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Chris Martin attends the Mylo Xyloto artwork exhibition in London on 28th November 2012


Background to LP6

As we move into 2013, and a Coldplaying round-up of the latest news regarding Coldplay's next album, this page is a collection of information on what we know about LP6 so far. There are no confirmed reports on its release date or title. The latest news is shown first and will be updated as we move towards the 6th album era.

Canoe: Coldplay’s sixth album ‘could emerge sooner than expected’ (15 November 2013)

An article emerged online from Montreal-based Canoe Francais[1] seemingly giving new information on Coldplay’s forthcoming sixth album. The article, written in French has been translated and suggests that the album (which we currently call LP6) will be released as early as May or June of 2014, with sounds similar to that of second album ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’. A rough English translation went as follows:

"They are leaking out, at this very hour, several rumors on the web about the date of publication of the sixth and Coldplay’s new album, scheduled for 2014. Some rumors from Warner Music (the new ‘owners’ of the Parlophone, historical label of the English band) speak with the insistence of a ‘highly likely’ scheduled for publication in May 2014 (or at least June 2014).

It should therefore be the end of next spring before the deadline for the release of the new album [of] Coldplay. Also because the same Chris Martin would have revealed that his hope is to get to next March with the tracks ready for the final mix, given that much of the work done so far is already [done] with satisfactory results. The new work is coming up, it seems, without any manufacturer, as the band wanted to take care of all aspects of the recording sessions on their own. Regarding the sound with which the new album is present, a welcome leaked rumor: the sounds are close to A Rush Of Blood To The Head, one of the more loved by fans all over the world.

It must be said, however, that other rumors postpone the date of publication in September 2014, in order to avoid the simultaneous combination in the charts of the sixth album by Coldplay with two highly anticipated albums, which is scheduled for release next spring: that of the Elbow (band from UK) on sale from 10th March but, above all, that of U2, the more they confess to be released in April next year. However, in all the offices of Warner Music in the world it is known that Coldplay will release their next album for sure in 2014. Get ready for a feverish waiting in the next few months!"

Will Champion: "New album hopefully out 2014" (13 July 2013)

Will Champion has gave hope to a 2014 album release, telling Coldplayer mayurshikotra near the Bakery in July that it may be released in 2014. Will also said that the song ‘Car Kids’ had not been discounted at this stage. [2]

Of the meeting, mayurshikotra said on the messageboard: "Got there just before 12. There were people coming in and out of bakery and beehive. About 20 min of waiting I saw a bike come in to the bakery drive way. I looked around so see who it was and was Will. Wasn’t sure if he was going into to their or beehive so waited and he came out on to the street. I asked if I could take a picture and he was very kind and took one with me and asked him to sign my AROBTTH and MX cover. I then asked how new album was coming along and he said good. And when I asked him about when they think its going to be out he said he wasn’t sure but hopefully next year. He was just about to leave and I quickly asked him about Car Kids and he said it was on the back burner at the moment BUT they may rethink it soon. After that he said thanks and left." [3]

Coldplay 'noodling' their way towards LP6 (23 February 2013)

Backstage at the Brit Awards (20 February 2013) after picking up the prize for 'Best British Live Act', BBC Radio 2's Jo Whiley caught up with Will Champion and Jonny Buckland, who spoke briefly about plans for what would be Coldplay's sixth studio record. Asked about new material, Jonny hinted that there is a theoretical album in the works. Will went on to say: "Me and Jonny have been going into the studio just noodling; we go in and noodle for an hour and then go get a cup of tea or coffee! But no... there's rumblings [of a new album]."[4]

When Jo Whiley proposed that Coldplay's next project could be more stripped-back and acoustic, as was the early plan for LP5, Will replied: "Yeah, that might be nice, actually. There's only so far you can go without becoming pompous and a bit overblown, so we'll tread that line very carefully. Reset. Recalibrate."

Will Champion earlier commented before the Brit Awards that the band's latest sessions were sounding 'absolutely dreadful', adding: "[It's] garbage, abstract, avant-garde nonsense. So you shall never hear of it, even if we released it you'd never hear it."

The Oracle also this week gave an indication of what's currently happening, saying: "[Coldplay] are busy behind the scenes. They're not in the full steam ahead mode just yet, but plans are being made and steps are being taken."

Coldplay working on sixth studio album (28 November 2012)

During Coldplay's show in Brisbane, Australia on 21st November 2012 Chris told the crowd that the band planned to take a three year break. Almost immediately sparking extreme speculation, Chris was forced to clarify his statements during an interview with the Daily Star, on 28th November 2012, during the Mylo Xyloto artwork exhibition in London, telling the paper that he was already sketching out material for the band's sixth studio album.[5]

In the interview he rubbished reports that Coldplay were going on a 3-year haitus and that he was merely referring to the length of time it would take the band to return to Australia on a world tour. Asked about the comments, Chris Martin explained that although Coldplay would take a break from touring they had no plans to stop working on fresh material. "I've been writing songs and I'm so fired up about the band's future" he told the tabloid. "I'm fortunate to do what I do and no way do I want to stop. This three-year break idea only came about because I said at a gig in Australia that we might not be back there for three years. That's probably true, but that's just how a world tour works. No chance are we taking a three-year break."

Chris further explained: "It happens to us every album. I say on stage, 'I’ll see you in a bit', then we always bring out another album and look silly because everyone's like, 'I thought you retired?' The album is definitely coming, unless the rest of the band decide to pursue their modelling careers of course – goodness knows mine is over."[6]

Coldplay rumoured to take 3-year haitus (23 November 2012)

Details to follow...

The Oracle on LP6

March 26, 2013 - submitted by Ira, Russia
Q. I heard that Chris had said that the name of the next album would be easier to pronounce. So the name of the next album has already exist. When will the band be ready to declare it?
The Oracle replies:
All he was saying there was that Mylo Xyloto was problematic for most to say. It was tricky to know where to put the emphasis on Xyloto and whether to pronounce it with 2 or 3 syllables for example.
The band will not declare the final title (or any working titles) until the album is ready.

February 19, 2013 - submitted by Pat, United Kingdom
Q. I don't get what's the band doing now. And why is their MX tour so short. Can you explain why?
The Oracle replies:
I am getting asked a lot if the band are taking time off. They rarely take time off. It may seem that way because they're off the radar & not out and about performing but they are busy behind the scenes. They're not in the full steam ahead mode just yet, but plans are being made and steps are being taken.

June 14, 2012 - submitted by Zatch, Canada
Q. Hey Oracle, when Jonny said today in the live chat that "we know roughly when we want to start making the next record...", does this confirm a sixth studio album? Thanks from Canada!
The Oracle replies:
Any and everything is subject to change so it's far too early to speculate.
I recall Chris saying that he'd written a song (Spanish Rain /Don Quixote) that would be a b-side for the next album yet it's never been recorded and isn't likely to be.

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