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The book of LP5 as posted by Roadie #42 on Coldplay.com on 28th September 2010

UPDATE: This is an archived document only now. Following the announcement of Mylo Xyloto on 12th August 2011, LP5 now exists under a new title.

As a start to the new year in 2011, and a Coldplaying round-up of the latest news regarding Coldplay's next album, below is a recap of what we know about LP5 so far. The latest news is shown first. There are no confirmed reports on its release date or title, but over the last 24 months new information has emerged about the recording sessions, and the style which LP5 will adopt...


Background to LP5

Since the release of 2008’s Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, Coldplay has been discussing its followup. 2009 was the original target, but thanks to a global tour, some plagiarism charges, and a new side-project called Apparatjik, those plans were delayed. The band was said to be aiming for a December 2010 release with a 'tour of smaller venues' to follow, but this didn't materialise. However, as The Sun reported as early as April 2009, Coldplay have now officially begun work on their yet-to-be-titled fifth studio album, and are held up in a dilapidated north London church with Viva La Vida producer Brian Eno, where they’re "masterminding a brave new direction."

Possible LP5 songs - found in the database of 'ASCAP' and/or 'BMI' (August 2011)

* All songs written and composed by Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Eno/Martin except where noted.

Mylo Xyloto - the latest Coldplay title to be registered, according to PRS database

Coldplay have registered the name, Mylo Xyloto (possible song or even album title?), according to the PRS database this week. It was found by a regsitered member of the database, who also happens to be a Coldplayer on the forum. It is also believed that the song 'Up With The BIrds', is another title that has been registered, and is also credited to Leonard Cohen as a co-writer, and contains samples[1].

Commenting on the find, Spike said, "I'm a member of PRS and (as a member) you can search their online database of registered songs. I typed in Chris Martin and looked at all the newly registered work under 'Christopher Anthony John Martin' and a song called 'Mylo Xyloto' was registered on 6th July 2011!!! The writers registered for the song are all of Coldplay and Brian Eno. Wither they actually call the album Mylo Xyloto or not or that might be the lead single (maybe released on October 10th because the first letters of each word being MX). Up With The Birds has also been registered and Leonard Cohen is listen as one of the co-writers. Apparently the song contains 'samples' but it doesn't state where the samples are from. Might be a Leonard Cohen song. I think this could be the next single as well, it's the only song they've registered the length of (apart from ETIAW) and it's 3.30 - perfect radio time."

LP5 scheduled for 24th October release

Coldplay's new album has been scheduled for a release on Monday 24th October, according to The Sun (one of the more reliable outlets, believe it or not) and other various online sources, including HMV and FNAC Musique, it has been revealed this week, although BOL (Netherlands) suggested the same week but on Friday 28th October - which ties in as albums are usually released on a Friday in the Netherlands[2]. Here's what The Sun had to say:

Noel Gallagher's first hurdle as a solo artist will be having to face Coldplay in a battle of the albums. The guitarist will have a job on his hands to stay at the top of the charts for more than one week this autumn. Chris Martin and the band are releasing their latest offering seven days later. The former Oasis star issues his first solo album, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, on October 17. It's certain to race to No1, but a week later, on October 24, is when Coldplay have scheduled the release of their fifth collection. It's not the first time Noel and Coldplay have been involved in a chart battle. Back in 2005 Oasis' Don't Believe The Truth hit shop shelves seven days before the rockers' third album X&Y. The reign of Don't Believe The Truth at No1 lasted just seven days. At least we can look forward to an autumn of brilliant new music.

Chris Martin with violinist Davide Rossi in the studio as photographed by Roadie #42 on Coldplay.com on 28th September 2010

Coldplay working hard to finish LP5 - at 5am on a Saturday morning? (July 2011)

Coldplay are undoubtably working hard to finish their fifth album in between festival headline dates, with the next appearance due at the iTunes festival in London next Friday (22nd July). Meanwhile, speculation is growing as to what the tracklisting for LP5 will be, and if you weren't aware on Twitter on Saturday, Chris Martin tweeted in the middle of the night: "Things sounding confusing at 5am."

