30 December 2012 - Barclays Center, New York, NY, USA

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30 December 2012 - Barclays Center, New York, NY (photo: BrooklynVegan)



  1. Mylo Xyloto
  2. Hurts Like Heaven
  3. In My Place
  4. Major Minus
  5. Lovers In Japan
  6. The Scientist
  7. Yellow
  8. Violet Hill
  9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  10. Princess Of China
  11. Up In Flames
  12. Warning Sign
  13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  14. Viva La Vida
  15. Charlie Brown
  16. Paradise
  17. Us Against The World
  18. Speed Of Sound
  19. Clocks
  20. Fix You
  21. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


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Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[1], unless stated otherwise.

30 December 2012 - Barclays Center, New York, NY (photo: LFDianne)

Incredible. I might add more thoughts later, but this was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had, certainly in a concert. This meant a lot to me because I couldn't make their show where I live in San Jose due to school complications, and after hearing about xylobands and the interactivity I tried to save up for the East Coast tour but just missed getting enough money by the St. Paul show. Once I heard about this show there was no doubt and I snatched up a flight and ticket right away.

The only issue was while I had a great view of the stage, I was in the side and thus was blocked by the amps and couldn't see the main circle above the stage, which sucked. I could see a few bits and from what I could see, the only songs with interesting stuff in that circle are on the Live 2012 DVD anyway. Tomorrow might be better but I'm on the side again, I'll be on the upper level so maybe that'll help. Almost broke into tears during Warning Sign. When I heard it was a song they played I was pretty bummed cause I really like it. I'm glad they kept it on the setlist. Apparently the setlist was pretty much like every other show, which to me is fine, I wanted to experience what I would have gotten if I was able to make the other shows. Really grateful. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully they shake things up even a little bit! [thanks Nik Jam]

Hey guys, Boy, was last night AWESOME! It was my 5th time seeing Coldplay live, and my first time seeing Coldplay outside of Washington D.C. My friends that I came to New York with wanted to eat before the concert, so I decided to head inside the Barclays Center by myself just to wonder around. It was amazing seeing so many people dressed up with their own Mylo Xyloto gear. Compared to the two summer MX shows I saw in D.C, it seemed like there were more "hard core" fans there last night in Brooklyn. I'm sure many of the people I saw were fellow Coldplayers too!.

The Barclays Center staff were incredibly nice to me! I got many nice complements on my shirt from them, and they were very helpful whenever I got lost. After wondering around for a bit, I ended up crossing paths with fellow Coldplayers Billy and John! We were all also lucky enough to get upgraded to the 2nd row!!!! The roadie who upgraded us was very kind. I'd like to think that we gave her a laugh. Basically, we had to serenade a random couple she pointed out with Coldplay music. My shirt had an equalizer on it, so we had to be as loud as we could so that the shirt would light up to it's max! Getting the chance to see your favorite band up close never gets old! Once we got in our seats, I got to meet Zoey and her family and friends too. They were some very cool people . I was lucky to be in such great company.

Moving on to the concert.. Naturally 7 was great. I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but I can't say I've seen something like that before. They were the only act to come on before Coldplay..too bad Wolf Gang didn't tag along to play a few songs Once Coldplay took the stage, all my memories from earlier MX tours this year came back! Like I said before, it was my first time seeing Coldplay live outside of D.C. Something felt different about them, in a good way. I felt like the crowd on the floor was really into the concert. Everyone was singing along to all the songs! Chris acknowledged Billy's Christmas Lights poster and Jonny once again acknowledged me during the concert! I can't say he remembers me from previous concerts but its definitely an amazing feeling when a member from Coldplay notices you.

