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'Hurts Like Heaven' video screenshot


Hurts Like Heaven video

The video for Hurts Like Heaven was released online at 3pm (GMT) on 8th October 2012 via VEVO, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the official Coldplay website [1]. However, the promo video, which was an exact copy of the official version, was found on the Xperia Lounge website two days earlier and shared across the internet in MP4 format.[2]

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'Mylo' appears as a child at the end of the video

The video tells the tale of two lovers on an alien planet who rebel against a dictatorship. The visual is presented as a comic book, in support of Coldplay's upcoming comic series about a character named Mylo Xyloto, who is "a young Silencer[3] on the front lines of a war against sound and colour in the world of Silencia".

The story follows a war, led by the character Major Minus [the name of one of the band's songs on their Mylo Xyloto album] who takes prisoners of the male and female lead. A young character emerges from a window after the message "all hope is lost…or is it" is displayed and puts a multi-colured handprint on the glass. It's revealed his name is Mylo, the lead character in the album's tale. The video ends with a teaser for the comic series, which will be unveiled in full in 2013.

Official comment

The video was described by the official site as follows: It was directed by Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda, MORE, and the upcoming The Little Prince) and charts a graffiti gang's colourful but doomed rebellion against Major Minus and his oppressive regime. It is the prequel to the story of Mylo Xyloto which will be told via the six-part Mylo Xyloto comic series to be released monthly by Matt Groening's celebrated Bongo Comics from February 2013. The comic series is available to pre-order from today in the Coldplay Shop. Ten people who order the series (or the lithograph/series bundle) before November 30 will be randomly selected to receive a signed copy of the Issue One Comic-Con Variant Cover, signed by the band and its co-creator Mark Osborne. The illustrations for the video were done by Alejandro Fuentes with color by Steve Hamaker. Pascal Charrue and Arnaud Delord and all the gang at Fortiche did the graphics and Alexander Juhasz did the original storyboards.

Video Trailer

Coldplay posted a 30 second teaser trailer on Twitter for their "Hurts like Heaven' music video on the evening of Friday 5th October 2012. "The next single from Mylo Xyloto will be 'Hurts Like Heaven'," they tweeted. "Full video coming on Monday - watch the trailer now..."

The clip featured comic book style animation set to a futuristic dsytopian storyline and does not feature the band. Digital Spy described it as: "The futuristic animation contains flashes of neon, which have become the band's trademark over the course of Mylo Xyloto's promotions. The story also appears to feature male and female protagonists who, according to briefly displayed captions, fight a villain named 'Major Minus' and his army of 'silencers'.[4]

Shortly after the preview clip was posted, Coldplayers found three more videos from the Xperia Lounge website that were made available as MP4 downloads, as follows: Hurts Like Heaven promo video[5], Storyboard video[6] and the Making of Hurts Like Heaven video[7].

Media Reviews

(CBS News) Today has been something of a music geek out day with a marching band tribute to video games and sci-fi movie music remix dedicated to the future. And I don't see any reason to stop the fun now! Watch the new music video from Coldplay with a nod to comic book culture. The latest music video for Coldplay's song "Hurts Like Heaven" was directed by Mark Osborne with illustrations by Alejandro Fuentes. And while I may be a bit biased due to my absolute passion and love for comic books beginning at the tender age of three, I totally dig it. Way to go, Coldplay! I can definitely see some big things in your music future... oh, wait, I guess that's already kind of happened. But still, great job with this latest work of yours! [8]

(Music Mix) The music video for Coldplay’s “Hurts Like Heaven” is a prequel to their planned six-part comic-book series, which shares the title of their album Mylo Xyloto, and plays out as the book’s pages are turned. The video depicts a social uprising: A group of superheroes challenges the leader Major Minus and flees from the militaristic police. They’re ultimately caught, but a glimmer of hope survives. Although I prefer my Coldplay videos with elephants instead of superheroes, the clip’s Orwellian themes and underlying message about the importance of creativity and self-expression make it a win in my book. Even if you had never heard about their comic book, which will be published monthly beginning in February, the video complements the song’s up-beat music and lyrics perfectly, especially the colorful love story. [9]