Was he referring to the new songs and tracklisting? Or maybe trying to finish a song? Perhaps the whole album is finished, and he's having second thoughts? Or even, trying to write a brand new song (remember A Message? That was apparently wrote in the early hours one morning, sitting on a sofa naked).

So far the new songs amount to: Hurts Like Heaven (HLH), Princess Of China (POC), Major Minus (MM), Us Against The World (UATW), Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (ETIAW), Charlie Brown (CB), MX and Moving To Mars (MTM). It is not yet clear which ones will be included on LP5 and which ones will be discarded. Whatever Coldplay's predicament, maybe Chris should read some of your comments to get him over the line... [3]

Chris Martin speaks to Ryan Seacrest (KIIS FM, Los Angeles) about LP5 (June 2011)

On 29th June 2011, Chris Martin spoke by phone to Ryan Seacrest[4] from 102.7 KIIS FM (Los Angeles radio station) about various things, including the new Coldplay album. He made the call to the DJ shortly after landing in London after the festival performance at 'Where The Action Is' in Sweden.

During the interview, Chris said: "The [fifth] album is not finished - it's been hard to finish, like getting to the final of American Idol. We have thought about the album name, and it is 'hard to spell' and we will reveal it in about six weeks. I think it [the album itself] will be finished in two weeks time. We've tried as hard as we possibly can on this [record]. It's got a lot of guitar on it - Jonny is finally as good as we knew he could be, and now he's become our hero."[5]

Will and Guy talk to BBC6Music about LP5 (June 2011)

Will Champion and Guy Berryman both appeared on Steve Lamacq's afternoon show on BBC6Music on 15th June 2011) where they spent time discussing their Glastonbury 2011 appearance and, perhaps more pertinently for the fans, the fifth album. You can listen again on via the BBC iPlayer[6] if you are in the UK. Alternatively you can download the interview via our Multimedia forum now if you are having difficulty with the stream.[7]

During the interview Guy Berryman told the listeners that the original concept ideas for LP5 are completely different to those today, and that the album is likely to have either 10 or 11 tracks to it. Speaking on Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Guy also said that the song was an example of a different approach the band are taking but is by no means indicitave of the overall era, since all the songs are different to the next. Will, also speaking on LP5, told Steve Lamacq that the title of the new album was not 100% confirmed, but was more cagey than Guy on providing any further details of the record.

Coldplay hinting at new LP5 content with cryptic tweets?

Coldplay have published three cryptic tweets on their official Twitter account, which may give hints about the title of their new single or album, or even lyrics to a new song. Coldplayers have been speculating[8] that they could point to new LP5 content. Or maybe they're just messing with our heads with riddles. Who knows. One tweet links to a moving image that spells out the message: "Maybe the trees are gone". Another spells, "Maybe the streets alight" while a third one reads, "I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song". The first two messages are written in flashing text with the other written in a brightly coloured font. A similar message was posted yesterday which reads: "I turn the music up, I got my records on, I shut the world outside until the lights come on."

I turn the music up I got my records on I shut the world outside until the lights come on Maybe the streets alight Maybe the trees are gone I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song And all the kids they dance All the kids all night Until monday morning feels another life...

New Coldplay "Fuzzy Man" video uploaded to YouTube (May 2011)

Possibly the most revealing news about the LP5 era came on 24th May 2011 in the form of a short silent video[9] uploaded onto Coldplay's YouTube channel, around the same time that new lyrics were posted on their Twitter account. Speculation suggests that it's either something to do with the new album or single artwork, part of a new video or even a hint to what will be worn during the forthcoming festival tour.

The Oracle on LP5 after the 2011 tour (May 2011)

May 10, 2011 - submitted by Ch, United States of America

Q. So from Roadie 42's blogs it sounds like the guys are always changing their songs. You said LP5's been named, so did its name have to change multiple times until one was finally decided on, was it the one that always stood out, did it come earlier or later in the process of making the album...?