I couldn't imagine a better way to end the 2012 year. I also must give thanks to my friends and family. They helped me with making my shirt and making the trip possible in the first place. I've checked off a lot of things on my to do list with Coldplay. The remaining things are to see Coldplay in a different country and to actually MEET THEM! Not sure when it'll happen, but hopefully one day! [thanks smallnshort247]

30 December 2012 - Barclays Center, New York, NY (photo: LFDianne)

My husband and I flew to New York on Saturday, and spent Saturday night and Sunday in Manhattan, walking around, doing the touristy sightseeing. It was so cold Saturday night - snowing, but we really wanted to see the 9/11 Memorial, so we braved the cold. Very moving site. We took the subway from Grand Central to the venue Sunday night. Could not have been any easier for us non-public transit people. Public transit is pretty non-existant in Los Angeles/Orange County. It took us right to the Barclays Center. We waited outside until the doors opened at 6pm and made our way in. I got a blue x-band and my husband got white. We had made tshirts, just for fun. We did not need to be upgraded because our seats were amazing. We spent a long time just walking around the venue, and got lots of compliments on our shirts. LOL We saw several other people who had made shirts, hoping to run into the Upgrade Roadies. Some did, which was great for them. We also shared a standing table with a sweet girl from Italy, who had been to several shows in Europe. I love meeting people from around the world at shows! I was actually interviewed by the Barclays Center tv people for a short video review they will do of both shows. The interviewer was so sweet and asked a lot of questions about why I like Coldplay, the shows I've seen and why do I think Coldplay appeals to so many people. Well, duh. Haha. They will edit it and I think it will be up on the Barclays Center website soon.

We ran into several Coldplayers, and that's always fun. Finally we made our way down to our seats. Floor 3 (Jonny's side), Row 6, right in the middle of the row. We stayed there for Naturally 7, an incredible a cappella group. I'm a huge fan of a cappella and my son actually sings in his college group, and was in the movie Pitch Perfect as one of the Treblemakers, so we love a capella singing, and the amazing sounds that can be made by humans. When they finished, Coldplay's roadies made the final preparations to the stage. At one of the super small shows I was at, I spent some time talking with Matt McGinn, and wished I'd had his book with me to sign. I'd brought it to NY, and when he came off the stage, was able to get his attention, and he was so nice to sign the book jacket. The night was well off to an amazing start.

While I was walking back to my seat, I saw a few Coldplayers in the first 2 rows who recognized me, and who I've recognized from the boards so they were lucky enough to be upgraded. We chatted for a few minutes. Making my way back to my row, along the ramp, my husband and I started talking to a couple from Kansas City at the end of our row who had brought a sign, and the 2 seats behind them on the aisle were vacant, so we just stayed there and talked with them for a while. We thought we'd just wait there until the fans came to sit there, but they never did! So we were at the end of the aisle at the ramp barrier the whole night! Venue security was very friendly, and didn't care that we were in the aisles, and leaning on the barrier. Their job seemed mostly to be to send people back who didn't have tickets in that section. Then 99 Problems started, and you always know the die-hard fans because of the screams and standing up and dancing and singing along. There were a LOT of those so that was great to see!

Then the lights dimmed, and BTTF started, and my blue x-band started flashing. Here we goooooo.... I love the opening strains of MX, the xylophone and I was off in my Coldplay-zone. Could NOT stop smiling. Setlist was the same, but to be right at the ramp was the best. Chris is up and down the ramp constantly. The boys seemed really happy to be there, based on their "looks" among themselves. Lots of smiles. Chris made a speech about how he feels sorry for December 30 because it's not Christmas, it's not New Years, and it just gets lost in the middle, so from now on Dec 30 is going to be a special date, and they were going to make it memorable and one for us to remember.

I took lots of photos, and a few videos, but I wanted to remember the show, and enjoy, so I tried really hard not to take photos of a few songs and just focus on them and the feelings of being at a show. I still managed to take a few hundred photos. Chris made a lot of eye contact along the ramp, and pointed and smiled at the couple's sign. One side said Play Politik and the other said "Is everybody ok out there?" He mouthed "thank you" to them, so they were super happy. He gave a shout out to some people, and then during Viva, was hugging Guy, and worked in the name Kesha, so it must be serious between Guy and Kesha I know he's done it before.

A funny thing happened on C-stage. They made it through UATW with no interruption, but Chris stopped midway through SoS, and I thought, here we go again, but he pointed to a girl in front of him who was wearing a fuzzy bear hat, and made some funny comment about it being the ugliest hat he's seen, so she passed the hat to him and he wore it for the rest of the song, and handed it back to her. I bet she was dying.

