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"Don't Panic" is the opening track to Parachutes and is a guitar-based song. It was originally called "Panic" [1] and was one of six songs played at Coldplay's first concert in 1998. Eventually, the title became "Don't Panic", taken from Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Radiohead used the same source to name the song "Paranoid Android".

The song is often mistakenly referred to as "Beautiful World" due to the lyrical content.

The original version of the "Don't Panic" was recorded in July 1999. There are several differences between this and the final album version. First, Chris Martin plays the piano during the bridge. As well, there is a feedback-distorted introduction and some modified lyrics. This version was released on The Blue Room EP.

On the A Rush of Blood to the Head Tour, "Don't Panic" contained an entirely different introduction. In addition, Martin played the electric guitar and Jon Buckland performed a harmonica solo during the bridge. He regularly threw the harmonica into the crowd after the solo.

In 2004, the song was featured on the popular Garden State soundtrack, and received persistent exposure in Australia for over a year when it was used by Australia's Network Ten in a series of promotional ads that ran before and after most shows, featuring its programming and personalities. The song was also featured on the debut episode of the FX TV series Rescue Me.

"Don't Panic" is the fourth single from Coldplay's debut album, Parachutes. Regional singles included Europe, France, the Netherlands (single and live EP), Denmark (live EP), and Australia. The UK only received a promo edition. The album version of "Don't Panic" is featured on all versions of the single.


Track listing

  1. "Don't Panic (Album Version)" – 2:17
  2. "You Only Live Twice (Live)" – 4:06
  3. "Bigger Stronger (Live)" – 4:55

Cover images

Music video

"Don't Panic" music video

The music video starts off with an animated diagram of the water cycle, then portrays the band as 2-dimensional paper cutouts doing household chores, when suddenly disaster strikes the earth in the forms of floods, volcanoes and electric shocks.

It also features the yellow globe on the cover of Parachutes. The video was directed by Tim Hope, who also directed "Trouble."

The Oracle on Don't Panic

October 30, 2012 - submitted by Fatin, Malaysia
Q. Dear Oracle,
I've been wondering why does the song Don't Panic/Beautiful World has two title?
Salam from Malaysia.
The Oracle replies:
It doesn't; the song is called Don't Panic.
It is often referred to as Beautiful World because of the lyrics but that's a mistake as it's not and never has been its title.
It was previously called Panic but that is the only other name it has ever had.

October 18, 2012 - submitted by Tzukeet, New Zealand
Q. Hi Oracle,
I'm currently listening to Don't Panic, and wanted to ask if the high voice singing with Chris during the first chorus is one of Chris's children? Is this right?
Thank you! :)
The Oracle replies:
Given that the song was written 6 years before Chris' first child arrived - no, it's not. It's actually Chris singing falsetto with Jonny singing the lower vocal.

February 14, 2012 - submitted by Lisa, Canada
Q. In all the audio recordings of Shiver, is it possible that there's one where Chris isn't the one singing the second verse of the song? I swear I'm listening to one right now that doesn't sound like Chris at all, but only for that second verse. Am I losing it?
The Oracle replies:
As you wrote again to say that you mean Don't Panic, not Shiver, it now makes sense.
Chris does sing the second verse but the higher notes you hear in the background; it's Jonny singing the main part.

February 17, 2011 - submitted by Tomas, Argentina
Q. Hello Oracle, how are you?
I hope you can answer my question. I was wondering, why is the song Don't Panic call like this?
The Oracle replies:
That's a tricky one Tomas because just to confuse you all, the song was originally called Panic. I'd guess the line "all of us are done for" is saying there's no hope but on reflection the closing lyrics of having nothing to run from and someone to lean on are more hopeful; lifting the song into a more positive mood hence Don't Panic.

June 9, 2009 - submitted by Danielle, Mozambique
Q. Is the song Don't Panic by Coldplay trying to say about global warming and what we are doing to our beautiful world?
The Oracle replies:
It's actually more about being optimistic and seeing that every cloud has a silver lining, which means that even though there may be a negative situation, something positive can come from it.


Bones, sinking like stones 
all that we fall for
Homes, places we’ve grown 
all of us are done for

We live in a beautiful world 
Yeah we do Yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

Bones, sinking like stones
All that we fought for
Homes, places we've grown
All of us are done for

And we live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do, yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

Bones, sinking like stones
All that we fought for
And homes, places we've grown
All of us are done for

And we live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do, yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

And we live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do, yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

Oh, all that I know
There's nothing here to run from
Cos yeah, everybody here's got somebody to lean on.

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