The Oracle replies:

There's always speculation about album titles but I've noticed that fans have been referring to the next album as "LP5" for so long that it almost feels like that is the title! In answer to your question, unlike some song titles the name of the album was decided and settled on very early in the process. With the upcoming live dates we've got a lot to look forward to so it hopefully won't feel too long before the album drops and all will be revealed...

Coldplay 'spokesperson says: "No release date has been set for Coldplay's fifth album" (March 2011)

A Coldplay 'spokesperson' rubbished the recent news that the fifth album was set for an October release[10], after the summer festival headline performances, according to MTV on Monday, 7th March 2011. They allege that the spokesperson has emailed them directly, saying there is no actual release date at all.[11]

Brian Eno and Coldplay's 'cat-flap arrangement' (March 2011)

Brian Eno has been interviewed by Exclaim.ca in time for their March 2011 magazine, and he talks about working in the studio with Coldplay on the recent LP5 sessions, and what he sees going on. Below are the Coldplay excerpts that are relevant...

You really are coaching them [Coldplay] quite closely to bring out their greatest potential.

Yes, well, that was the case with the first record I did with them. On this one I have a slightly more unusual relationship, which we call the cat-flap arrangement...

Which is what?

So there's a cat flap in their studio, and I occasionally crawl in and have a listen to what's going on, make a few comments and crawl out again. And you know, they occasionally will say, "Uh, got any time next week that you can make it through the cat flap?" So it's a much more distant relationship this time. They've picked up the cues from the last time and are kind of running with them this time. I think what happens after you've worked with people a few times, you start to understand which part of the process somebody is really useful for and that's when you want them there.

Right, so there's a lot less talking going on essentially.

Yes. And I think you don't want everybody there all the time. It's not very productive. If everybody's there all the time, probably 60 percent of the people are not doing anything, so they are sort of sitting around reading things or looking at things on Google, or fiddling about, or whatever they're doing. It's much better to have a smaller number of people in the room and have focused attention, then have everybody there. I always think that since somebody's reading a magazine in the studio, it's like a leak. You know, there's sort of something disappearing through that hole.

Parlophone: LP5 expected "towards the autumn" of 2011 (February 2011)

Miles Leonard, the president of Parlophone (EMI) and A&R for Coldplay amongst other artists, gave an online interview[12] on 7th February 2011 to the Hit Quarters website about the latest news on some of the label's artists. The low key article talked about Coldplay's fifth album release - more specifically when we can expect it and how the global campaign for promoting LP5 is shaping up.

He said it would be released "towards the autumn" and his involvement was such that: "At this time it’s really working closely with the management to make sure we start setting up the global campaign for this album. The band are at a stage now where they don’t need real hands on A&R. The skill of any A&R man is really knowing when to be in the studio and when not. Right now they’re in their recording stage and know what record they want to make and are very busy in the studio making that. Down the line, once we start forming the album or looking at mixes and finalising the record, that’s when the A&R attention to detail is really necessary."

Coldplay introduce metal and Tim Wheeler into latest LP5 sessions (February 2011)

R#42 blog 127[13] sparked media interest with the news that Ash frontman Tim Wheeler joined Coldplay's recording sessions, as well as news on their 'metal band' approach to songwriting which was also included in the latest blog. Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has been working with Coldplay, writes The Sun[14] on an as-yet unnamed track; They say: "Coldplay have been labouring intensely in their north London HQ on the follow-up to their hugely successful 2008 collection Viva La Vida since last summer. And their efforts have recently been bolstered by the axeman from Northern Ireland. A source said: 'Chris has always had a soft spot for Ash. They were quite close in the early days and have shared a number of bills over the years. He admires Tim as a songwriter, especially his brilliant way with melodies, so he didn't think twice about asking him to get involved.'"

