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In June, an era came to an end and a new one began. Prospekt thanked us for our patience and support as he signed out of his post on the 12th of June. With the release of the Viva La Vida, it would seem his work is done as we haven't heard from him since.

On 17th June, a new blogger appears. His name is Roadie #42, and he hangs out at stage left. He informs us he will be keeping us updated on all the inside information from the tour.

Roadie #42 posts frequently, and provides us with interesting snippets of touring life which we could never know otherwise.


The Oracle on Roadie #42

May 7, 2013 - submitted by Elizabeth, United States of America
Q. Where has Roadie 42 been? I'm really missing his blogs. Is he okay? I'm a little worried. Is he no longer blogging for the band?
The Oracle replies:
No need to be worried. R42 only blogs when the band are touring or whatever and there's stuff to blog about. They aren't, so there isn't and that's why he's not blogging right now.

November 26, 2012 - submitted by Sarah, United Kingdom
Q. Dear Oracle
I clicked the link to see the photo's R42 took for his blogs and where it says
"Signed by Roadie #42 Matthew Miller"
My question is, is Matthew Miller Roadie 42?????????????????????????????????? If you've already answered this, sorry for being behind everyone else.
The Oracle replies:
Ta-dah! Yes. You're not behind; you're the first to ask after yesterday's first public revelation of that fact here on this website.
He's affectionately known as Miller round these parts and finally you get to see the man behind all those amazing photos and insightful blogs that keep us going when starved of all things Coldplay. High five Miller!

November 15, 2012 - submitted by Christoph, Germany
Q. I saw Live 2012 in the movies yesterday and I'm totally blown away. It's so well shot and edited, a must-have for any coldplay fan!!
Anyways, I was wondering, since they showed some of their stage technicians - did we see #Roadie 42 without even knowing it??
The Oracle replies:
A ha! Well... I watched the film and guess who I was sat next to? IF #Roadie 42 came on screen, maybe I nudged him and pointed! Maybe. If he was in it that is.

September 25, 2012 - submitted by Keish, Australia
Q. Do Roadie #42 and the Anchorman take turns to do blogs for the live shows? Or is it usually Anchorman who does the job?
Also, the last blog says that you guys are taking a 6 week break before heading down under. Can we possibly expect a live blog from Melbourne, Australia?
The Oracle replies:
Anchorman takes the helm for all the live blogs as Roadie #42 is busy being a roadie during that time. #42 writes his retrospective blogs rather than reporting live.
Given the distance etc. I very much doubt there will be a live blog from Australasia but I expect Roadie #42 will recount touring tales.

April 10, 2012 - submitted by Kristin, United States of America
Q. Hey Oracle!!
Is roadie 42 going to be posting blogs again about the places Coldplay go to during the tour? Like he did in 2009?
It was really cool, almost like you were there with them. :)
Thanks again,
Xo Kristin
The Oracle replies:
He will indeed but #42 doesn't write about every show so please don't be disappointed if any particular one doesn't get the personal touch.

January 31, 2012 - submitted by Lilac, United Arab Emirates
Q. Where has Roadie #42 gone? I miss his blog posts.
The Oracle replies:
He will back before you know it. January was downtime for the band and the crew. There has been activity but for the most part it was a month off. #42 only blogs when he has something to share with us all and in reality there's not been much to tell.

December 13, 2011 - submitted by Shantell, United States of America
Q. Does Roadie42 have a Twitter account? I just saw him mention it in a recent blog post and I was wondering if I could follow him on Twitter! (:
The Oracle replies:
No, I'm afraid #42 doesn't have his own twitter. You don't necessarily have to have an account to read tweets though, as you probably know, he sometimes signs in and tweets on Coldplay's official twitter.

October 6, 2010 - submitted by Alison, United States of America
Q. Oracle, why does Roadie 42 want to be referred to as 'NotherCuppa?
The Oracle replies:
He's just joking around; we have lots of names for a cup of tea, cuppa being one of them - hence another cuppa. Knowing #42 as I do I suspect the scamp suggested the name 'NotherCuppa for its similarity to a not so nice term that it almost rhymes with too... Clue? Prince sang about a sexy one (MF that is).
For what it's worth my reply to his rhetorical question is no, I don't think it will catch on!

August 24, 2010 - submitted by Caroline, United States of America
Q. Hello Oracle. I'm inquiring about Roadie #42, its been 2 months since we heard from him!?
The Oracle replies:
He's absolutely fine so don't worry! The band were in NYC during July and Roadie #42 remained in London. He was ordered to take August off as a holiday but knowing him, he'll be using his spare time to do very work related stuff!