(NBC) "Hurts Like Heaven" isn't a brand-new Coldplay song, but the new video for it -- done in comic book-style animation -- is racking up huge hits ever since it was released on Monday. Directed by two-time Oscar nominee Mark Osborne ("Kung Fu Panda") the video is meant to be a prequel to the band's upcoming six-part comic book series, "Mylo Xyloto," which can be pre-ordered here at the band's store. ("Mylo Xyloto" is the title of Coldplay's 2011 album). Told in a constantly moving style with lots of camera motion, the story tracks a a group of apparently noseless heroes, who flee the police (and a villain named Major Minus) through gray streets and sudden flashes of cloud-like color. It's dystopian and futuristic, but eye-catching and hugely entertaining. Plus, it's a great tease for the upcoming comics. [10]

Fan Reviews

Fans' rating of the Hurts Like Heaven video on after the first week of voting on the forums

After a week of voting, Coldplaying received over 400 votes, of which 25% gave the video a perfect 10/10 score. If you haven't yet voted, you can do so now[11]. Read on for some of the many Coldplayer reviews of the Hurts Like Heaven video...

bahh. I don't understand why they keep shooting so low when we know they're capable of so much more. It's just so disappointing to see them kicking good music in the teeth. Terrible song, terrible video. Princess of China is better, and that had Rihanna's Barbadian feces smeared all over it. The comic thing is the worst. I don't understand how a band that fills stadiums year-round can sell out again, but they seem to have done it. Thanks for digging that up though. Usually, I don't really care about the videos, but this one's just offensive to me. Coldplay is now a brand, and they're acknowledging it and marketing themselves as such. It's not about the music anymore: It's about selling shit. When I say that the bar is getting lower I'm saying that the quality of their exposure to the public is very very much lower than it used to be. I could go into specifics but I don't really care enough. Basically, MX is mediocre punch at a party, and this video is someone dropping a huge turd into it. Then trying to sell it to you. [thanks Brent]

The video is not really bad... but it doesn't feel like a real video, everything is just so "immobile", how can you call that an animated ? It feels like a comercial for the comic... Well, better than princess of china, at least it fits a bit with the feeling of it the colors and everything. PS: Hate the comics idea. A lot of people here hated ETIAW and Paradise, but I loved it, loads hated the CB video(which I don't understand why) but I loved it, a lot also hated PoC's video but I enjoyed some of the visuals... But this shit is way too much, and this is not trying new things as you said, this is just a more polite way of selling you the coldplay toothbrush, right now I just want this era to get to an end, they seriously need a break from the media. When they used to say they had to disappear between albums because of the exposure I agreed because If you are ALL the time in the media people will get sick of you. And they have never been so much on the media as on the last year, they did a 5 months festival tour that was broadcasted around the world, after that they released an album with a live broadcast on the internet, they played on the X factor, the Brit awards, the Grammy, announced a Live dvd of a show everyone has alredy seen on TV and YouTube and a "comic series" about an album everyone has alredy heard. And all this with only 12 new songs, they did all this shit only to release 12 songs!!!!!!!!!!!! I want new things, not just them selling the same things over and over again (remember they made you buy ETIAW and Major Minus twice?)... yeah, I guess that's it. [thanks Prospector]

I like HLH. The video isn't bad, but seems like it's simply promoting the comic, rather than the song itself. But, it could be our viewpoint. To anyone who has no idea about the comic book, I'm sure this looks original and all. But to us, it looks like a promotional ordeal (which it is). [thanks DundahMifflin]

I like the song, but don't like the video. It's not bad, but it really look like a video just to promoting the comic book, not the music itself and that disappoint me so much. I expected a better video clip and more creative. Videos clips in this era disappoint me. Paradise video is the only good video from MX era. [thanks vanessarrent]

I never cared about comics all that much, so I'm not thrilled about the comic book, but I was hoping something better for the video. If that one is the actual HLH video then I'm really disappointed. I mean, the animation is well done and all but I don't know, maybe it's not my cup of tea, maybe I'm too old for this . I still love the song, though. People have different tastes/opinions. I appreciate the fact Coldplay are trying to create something different or new. It's always comforting to see your favourite band in a creative mood. The story seems cohesive and the plot seems strong, they match with the songs and all, but I can't just find the connection to it. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I like MX the album, but comic books is something I never really liked. The HLH video is intrinsically related to the comic, therefore, I don't really like it. It doesn't mean it's bad. As with any other video, some people will like it, some people won't. Take the Paradise video for example, I love it cause I find it cute and funny, some other people hate it cause they find it childish or whatever, it's just a matter of taste, that's all. [thanks laga]

its not just an ad, it a prequel to the comic book, telling the backing story first about mylo's parents. i can't believe people dont like this.. coldplay all together have worked really hard on this and the end result will be breathtaking, just because its different and defying the norm. everyone does videos of them just singing or playing instruments, But not this time. its like another strawberry swing, they're joining the ranks of the Beatles. Albums are infinitely better when the have a story behind them, not like some of the crap you get these days. [thanks Romy_MX]