Coldplay had been approaching new songs "as though they are a metal band" and experimented with playing sessions in different ways, with often surprising results: "Chris suggests playing a gorgeous melody as though they are a metal band. The first stab at this is predictably (and intentionally) comedic. They pursue it though, playing one section over and over in a loop, varying the dynamic from pin drop quiet to aggressive and bolshy. They move through the transitions as one unit, as though someone is pressing their foot smoothly on some huge gas pedal somewhere."

Coldplay’s new album about 'Love, OCD, Addiction and Escape' (January 2011)

Both Chris Martin and Will Champion were featured[15] on the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show on Friday 7th January, and gave us an insight into what the fifth album is all about. If you were expecting release dates, album or track titles then you were disappointed.[16]

Chris Martin said Coldplay's forthcoming fifth album is about "love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you don't like". He added that it was a "thinly veiled account of what happens within the group". Speaking to Radio 1's Zane Lowe he denied the album would be a "concept record" after reports in the press that it could be [17]. Chris added that theme-wise the follow-up to 2008's Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, "also has a lot of uplifting stuff. It's supposed to be about life, the good stuff and the bad stuff. Everything."

Drummer Will Champion said: "There's a phrase which my wife told me from a book, I can't remember which book, but a man is asked, 'Are you married?' And he says, 'Yes, of course I'm married. I have a wife, kids, the whole catastrophe. 'Catastrophe' just means something big and seismic but not necessarily bad. It's all about embracing the whole thing. Appreciating the good and bad and realising it's all part of life."

Coldplay still trying to deliver "Masterpiece" album (January 2011)

Coldplay's Chris Martin has told NME that the band are striving to write their "masterpiece" with the follow-up to 2008's 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'.

The frontman, speaking in the new issue of NME, on UK newsstands (January 12), spoke about new songs including 'Princess Of China' and 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall', before admitting that he thinks the band can better their previous albums with the new effort. "We still don't think we've delivered our masterpiece, so we're still trying to do it," Martin said. "As long as we feel like that and we're hungry… that's all that matters."

The band have again been working with Brian Eno and Marcus Dravs on the album. "We were with Brian Eno for a long period just messing around," the singer said. "Now we're with Marcus, trying to turn that into something cohesive and under seven hours long. The worst mistake we could make, when we're the most Marmite-y of bands, would be to make a super-long thing".

Coldplay "brutal" in their song culling (December 2010)

Speaking to Radio 1's Zane Lowe on 1st December 2010[18] about working on songs for their as yet untitled fifth album in 2011. Chris Martin said: ""When we came back from America last time we had some bad stuff happening in our group. (But now) we're going for it. We regard this as our last big shot," he said. "We had a lot of songs and we cut a lot of songs. It's quite brutal - especially if you're the person which brings the songs. Now we're close to what the album might be."

Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland were speaking as they released new single Christmas Lights on iTunes.

Chris Martin: LP5 will not be released in 2010 (September 2010)

During a fan meet in London in early September [19] Coldplay confirmed that their new album would come too soon for a 2010 release, and have still a lot of work to finish before their cash-strapped label EMI take over the reigns of marketing it. The band also had time to mention the timing of the early stages of a new tour.

According to Coldplayer Craigie-J who spoke to the band yesterday in London, LP5 won't be out in time for presents. He said: "There ain't gonna be a release for Christmas now that is for sure. Chris (Martin) said that although they are close to finishing lots of songs, they have not actually finished anything at all yet... (even Wedding Bells!) and he said there'd be no chance of the album coming out for Christmas. Phil (Harvey) said the same, and that even if they were finished by now, there would not be enough time for EMI to sort all of the "fiddly bits". Also, I asked about how long the tour would be starting, after the album release, since for Viva it was really soon, and Phil said that they'd leave a slightly longer gap this time."