I know some people complain about the never changing setlist, but personally, I love this current set, and am happy they play the songs they do. After the show, I was speaking to the security guy in front of me, who wasn't really a fan before, but now he is Always good to convert new followers. After the show, we walked to the back of the floor and spoke with a few of their tech sound/video crew. My husband is hugely interested in the whole production aspect, so he spoke with one of the video guys for a while, who said that NYE was the last show of MX, and it will be 2 years before they tour again because they're going back to the studio. I also spoke with Jason, who said they gave out 2.5 million xylobands at a cost of $5 each. Wow!

It was an incredible way to end my year, and my whole Mylo Xylotour. I saw them 16 times in 4 states over the last 16 months. And they keep making me want to come back for more. A funny thing happened on our flight back to Los Angeles yesterday. I'd uploaded the pictures to my ipad and was going through, deleting and editing some of them, and the boy sitting next to my husband asked if we'd seen Coldplay in NY. He'd been at the Connecticut show, but was flying back home to New Zealand. He'd been in the US for 6 weeks visiting his girlfriend in Conn, and she is a huge fan. He'd also seen them in NZ. You never know where you'll meet a Coldplay fan! [thanks LFDianne]

Media Reviews

30 December 2012 - Barclays Center, New York, NY

NY Post: If You’re the kind of person that thinks of rock ‘n’ roll as the language of society’s outsiders, kicking back against the world in the loudest and most obnoxious way possible, then you should never, ever go and see Coldplay. For some time, the British band has been a well-oiled entertainment machine, and last night at Barclays Center their vast array of bells and whistles took up almost as much focus as any of their songs. There probably isn’t a crowd in the world that Chris Martin can’t coax into excitement and even though the band is due to play a New Year’s Eve show at Barclays with Jay-Z tonight, the front man was determined to get the party started early. “No one ever spares a thought for poor old December 30th,” he chirped. “Tomorrow’s just a ‘warm down’ for this show!”

Indeed, for the first half- hour, it was more like being at a pageant than a pop concert. Crowd members were given light-emitting bracelets upon arrival, which flashed in sync to opener “Hurts Like Heaven” and numerous other tracks, thus creating a spectacular human light show. Gigantic blasts of confetti also accompanied the rousing chorus of “In My Place” and the release of huge inflatable balls rounded off a robust run-through of “Major Minus.” It’s a shame they weren’t in town a month ago because, with tricks like that, they would have been a smash at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But thankfully, Coldplay allowed their chops to slowly cut through the choreography. Almost 15 years on from their formation, they still have a small army of naysayers who gleefully write them off as wimpy and whiny. It’s an accusattion that the quartet make a point countering by giving songs like “Violet Hill” and “God Put A Smile On Your Face” a thunderous make over. It’s here that the Chris Martin show temporarily takes a break and the other members of the band get their chance to shine, especially guitarist Jonny Buckland, who can elicit a truly remarkable palette of sounds from his ax. The only thing that stands between him and guitar-hero status is the fact that he dresses like a soldier who’s just been kicked out of the army for being too unfashionable.

But the quartet rarely indulge themselves musically. Instead, the main concern is taking the show to the crowd — in every possible sense. Aside from the main stage, the band also utilizes a second stage in the middle of the arena from where they deliver an electronically driven version of the Rihanna duet “Princess Of China,” with Ri-Ri adding her part via a pre-recorded video playback. Martin even throws in an acoustic encore from the back of the arena, while standing touching distance from the delighted fans stuck in the cheap seats. If it all sounds like one pandering gesture after another, that’s because it probably is. But there’s no denying the outcome. As the house lights go up, 18,000 visibly excited fans walk out singing the band’s harmonies in unison and go home feeling that they weren’t just spectators to Coldplay’s show, but that they were actually part of it. Now, that really is entertainment.[2]

NY Times: Near the end of its allotted time at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sunday night, Coldplay offered up “Fix You,” a vow of encouragement about as earnest and ingenuous as its title suggests. The song opens like a processional hymn and stays in that realm awhile before tipping decisively toward rock grandeur: a cue for Chris Martin, the voice and face and soul of the band, to shrug off any lingering scrap of pensiveness or decorum.