'Hurts Like Heaven' video screenshot: Major Minus

A few months ago, when we learned about the comic book, I wasn't convinced at all, especially by the cover. It did seem a bit childish to me. Then when we got access to a few pages, I was convinced, and since then I've been very much looking forward to the release of the issues of the comic book. People who come here often knew already that it was going to be some sort of trailer for the comic book. Coldplay took a risk, as it kinda puts on the side fans who aren't into the comic at all. But then again, the only singles they've really promoted for MX are ETIAW and Paradise, so this video, the way it is, isn't really surprising. I mean that I don't feel like they were going to promote the song, the music anyway, so they used it to promote the comic book. And from what I've understood so far, HLH is meant to set up the context, the universe in which Mylo lives, so making the HLH video about the comic does make sense. I think the video looks very beautiful, although the pace, especially at the beginning, feels a bit slow for such an energetic song. Oh, and Car Kids! Car Kids everywhere haha!! To me it means they won't release it as a song at all, and the fact that it's been omnipresent on the artwork was probably just a reference to the comic, not the song. Overall, the video makes me even more excited for the comic! I watched the making of video and I couldn't help but laugh at the French accents! [thanks Coeurli]

Thought it was all-right, not really dissapointed. Much better than CB (which was the worst) and PoC (which was better than CB, but that's like saying garbage is better than shit, and at the end of the day, their both pretty rank). My only gripe is that the radio/music video is so short, only 3 mins (usually a radio song goes about 3 and a half mins, no?). They cut short the 2 guitar riffs/solos. But that's a minor thing as we already have the full song. To everyone saying it's an ad for the comic, so what if it is? That shouldn't really come as a surprise as it was already stated that the music video was going to be a prelude to the comic. And I don't see what's wrong with promoting the comic as its their comic which is related to their album. I mean, if it was an ad for some other random topic, then it would be perplexing, but it really wasn't. Even in some parts of the video, like at 1:19 in the video, their singing, "I won't let them take control" and their showing those army dudes walking/marching along, which shows that there is some sense of connection between the lyrics and the video. Also, the part right after that, where they sing, "feel a little bit nervous" have those two people (are they the Car Kids?) looking at each other and you can sense that "nervousness and not being able to relax" between them as they are being chased. That's just on the first watch, there are probably more connections. The static animation didn't even bother me either but hey, at the end of the day, if you hate, you hate it. Just pretend it never happened (in my head, the CB video doesn't really exist). At least we got the Coldplay Live Film to look forward too now... [thanks The Red Army]

Since the beginning I was never a big fan of the comics(although I will buy them when they're released) and this is also somewhat how I expected the music video , but it does seem more like an ad than a music video. I also hate it they shortened every awesome solo of Jonny. [thanks 42JTR]

I stopped caring that much about music videos when I realised that often after watching them, it changed the way I thought of the song. If I don't like the music video, I don't watch it again. I couldn't stand the Charlie Brown video, so I don't watch it. And Princess of China...well, I wasn't really expecting much from that video. But I actually like this. I don't need to think of it as a music video. I like the music to speak for it's self. I wish it was a bit smoother and was as energetic as the song, but all in all it's a cool video. (not much of a music video though). It's a good way to promote the comic book. So if you don't like it, ignore it. And I just thought I'd add, If I cared too much about music videos, I think I would not be a very big fan of Keane. Their videos...struggle... [thanks LaurElizabeth]

l like it and it looks like when they said that they were trying to do a animated film and this looks like that. It's promoting the comic, but so what. Hell the album is a year old, so I doubt they would still be promoting that. I'm not a huge fan of comics, but when I heard that they had one coming out I was excited, but then I realized I didn't like comics and stopped caring. Why is it that when and artist does something out of their comfort zone they're called a sell out. It like if I eat cheeseburgers everyday and then one day I wanted subway, so because i wanted subway I'm a sell out, lol. I m just tired of that term its so old and cliche. [thanks kickinit4real22]