Speaking further about the completion of the album, he talked to fifth member Phil: "They (Coldplay) always seem to finish a huge bulk of songs together... he was very confident anyway, but said that the last two months have not been as completely productive as first imagined. But he also said 'You can't rush things like this!'". [thanks Craigie-J]

LP5 chatter at the BT Digital Music Awards (September 2010)

Coldplaying.com and Coldplay.com were both shortlisted, in the Best Fansite and Best Official site respectively, at the BT Digital Music Awards 2010 that took place last night at the Roundhouse in Camden, London. Neither site took home an award (the awards went to Muse and Muselive) but Coldplay roadie Miller was there representing the official site and was sat on the same table as Coldplaying's Pete and Anna. Miller was understandably cautious about revealing too much about Coldplay's new album but Pete did report back [20] the following:

"LP5 chatter: Miller was guarded (mutual understanding there ) but said the guys [Coldplay] are working INCREDIBLY hard. I asked if it [the new album] really was as good as it sounds and he couldn't put it into words. He said there's LOTS of experimentation going on but at the same time...and trailed off with a glimmer in his eye...(I read that, rightly or wrongly, as them going back to their roots in some way - maybe that was just what I wanted to hear?). The huge notebook stuffed full of ideas from the blog? There's not just one [notebook] people!! So, it looks like our boys are working on something as big or bigger than Viva possibly. Is that the problem with the band? Too many ideas delaying releases? It is for me! I told Miller we'd take an album of half-finished ideas every couple of months!!"

Best of the bunch... track names on wall (Picture: Coldplay.com)

The Sun focuses on Coldplay's Top Gear-style 'cool wall' (April 2010)

Work on Coldplay's new album is going so well the band have been forced to set up a Top Gear-style "cool wall" just to whittle down the best tracks, The Sun has written in a review of Roadie #42's blog (no. #119). [21]

Word is we will definitely be getting a new album by the end of the year (2010). So much for the lads having a rest. Chris Martin, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland and Guy Berryman have been busy working in their new studio The Beehive since their Viva La Vida tour ended. There was a break late last year after the Wembley dates and the whole thing ended for good after Latin American gigs last month. But in that time they have already written more than 50 songs in their new HQ in Camden, north London. The choice is so great they have had to grade the tunes on the wall of a dedicated room as they map out a tracklist for the new album. One of Coldplay's roadies, who blogs on their website under the name #42, explained:

"The names of every idea have been written down - each on their own piece of card. Inevitably, there's a huge number of cards. From tiny moments that were played only once to things that the fellas have been playing for months now, they're all up there. The cards are first arranged on the wall in terms of A, B and C. The A list are songs that have to go on the record. The B list are songs that might or might not. The C list contains things that are being left. There's enough in the unreleased vaults to outfit an entire career for a pretty successful band. It'd be an interesting project to one day pull out all the songs that fell off along the way - like rummaging through Coldplay's attic."

The band have posted pictures of the song cards. Sadly, they've left them deliberately low quality so we can't see the titles. The band moved into their new premises last year after outgrowing The Bakery down the road, where the last album was crafted. The turning point in the album came when frontman Chris commissioned roadie #42 and the rest of the crew to build a model of the solar system in the studio. The band members - plus producer boffin Brian Eno - have been getting inspiration from pretty big subjects.

Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin are interviewed by Brazilian TV show, Fantastico

Fantastico! Fifth Coldplay album released by Christmas 2010, hopes Chris Martin (February 2010)

In a video interview [22] for the show Fantastico broadcasted on 21st February 2010 for TV Globo in Brazil, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland confirmed that they hope to release the next Coldplay album at the end of 2010.

"Hopefully this Christmas", Chris Martin said in the interview, when asked about releasing Coldplay's fifth album. It seems the band are progressing much quicker with the recording process that first anticipated by fans. "We have some good songs on this next record," Chris Martin added.

When asked about possible leaking of the new material, Chris said, "There are only two people in the whole building who know how to open all the recording files. Even we (Coldplay) don't know how to do it. We couldn't even steal our own music. You would have to be a computer genius and a great burglar to get into the building, and download it, and mix it."

It was also confirmed in the interview that Coldplay's next record would not be the last with ailing record label, EMI, and they wouldn't be doing a 'Radiohead'. "We signed for a lot [of records], it won't be the last one. We're 'owned', we can't do anything without asking someone's permission."

