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Singles 1999-2006

For the first time, all 14 of Coldplay's singles were collected together in a box set. Each single is pressed on heavyweight 7-inch vinyl and sleeved in its original artwork. The box set contains five singles which have never previously appeared on 7-inch vinyl.

They include 'The Blue Room EP', Coldplay's rare first release for Parlophone in October 1999, which has been split into two 7-inch singles. The box set also features the international singles, 'Don't Panic', 'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face' and 'What If', none of which were released in the UK. It also includes 'The Hardest Part' [pictured], which was previously only available as a download in the UK.

The box set includes all fourteen of the band's singles on 7" vinyl records in sleeves with the original artwork that accompanied each release. There is no CD release.

Disc listing

  1. The Blue Room EP
  2. "Shiver" / "For You" (B1) / "Careful Where You Stand" (B2)
  3. "Yellow" / "Help is Around the Corner"
  4. "Trouble" / "Brothers & Sisters"
  5. "Don't Panic" / "You Only Live Twice" (live from Norway)
    • Originally released only as an international single.
  6. "In My Place" / "One I Love"
  7. "The Scientist" / "1.36" (B1) / "I Ran Away" (B2)
  8. "Clocks" / "Crests of Waves"
  9. "God Put a Smile upon Your Face" / "Murder"
    • Originally released only as an international single.
  10. "Speed of Sound" / "Things I don't Understand"
  11. "Fix You" / "The World Turned Upside Down"
  12. "Talk" / "Gravity"/ "Sleeping Sun"
  13. "What If" (Tom Lord Alge mix) / "How You See The World" (live from Earls Court)
    • Originally released only as an international single.
  14. "The Hardest Part" / "Pour Me" (Live at the Hollywood Bowl)
    • Previously released only as a download-single in the UK.

Release Dates

Dates are as follows:

  • UK - 26th March 2007
  • Norway - 10th April 2007
  • Switzerland - 13th April 2007
  • Slovenia - 16th April 2007
  • Austria - 20th April 2007
  • France - 23rd April 2007
  • Canada - 24th April 2007
  • USA - 24th April 2007
  • Rest of the world - TBC


Singles 1999-2006

For any deranged, obsessive, able-to-recognise-the-drummer-in-a-crowd Coldplay completists out there, here's every single and their B-sides collected together in a seven-inch box-set - surely like releasing every deleted scene from Last Of The Summer Wine in a special edition bathtub on wheels.

Fascinating to recall just how soggy-trousered and Radiohead they were on ultra-rare debut 'The Blue Room EP' and to hear them grow from wafty indie shamblebums to arena-teabagging monsters by 'Yellow'.

Less fascinating to realise they're no Smiths when it comes to revisit-worthy B-sides: dreary acousti-rock slurry to a man (except '1.36' and 'Things I Don't Understand'). Wait for the stonking Greatest Hits.


Source: NME

Melodic pop/rock is rapidly becoming one of the most popular genres in the music scene today. The beat box styling and bubblegum pop bands that headlined the charts in the 90s are long gone, replaced with musicians singing soulful ballads combined with artistic piano playing. For the most part, music is getting back to the roots of the creative process. Although it is hard to pinpoint the exact pioneers of this progression, a few key names pop up, names like John Mayer, Howie Day, James Blunt, The Dave Matthews Band, and Jack Johnson.

One of the most influential bands of this typedates to 2000. Coldplay made their first full length debut then, with their album Parachutes. It ended up selling eight million copies worldwide, followed by A Rush of Blood to the Head with 12 million copies in 2002 and X&Y with 10 million in 2005.

These three albums leave fans longing for more. Songs like "The Scientist" and "Clocks" are still stuck in people's heads and continue to be featured on movie soundtracks. Coldplay have always been a big supporter of various charitable organizations such as Amnesty International and Oxfam. Even when they are out of the studio, they continue to be active in events for good causes such as the Live 8 concert. Ten percent of all the profits they make from being in the media go to charity.

Coldplay has been on hiatus for awhile. Lead singer Chris Martin was busy being a husband to wife Gwyneth Paltrow and tending to his children Apple and Moses (he's even written songs for them). Now, the band is refreshed musically and busy making up for lost time.

Coldplay just wrapped up a Latin America tour. They focused on smaller venues, giving them a chance to preview some of their upcoming tracks and introducing a change from the huge shows of Europe and the US that they had been used to.

The next scheduled release by Coldplay is a boxset simply titled The Singles 1999-2006. It will contain all of the band's well- known hits, as well as some rare tracks. In the United States, buying the set includes the incentive of unique merchandise, including a messenger bag and a mug.

The set will only be released on seven-inch vinyl discs and not on CD, adding to the rarity of the collection. It is set to hit stores on March 26 in the U.K. and April 24 in the United States.

Meanwhile, the band has been busy recording a fourth studio album. Coldplay has confimred on their official Web site that they have teamed up with producer Brian Eno, who has worked with U2 and The Talking Heads in the past, on their latest project.

Eno recently said in an interview about the collaboration, "[Coldplay] want to take their music somewhere else. We're still really at the very beginning of [the recording process], but it sounds very promising to me."

Chris Martin and guitarist Johnny Buckland were recently seen enjoying themselves at an Arcade Fire show in their home town of London, where they were interviewed by BBC. When asked why they chose Brian Eno to work with, Buckland enthused, "Well, we kind of more feel that he picked us really. With someone like Brian, if you can persuade him to work with you, you're doing well."

In addition to Arcade Fire, Martin mentioned British Indie/shoegazing band My Bloody Valentine as a favorite of his, even eluding that the look of lead singer Kevin Shields may be an influencing factor on Coldplay's new album.

The band is keeping fairly quiet about the specific details of the album so far. However, a few of the new tracks have been floating around both online and at live shows.

Four songs that are expected to be on the new album are "Mining on the Moon," "The Butterfly," "The Fall of Man," and "Bucket for a Crown." There are no new tour dates scheduled, but Coldplay are still "keen to try out their new songs," according to Eno.

Coldplay is a band with a huge worldwide fan base and any new material is eagerly awaited. There are still two more albums in the band's contract with their studio, but hopefully there will be many more.

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