Guys, they're selling the comics for like $5, basically only people on these forums are going to buy it, and Coldplay are already super rich. I do not think they made a whole music video just to advertise the comics, even if this video does sort of advertise them. It's supposed to be a prequel to the comics, and that's what it is. The only part that advertises for the comics is the very end, but honestly I'm glad that part's in there, because otherwise how would anyone who's not a huge fan have any idea what that music video is supposed to be? [thanks JackZ]

I love the cominc book idea, think the ideas and animation is amazing... However, MASSIVELY dissapointed that the song was edited, I can never watch the video now without thinking about Jonnys solo etc that got cut! Best song from the album and they cut it to shreds! [thanks Jack1505]

'Hurts Like Heaven' video screenshot

Don't understand all the hate. :/ First of all, this is lightyears better than both the PoC vid and the CB vid. Second, it gives us much more insight about the story Coldplay has promised us over the past year (erm, we actually know what and who the almighty car kids are now). And finally, I don't understand why people are being so cynical and saying "Bahh Humbug! They're just promoting the comics!" In a sense, you guys are right, but saying that this vid is exclusively serving the purpose of promoting the comics really degrades all the hard work put into it. While the CB and PoC vids seemed uninspired and bland, this one I really enjoyed because it actually told a story. And I loved how it ended with little mylo in his room realizing what his purpose in life is. And the little hand print ----> awesome! [thanks aschall]

I really like the video. I mean it doesn't work like a normal music video with synching music to motion and stuff but for me that's fine. I really like the glowing colors and stuff and, of course, it's great to learn more about the story. Maybe I'm biased because I like to write comics sometimes but I think the comics are a good way to give another view of the album. This is like the prequel to the album (though maybe they should have made it the Car Kids music video). It confirms many of our predictions that Car Kids is the gang and I guess by wearing the name on their clothes all the time Coldplay must be Car Kids too. PS: And for everyone saying it's a commercial, that's what music videos are: commercials for songs... [thanks Cheese Nip 2]

I personally wish they had fully animated it, but I can see why they did this semi-animated style. They had the technical ability, as shown by the gloopy bits during the solos and the marching shot. It's meant to be a series of kinetic, bullet-time sequences. I'm psyched for the comics, again, wish it had been fully animated, but I'm alright with this as the finished product. As said, can't wait for the comics though. Like Speed Racer. Very divisive. Let's hope we get a b-side with this one now... [thanks AmbroseCadwell]

I've a few or maybe just a couple of things about the song and the MX era, depends on how tired I really am right now haha. Anyway, HLH is one of the few songs I like of MX so I am glad to see it got a release. Considering I got so excited for the release of MX last year and then felt so disappointed by the result, I cling to the songs I do like even more like HLH and UATW. No offense to those on this site but it even ruined for me for a long time too. So I'm glad that this track is getting heard/seen by everyone. I do like the video, think it's a good concept but lacks a bit of detail to the story they tried to tell. I don't like the future comics due to come out though, think it's a desperate way to get more money out of fans (but that's just my opinion). And it was mentioned in a few posts on this thread about POC being a better video and some disagreeing. All I'll say is everything about POC is utterly shit and it's the worst thing Coldplay have ever done and probably will ever do as a band. And finally, it's good to be back on the site and hi again to everyone Hope I didn't piss off too many with some of that but glad to say it all haha. [thanks squibby92]

Oh my god! Why did they make the video for the comics argh! You guys are so overly dramatic. So they made a music video about something other than the song. It's the end of the world. I think it's a great idea. It's what the song is all about. Coldplay is trying to do something that most people don't really do. Brent, with all due respect, you dislike everything. Lol. [thanks TecHniCoLoR_MX]

Some people dislike how MX was "mixed" or "produced" given that most songs are quite busy in terms of layering synths with the guitar/bass/piano/drums. Indeed, some moments feel like a "wall of sound". After seeing this video, It's clearer what the band was aiming for. MX is both a soundtrack and rock album. On the surface, there are a handful of pop songs. Dig a little deeper, and you feel the soundscapes, interludes, and narrative of the album. For HLH, I always felt the intensity and rush of the exploding dynamics of the song. Watching this video gives that artistic enthusiasm a back story. I think thats pretty cool. Like others have said, If Coldplay wants to cash out on something, there are much better options. Stadium shows without expensive xylobands, greatest hits records, charging for LRLRL… not $5 comics. They're doing this because they want to tell a story and they want to push their music further. [thanks nathondetroit]

