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The Oracle on Brian Eno

April 20, 2009 - submitted by Brian, United States of America
Q. Dear Oracle,
Brian Eno produces for U2 and Coldplay respectively. Yet, these two bands are signed by two different record labels (Capitol+Interscope). Where does the producer fall in and what exactly does he do for the bands? Any tips or links for aspiring children who want to be in the music world?
most sincerely,
The Oracle replies:
As a record producer, Brian Eno isn't tied in with any specific label so he can work with whomever he likes.
Brian's role is to take the helm during recording sessions and guide the band through the process. He has many creative ideas and the band respect him enough that they like to try them out as well as come to the table with their own of course.
In the current music business climate I don't like to offer advice, as it is incredibly hard to break into. I just think you should do what you love, work hard, try your best and don't give up. Even if it means you have to do something else alongside it and many people do have to do that.
FYI: U2 are on Interscope in the States only and Mercury in the U.K (they were on Island for years). Coldplay's home is Parlophone (EMI) in the U.K.

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