Meanwhile, Guy Berryman further spoke on the new album with Brazilian outlet Terra, on 28th February 2010. [23] In the interview, Guy said, "We're working on a new album that is more acoustic, organic, without wanting to sound small. We have some limitations in the manner of recording, the equipment we use - for now, we're only using acoustic instruments and very little amplification, which sounds good, but we don't know where it's going. But we have many songs written and we're very pleased with what we've done so far."

On a Christmas 2010 release, Berryman was hopeful. "Well... that's the plan. But you know, we have an incredible ability to disobey the dates planned. But hopefully when we finish this (Viva la Vida) tour, we can return to work and finish as quickly as possible. The only requirement is that is good."

On Brian Eno, Berryman says, "Yes, he (Brian) is not so involved in production, but he's joining us to test new songs, one or two times a week. It's great to have him around - he always brings new ideas and makes us think differently, escpecially with the rhythms that we use. The structures of the songs are very different and he is always willing to try something new. He gets bored very fast, so to keep his interest we have to keep moving with new ideas."

Coldpray: The Sun has new insight into Coldplay's latest album recordings (December 2009)

Coldplay are holed up in a dilapidated north London church crafting a new album, report The Sun in December [24]. The band only finished their latest leg of their gruelling world tour in September but they are back at the coal face again. And the fans who worshipped at the altar of last album, Viva La Vida, will be glad to hear super producer Brian Eno is back on board, masterminding a brave new direction for the group. Frontman Chris Martin is concerned the band are being seen as a huge stadium act and totally inaccessible for their loyal fans. So he has devised a plan with rock deity Eno and bandmates Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion to record a stripped-down, more acoustic collection in the eerie church...

It's a big step away from their old HQ, The Bakery in London's Primrose Hill, which has played a huge role in their sound to date. A source said: "The band are keen to make hay while the sun shines. They have hit a rich vein with their songwriting and feel more creative than ever. Chris had wanted to record a new album while they were on the road but it was just too much. They have this work ethic while the going is good to just keep working as hard as possible."

Guitarist Jonny wed girlfriend Chloe only last month. But the source added: "Jonny has thrown himself into the new album, as have all the boys. The results are really exciting so far. Chris is determined not to be seen as a huge commercial rock juggernaut, filling stadiums and cashing in. This is the plan to keep them as close to their fans as possible."

The band aim to release the album next year, a lot earlier than anyone expected - not least their label EMI. They have only one more album to deliver before they can move elsewhere, which will cause a huge stir in the industry. Chris plans to test the songs early in 2010 on their closest pals by inviting them to the church to hear them live. The band will then record "as live" in the church, then aim to do a tour of smaller venues for fans to hear the new stuff. The late James Brown was known in music circles as the hardest working man in show business, but these boys are doing everything they can to take the title from the Godfather Of Soul.

In Exeter on 19th December, Chris Martin was videoed talking to fans about the new offerings. In the video, Chris can be heard talking about the new plans for the next album era... [25]

Screenshot of new track titles from the South Bank Show (20th September 2009)

New stories from the new Beehive studio...! (November 2009)

Roadie #42 causes Beehive craziness - in his blog #109 [26] he talks about being confused, sleeping on an air-bed below the uniforms and their smell... but also gave us the news that there would be a new studio! It's the skanky looking Beehive. Roadie goes on to say:

"Even though it's in a mess right now, the one thing that you can't help noticing as you wander amongst the rubble is how much light there is everywhere. Studios can very often feel like underground bunkers. Soundproofing is somewhat all or nothing and windows can often get trampled in the rush to keep the neighbours happy... not so here at the Beehive, though. Everywhere you go there's light streaming in. Even on a relatively gloomy British afternoon, it's noticeably bright inside. I can only imagine that this will be reflected in the new material. Talking of new material, the studio whiteboards are positively exploding with plans, schemes and fragments of fresh ideas. In some places, when Chris has run out of white-board to write on, he's carried right on to the adjacent plaster. It's like the tour was an 18 month session of shaking up the fizzy drink bottle of the band's imagination - and now they're back in the studio, the lid has been unscrewed."