People who dislike the video are generally overreacting. a lot of you guys really have to lower your expectations with coldplay. every one of the MX music videos has been crap! Paradise is way too disney (i know the band don't take themselves seriously but elephants? come on! certainly excited the 14 year olds) and ETIAW was also very cheesy with them jumping up and down etc. and lets just forget CB and PoC. as others have mentioned, they come nowhere near their older videos, much like the music actually. so just accept it for what it is. [thanks nvdmm]

After watching the video for the first time... I can see why people dislike it. It is pretty much a glorified advertisement for the comics. But I have seen much, MUCH worse attempts than this. In fact, I definitely think it's a great way to share at least part of the story Coldplay have created with this album. I would have preferred if it was fully animated, but meh, I'm not too fussed. So yeah, I like it I'd put it right in the middle in terms of favourite MX videos (behind ETIAW and Paradise, ahead of PoC and CB). [thanks Jack DC 93]

I thought that was immensely cool. It captured my attention more than any of their other videos. But I know nothing of the actual comic books so... EDIT: I read through the whole thread and I cannot believe how much some of you are over-reacting. "I have never lost so much respect for this band!!! Absolute fucking sellouts!!!" Sellouts? How much money do you think they're gonna make from this? Let's say they sell a lot more than they really will, like 100,000 copies. Let's even assume that there's no cost involved in making them and they make 100% profit. That still wouldn't be as much as playing a stadium show here, which they've been doing virtually every single night for the past 2 years on this tour. And while we're at it, let's talk about the actual definition of sellout: Noun 1. sellout - an act of betrayal[12]. Yep. We've been completely betrayed. Coldplay has abandoned all their values to make millions more than they already have! Oh no !!! I'm a huge fan of Coldplay, still know all of their songs by heart and all. And I would have never known about any of this comic book business had it not been for this video. Just because you follow every footprint that this band makes every moment of the day doesn't mean that all of Coldplay's millions of fans will do so. Even the big fans just listen to lots of their material, but do not check on news on Coldplay so frequently. It was a fair enough idea to let people know where they can see more of an idea they were really interested in! Dislike the video all you want, but you have very poor arguments to back it up. Just say that you dislike it. Coldplay is, was, and will continue to be one of the most 'mainstream' bands you can possibly listen to. What matters is whether or not the video was beautiful and it entertained you. What does 'intended for the mainstream community' even mean? Are Coldplay supposed to shave half their heads and wear Doc Martens and sing angsty covers of of Montreal songs? Christ. [thanks Dee]

'Hurts Like Heaven' video screenshot

Some of you guys should stop living in the past. This is a different era of music, a video like The Scientist wouldn´t fit in here. It is naturally that you don´t like everything. Some of you call the video childish, I call it childish that you think your opinion what they should do is a matter of fact. It is important that they try different styles. Besides it is advertising, it looks visually great and fits in to the MX era. With all those colors ... you know what I mean. They want to tell a story and the video does, which is totally different from all those videos which I have seen before. [thanks Ennosuke]

Music videos are always marketing tools, they're made to sell music. So I don't blame them for taking it a step further and show everyone they've created a comic book series WHICH YOU MUST BUY NOW!!!!!! Seriously though. It's great that they're trying out new stuff (both the comics and this video) and I think the idea behind it is far better than the Charlie Brown video, so I'm happy! But it's still an add and like some people have said, it looks like they're trying to make you buy something, instead of just entertaining you for a few mintues and then you can go do something else. They could have been more subtle. And I just don't like comics. [thanks Blue Nails]

5/10. I already said my opinion and I still not changed my mind. I just an ad, to promote the comic book, not the song itself. The video would be better if they cut the begginning and the end with the «coming early in 2013, the full story of Mylo».... Why they didn't just write an article to promote their comic book?! About the video. I would have liked a full animated video, but it's ok. I like the multiple reference about the album (Car Kids, Major Minus, Mylo (...)) I think that it's really creative that there are a back story in common with the album. The story is interesting. Now, I want to know Mylo story's. [thanks vanessarrent]

