guitar. He hopped and sprang while he did, doubling over or throwing his head back. When he took to the piano for songs like "Paradise," he didn't merely tap the keys. He thumped them, and he bounced on the stool. He bounded down the stage runway with his so-unhip-they're-hip dance moves and then dropped to his knees and bent backwards like a latter-day Springsteen.

He made sure to play to every part of the arena — scampering up to the top tier to perform a couple of songs, taking a few tours around the ramp behind the stage to give audience members back there their due. If that makes him sound manic, he wasn't. He was just a really effective frontman.

If Martin was a rock 'n' roll dervish, the concert as a whole was just as spirited and entertaining. The band was tight, with drummer Will Champion in particularly vigorous form. Coldplay's songs, when played live, crackled with more vitality than they do in their recorded versions. One segment did bog down, with a trio of underwhelming songs — "Princess of China," with Martin dueting with a videotaped Rihanna, "Up in Flames" and "Warning Sign." The band, though, immediately bounced back with "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" and the always wonderful "Viva La Vida."

And, oh, the cool stagecraft on display! When concert-goers entered, they were each given wristbands that lit up and flashed at various points in the show, making it look as if the auditorium suddenly filled with vibrantly colored fireflies. Cannons showered the audience with a snowfall of confetti during "In My Place" — the second song of the night. Hey, why wait for the finale to shoot off the cannons? For the remainder of the evening, the confetti littered the stage runway like rose pedals scattered down a wedding aisle. Neon-shaded graffiti covered some of the set and even some of the instruments. Lights, naturally, zapped and glowed. All that visual extravagance could have overwhelmed the music or seemed like shtick, but it worked.

Coldplay found a fab opening act in Naturally 7. The seven guys created all the sounds with their voices — no instruments, although you'd be hard-pressed to tell based on the full-bodied songs they produced. Hearing a performer create the equivalent of a drum solo using just percussive vocals was pretty astounding. [6]

Twitter Updates

  • @coldplay: Tonight's Mohegan Sun stage times: 7pm: @Jon_Hopkins_, 7.45pm @Naturally7, 8.30pm Jon Hopkins, 9pm Coldplay. A
  • @MusicDude215: Battling this snowstorm to get to Mohegan Sun to see Coldplay! I will get there no matter what! #coldplay #mohegansun
  • @ralphieaversa: Chris Martin at start of @coldplay @MoheganSun: "CT has been in the news for all the wrong reasons... thank you for giving us your evening."
  • @ralphieaversa: 5 song encore. Best show I've ever seen. Thank you @coldplay @MoheganSun.
  • @leeenbeannn: The fact that @coldplay wore the Sandy Hook pins during the concert, that we had someone give them is the sweetest thing ever.
  • @AmandaLyn_521: Drove 2.5 hours in a blizzard with to see Coldplay and it was soooo worth it @ Mohegan Sun Arena instagr.am/p/T2PEWxoJ2m/
  • @caseyschilling7: That may have been the most spectacular concert I have ever seen. #Coldplay #MoheganSun
  • @dsattheshore: @coldplay made Dec 29 the best day of the year - rocked the Mohegan Sun.
  • @TajTjohnson: @coldplay was amazing at Mohegan sun best time of my life just like they promised #Dec29th pic.twitter.com/EdR1mzXZ
  • @Kamkam72: Seeing Coldplay on July 29 and then on December 29. As Chris Martin said, lets make December 29 a day to remember...well he did #Amazed
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