August 17, 2010 - submitted by Rebeca, Portugal
Q. Aloha Mr. Oracle,
My head made up a question weeks ago. I really like to read Roadie #42 and when I read "Roadie #42 and the Texas cable massacre" (or something like that) I didn't understand what happened on that video. And, though I have read that thousands of times I still don't catch it.
Could you please explain it to me or am I too stupid to get it?
Oh and I would like your opinion to something really important: I'm writing a book and I still haven't got an idea for the name of the main character. He's just a regular British boy so I thought that I could call him Will (my favourite name), but that name is sooo used in books and films... what do you think I should call him?
ps: I'm sorry for my English!
The Oracle replies:
Blog #55 is called "#42 and the Texan cable massacre" and shows Chris knock out the cable from Will's guitar which cuts its sound.
You call that character anything you like Rebeca, Will sounds just fine to me. Yes there are many characters named that but there are a lot of men called that too.

August 13, 2010 - submitted by Jacky, Australia
Q. Who is the photographer that takes all the photos we see on the Roadie blogs?
The Oracle replies:
Roadie #42 takes his own photos for his blogs. Multi-talented isn't he?

July 27, 2010 - submitted by Maggie, United States of America
Q. Where is Roadie #42 and why on Earth hasn't he had an update for us in over a month?
The Oracle replies:
He's been keeping himself busy in London while the band have been in New York. I'm sure he'll be filling you all in with something very soon but August may be quite a quiet time so don't expect many frequent blogs just yet.

June 23, 2010 - submitted by Agi, Hungary
Q. Dear Oracle,
Roadie 42 wrote on 3 June "greetings from Budapest". Does this mean he spent his 2 weeks break here in Hungary or the band worked/will work here, too by any chance? Secretly, of course:)
Thanks and greetings from Budapest,
The Oracle replies:
Roadie #42 was on vacation in Hungary; most of the band were also on holiday in various locations during that same time period.

May 17, 2010 - submitted by Beth, Australia
Q. O Oracle,
In Roadie #42's blog number 98 there is a voice near the beginning when he's looking at the people through the stage barrier and a muffled hello. Is that Mr 42's voice. Also that blog was hilarious!
Love from Australia. We eagerly await the bands return!
The Oracle replies:
No, that's not Roadie #42. It's a live version of Strawberry Swing and that's Chris you can hear.

April 26, 2010 - submitted by Anthony, United States of America
Q. Is Roadie #42 going to continue his blog? If his book is being released this spring...then are his new blogs not going to be included?
The Oracle replies:
Matt McGinn isn't Roadie #42 so yes the blogs will continue on this website but given they are 2 different people the blogs will not be included in Matt's Roadie book.

September 11, 2009 - submitted by Noah, United States of America
Q. Dear Oracle is Roadie #42 the dancing roadie??????????
The Oracle replies:
No, given that Roadie #42 has talked about Wayne in his blogs and doesn't refer to himself in the third person; his identity remains a mystery...

August 20, 2009 - submitted by Kelly, United States of America
Q. Roadie 42 frequently mentions "punters" when talking about people at Coldplay concerts. As I'm assuming it's a British term, can you provide a definition of the word for the rest of us? PS(make sure #42 knows how much we love the blog!)
The Oracle replies:
When Roadie #42 talks of punters, he's referring to the audience. Technically the term means a paying customer.

February 9, 2009 - submitted by karman, India
Q. All knowing Oracle who is Phil Harvey and Roadie #42 im kinda new to the site but absolutely love Coldplay and congrats to them for winning 3 Grammys.
The Oracle replies:
Phil Harvey is the "5th member" of the band and is their closest confidante. He was their manager in their early days and steered their career during the first 2 albums. Roadie #42 is crew member extraordinaire who not only writes blogs for our delectation but does a host of other jobs too.

September 5, 2008 - submitted by Ariel, United States of America
Q. Just wondering-- Roadie #42 has some great pictures in some awkward lighting situations which most cameras wouldn't be able to capture quite as well-- What type of camera does Roadie #42 use?
The Oracle replies:
Roadie #42 uses a Canon 20D with L series lenses. Also Ricoh compacts and to complete the effects, Abode Lightroom & Photoshop CS3.
For those of us with standard digital cameras, may I suggest the following for live shots? Turn to manual setting, disable the flash (auto or otherwise) and select the highest ISO number e.g. 1600. Keep a steady hand and they should definitely turn out pretty well.

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