So wait, if they hadn't announced the comic a few months ago at Comic-Con, but used this video to announce the comic instead, would your reactions be any different? I personally love this video because it really embraces both the comic and the story of Mylo Xyloto. I mean this video is as MX as it gets! Didn't we complain how the PoC video had nothing at all to do with the album? I loved the little touches of the characters' connections, the wild abandon as they color Silencia and the reactions of the citizens to color. It sets up the stage for Mylo's story so well. 9/10 for me, only because they cut Jonny's solos. I'm disappointed about that as well. [thanks wabbit]

I like it. I know that it looks like an ad for a comic, but I like that it has a story, and the animation is great - it's like a comic book comes alive in your imagination. Great work. I've never seen anything quite like that. It's something fresh and new they've done. [thanks lafinion]

I'm of a mixed opinion... On the one hand, I felt like it wasn't brilliant - it was good, yes, but nothing absolutely out of the ordinary. On the other hand, I feel like I'm trying to compare it to all their other videos, when really I should be trying to take it purely on its own merit. And if I go with the latter, then I think I actually really like it. Yes, I agree that it did feel a little like just an advert for the comics, but I also loved the story of it and thought that considering how difficult animation must be, it was actually very good. Overall, I found myself really enjoying it. I think I might be biased because I'm a huge fan of 'individuals fighting back against the horrible oppressive regime' storylines but whilst this is not one of Coldplay's best, I still do like it. Quite a lot. And I can't wait to see the comics. [thanks viva-la-coldplay]

Voted a 4. The song is one of the highlights from Mylo (The album is rather mediocre), but this video... I don't know. The idea seemed like a plan, but I honestly don't believe this is a direction Coldplay fits in. Making a comic about your album and including a music video to advertise it seems more of a stunt that Maroon 5 would do. Personally, this looks like another company inspired project like featuring Rihanna. Looking at the music video, it was, well, OK. The artistic style and colours were great, but it felt more like a fan video rather then anything official. Overall it seemed intended for the mainstream community, and that's quite a shame. [thanks RayTunes]

Hm, every time I start watching it I don't like it up until the middle. I feel it's stretched out. But the very ending of the story when the Car Kids are rounded up gets me - it gets across the drama well, I think; with Aiko & Lela being separated and the robot cleaning the sparks. And then the credits come and ruin all this build up :S Not mentioning the fact the song itself seems to be, what, 2:30 minutes long? Also, I'd love HLH to have two different videos: one for televising and the mainstream consumption, maybe a live performance and the other based on the comics. Something like the Anton version of VLV. [thanks la.cri.mosa]

I don't have the time right now to properly answer you, but please go f yourself, Brent, because you take everyone here who likes the video for dummies. Also, don't tell ME to open up my eyes, they're already wide open. I know marketing, I fckin study it for God's sake. (Obviously it's a marketing gimmick, of course. I'm just okay with it being a marketing gimmick because it's still something the band has contributed to, it's still their idea and their concept. You see it in Chris' notebook, for instance. I know spin-off products, and it's not the classic "hey! You like our tv show ? Well now you can read the book! " kind of spin-off. They would have asked someone to write a novel for them, 3 months after the release of the album, without even being slightly a part of the process, I would have agreed with you. But you know this isn't true.) [thanks Coeurli]

From the beginning, I slowly started to be disappointed more and more...I didnt understand the plot, didnt have enough time to read the text, etc... BUT the end completely changed my view! I LOVED that part with "C'mon Mylo, back in bed." Now I want to read the comic ^^ (I wasnt exactly interested before). [thanks Nutty loves Coldplay]

Oh here we go again. People bashing a band for no reason. There is no better video than this for such lyrics as in this song and I was hoping for anime video like this and theyve done it. Im very happy with the outcome. 10/10 [thanks Plug_in_coldplaying]

i thought the video itself was great. it's not just a sort of ad, it's also a prequel, and it does a really great job of setting up the story without relying too heavily on text (there are the blurbs throughout, but i didn't bother reading half of them the first time through and it still made perfect sense to me). the entire world of the comic has been successfully set up in less than four minutes, and it has only made me even more excited for the actual comics. the animation was pretty cool, too. the only thing about this video for me is that i watched it once and just knew that it would be better suited to ETIAW than HLH. and now i've watched it several times with ETIAW playing instead of HLH and it really does fit a lot better. [thanks coldplayisawesome]