He did so in a very Chris Martin way, swiveling from his neon-graffiti-scrawled upright piano and bounding down the catwalk that jutted onto the arena floor. A few strides in, he threw his lanky body into the air — chest forward, head back, arms splayed — and deftly crumpled as he landed, rolling back into a somersault. He called to mind a jack-in-the-box or some other spring-loaded toy, blithely singular in purpose. You could say much the same for the show, an elaborate and efficient production clearly meant to provide one dopamine hit after another. There were LED wristbands that went aglow in coordinated bursts, making each concertgoer a part of the arena’s lighting design; there were blizzards of pastel confetti, cut into custom shapes; there were dozens of beach balls bouncing along the crowd. All within the first few songs. (The full-tilt laser display was yet to come.)

Coldplay grossed more than $170 million on tour in 2012 — only Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Roger Waters did better — so it’s no surprise that the operation suggests a behemoth. Still, had you spent even a little time with “Coldplay: Live 2012” (Capitol), an immersive new concert film and album, you would have known what to expect here, almost at the cellular level.

Mr. Martin did deviate from a corporate standard of consistency every now and again, mainly to assure the crowd that this show would be every bit as special as the scheduled New Year’s Eve double bill with Jay-Z. That claim might have seemed a little less preposterous, had the band not taken to the stage after its customary fanfare: recordings of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” followed by a healthy stretch of Alan Silvestri’s score for “Back to the Future.” Under the circumstances, it was a cruel tease.

But in most other respects, the band was straightforward in its service. Coldplay has never had much use for the unruly or unpredictable: sturdiness is its business. And there was never a moment in this show when Mr. Martin or his band mates — the lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, the bassist Guy Berryman, the drummer Will Champion — seemed less than fully committed. The songs did their work too, inner parts whirring in sync, with Mr. Martin drifting between piano and acoustic or electric guitars. Reassurance and communion are major themes in those songs, which helps explain why so many of their best moments involve wordless lyrics: your ohhs and whoas and oohs. Whether employed as structural elements or transitional devices, they fulfill a core function in the Coldplay sound, a function often more fundamental than lyrics. (No accident that this music resonates with large crowds, in Brooklyn as in Barcelona.)

The set list drew generously from “Mylo Xyloto” (Capitol), Coldplay’s 2011 studio album, which came with a fanciful concept but only moderate pretensions, and a dose of electronics that managed not to engulf the band’s sound. Among the newer songs, “Paradise” was fastidious and sweeping here, and “Princess of China” fell predictably short, given that Rihanna, the song’s guest duet partner, appeared only in video footage. “Up in Flames,” played at the end of the catwalk, was spare and touching.

In a similar vein, the encore began with an acoustic “Us Against the World,” played from a perch in the crowd, with Mr. Martin exuding his approachable hospitality. It was a looser and less obviously plotted portion of the show, which made it refreshing — though hardly truer to the spirit of the band.[3]

Twitter Updates

30 December 2012 - Barclays Center, New York, NY
  • @Naturally7: Our 2nd show opening for @coldplay tonight @BarclaysCenter. Thanks, Chris, Jonny, Will and Guy for the Thank you card! pic.twitter.com/OE5OmiLe
  • @coldplay: Tonight's Barclays Center, Brooklyn stage times: 6.30pm Doors, 7pm @Jon_Hopkins_, 7.45pm @Naturally7, 8.30pm Jon Hopkins, 9pm Coldplay. A
  • @arminvanbuuren: Backstage at the @coldplay concert in New York. Excited like a little kid.
  • @Vintina: I never thought I would hear The Beatles acapella with beat box but Naturally 7 just killed it onstage at The Barclays. Coldplay next.
  • @daniyrselfclean: "Nothing rhymes with brooklyn what was I thinking." @coldplay #violethill #tookmylovedowntobrooklyn @barclayscenter
  • @mattgibbs95: #Coldplay at the Barclays Center was amazing!
  • @IamtheDAISHA: Wow hands down one of the best concerts I have ever been to! I'm so inspired! #coldplay #barclays #brooklyn instagr.am/p/T42HHkC8PP/
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