Coldplay already working on fifth album - demos being laid down (October 2009)

Coldplay are already planning to start recording demos for their fifth album, while they are on a temporary break, according to The Sun on October 25th. The band are expected to release the album in late 2010. More discussion on the latest news on LP5 is at the Coldplay forum now [27]

Having just wrapped up their world tour (well for now - they'll head out to South America next month), Coldplay are eager to get back to work on the follow-up to 2008's 'Viva La Vida'. "They have got a huge reserve of ideas together during their time on the road and they want to get the demos down while they are fresh," a source close to Coldplay told The Sun. "They are already excited about the next project."

The Sun also focussed on Coldplay's new home, saying online about Viva: "The last one was written and put down at their London studio The Bakery. Now they have moved up the road to a posh new purpose built facility."

Possible LP5 songs - found on the South Bank Show (September 2009)

The band were seen in discussion with Melvyn Bragg[28] in the autumn as he travelled with them for six months, taking in their win at 2009's Grammy Awards, a tour throughout Japan, the Brit Awards and the War Child concert in London, where they performed with Bono, the Killers and Take That's Gary Barlow. Bragg was also seen spending quality time with the band whilst they worked on their next album in their north London studios, where the following list of songs was gleaned:

  • 1000-1 (Ballad Of …)
  • Aiko
  • Alien Radio
  • Alive Day
  • Arabesque
  • Boyfriend
  • Buzz
  • Car Kids
  • Cartoon Head
  • Cartoon Heart
  • Christmas Lights
  • Drunks And Guns
  • Famous Old Painters
  • Gardeners On The Frontline
  • Great Expectations
  • Harbingers Of Doom
  • Harmony
  • Hook Up
  • If I Ever Fall In Love Again
  • It Was A Wonderful Day
  • Love In A Lethal Dose
  • Lucky Sevens
  • Sex Violence
  • Space Symphony
  • Spanish Rain
  • Wedding Bells
  • Wilderness
  • Wondering Star

Philadelphia interview (May 2009)

Chris Martin has said the band's next record will be a concept album revolving around a secret story, and that he wants follow-up to 'Viva La Vida' to have 'less fanfare', according to NME. The frontman revealed that the band want to take a break from touring to work on the follow-up to 'Viva La Vida', which he says will be more stripped-down than its predecessor. "We spend an awful lot of time creating," he told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Maybe it's because we're about to turn 33, but I just feel hungry to write all the time. I think at the end of this tour, we may not tour for a while. We may put out a record without quite so much fanfare. I think the next one will be quite stripped-down and based upon this story idea which I can't talk about because it might be bad."

Martin added that he's been getting inspiration from TV show 'The Wire', saying: "The main thing I do on tour is write, and then go watch ."

He also denied rumours that he'll release a solo album, saying: "Hell would have to not only freeze over, but be skated over and completely closed up. The pope would have to declare that it didn't even exist. I can't think of anything worse."

You can read the full interview article which was posted on 25th May at the Coldplay forum now [29]

Glasgow interview (December 2008)

Coldplay have spoken about their plans for 2009, and how the band plans to start work on the follow up to their best selling Viva la Vida album. Bass player Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion [30] spoke to STV's John Kilbride shortly before they appeared at Glasgow's SECC in December. Asked about Coldplay's plans for 2009, Guy said: "We're going to start work on the new record next year (2009)."

As for when he expected anything to come out from this, he said: "When it's good, it could be a year, it could be two years. We'll just have to start work and see how it shapes up. There are a few ideas being thrown around but I can't tell you anything about it, not that it's secret...just because I don't know!"

Guy also spoke about his Scottish roots, the band's forthcoming arena tour in the UK in September, and the band's new EP Prospekt's March.


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