'Hurts Like Heaven' video screenshot

I don't know how people can claim this music video is intended for the "mainstream audience". If this video was put on MTV or any such channel people would be like "wtf is this, where's 16 and pregnant?" (cause MTV doesn't play music videos anymore) Mainstream people want a video like Charlie Brown, lights all over the place, people dancing and a couple making out and crap. Out of all the singles Coldplay have released from Mylo, my favorite is Charlie Brown. But I hated the video and I hated that Coldplay did something so mainstream as that video, because I'm used to the different videos Coldplay produce that isn't mainstream garbage. Yes I admit Coldplay have gone a bit mainstream but it doesn't mean that they don't still retain their style that makes them Coldplay. You'll never hear songs with lyrics such as Coldplay's on the radio. Seeing the HLH it shows me that hope isn't lost for Coldplay. Yes it does feel like it's an ad for the comics. But it's THEIR comics. I didn't see anyone flip shit when they released the trailer for THEIR live film. That was an ad! It's saying "look we have a new dvd coming out, so you should like totally pre order it" Every music video that is released is technically an ad for their single. People hear it on the radio and they either buy it or download it illegally.

I'm sure there's a lot of people here who have friends who aren't crazy about Coldplay but have songs like viva la vida, paradise, ETIAW, etc. Because those songs are played on the radio as ads. Fans here are just not happy that it's not the video they wanted. Coldplay is finally breaking out of their shell, doing what they want to do and not what others want to do. How long have their fans wanted them to admit they're amazing? And now they are and people are upset about it. I think the video is amazing, and just because it's not what we're used to shouldn't' mean people should think less of it. This video fits with the likes of Strawberry Swing, Paradise, Life in Technicolor ii (my favorite video ever) etc. I could ramble for ever about this and i'm sorry if it's a bit inconsistent, but people really need to stop hating on this era, this album, song, decisions and everything else. Coldplay are their own people, they want to make all their fans happy. But just because one person or a few are not, they're not here to serve you on a silver platter. [thanks Jonathanpeel]

My thoughts? It's ok, I guess. My expectations weren't super high for any other MX era material though, seeing as I have been disappointed in the past. Pretty colors and stuff, I didn't mind the level of 3D animation, I thought it was ok. Creating a fully animated video would have taken soooooo much more time, so I don't fault them for that. The storyline is *ok*, doesn't explain much in my opinion other than introduce some of the characters. There was time available if the song wasn't cut. Yeah, it's clear that it's an advertisement or promotion for the comic. Personally, this doesn't fuss me so much. I'm more entertained by people getting buttmad for various reasons in this thread than the video though. That kinda says something. [thanks Cobalt]

Mmmm some interesting thoughts here people!! I can only say from an 'older' fans perspective comics do not do it for me, I love coldplay for their music, always have and hopefully always will so have no interest in the comics at all. I dont think MX is coldplay at their best either, listen to politik, amsterdam,clocks etc. MX is catchy and lightens my mood and I would have liked it even if it wasnt them, but again HLH isnt my favourite, its too much like CB, I would prefer Major Minus myself. Chris has said this is the most fun they've had making a record but from a fans point of view I hope they get a bit more 'grown-up' on their next album! I hope the comic does good for them but its just not for me... [thanks pud]

I haven't been much into this MX thing since the beginning, so I just can't like this video. It's so weird, I like most of the songs from the album but I don't like the 'packaging'. But after all, what matters is music, and it seems to me that they're still capable of putting together good songs, so... don't panic. [thanks Steph589]

gave it a 4/10. the song is cut short in a very annoying way. I love the song in its enterity so I think I'll look forward to the live 2012 video of it & consider it the official video. I would love the video to be fully animated. It wasn't. It showed that the comics are going to be really good, but it added nothing to the song! The plain ad at the end was quite silly. It will stay in the video years after the comics are over & done with. That's funny in a sad way. [thanks Safy]

The video is just making me wanna read the comics just to read them... but I thought the video was def. different. I'm not sure if I liked it or not (I'm so used to seeing Coldplay in their music videos that like everybody else said.. this felt like an ad and not an actual music video) but different because they've never done something similar before and they are the only ones doing this. I also didn't like that it wasn't animated. I think it would have been better if it was animated. The video makes me feel like I could have made the video with an app. myself and honestly it was a matter of time before a fan made a fan-video with the scans of the comic... (scan the comic pages, make it hd, add the comic texts throughout the video, add some cool colorful effect, add where you can order it at the end..) But overall, I think it would have been better if the video was all animated and not just on some parts. Regardless, I still liked the video. [thanks LiquidSky]

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