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"Coldplay": "Parachutes" (Pvg) to 10 July 2005: Nuke Site, Pielachtal, Nr St Polten, Austria
10 July 2006: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore to 19 August 2009: Koengen, Bergen, Norway
19 December 2005: MEN Arena, Manchester, England to 27 August 2009: Esprit Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany
27 August 2009: LTU Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany to 9 June 2012: Etihad Stadium, Manchester, England
9 March 2009: Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia to Clashmusic: Coldplay Interview
Classic Coldplay Clip: The Making Of The Video 'Talk' (Nov 2005) to Coldplay In The Media: January 2001
Coldplay In The Media: January 2003 to Coldplay snubs the West again (20090207)
Coldplay spent two years on 'very personal' CD (20050530) to Interview: Xylobands inventor Jason Regler (20120202)
Interview With Chris Martin: Coldplay play it cool (20090315) to Oxfam Europe Tour Blog: 26 September 2008
Oxfam Europe Tour Blog: 28 September 2008 to Roadie 42 - Blog 32 - 27th September 2008
Roadie 42 - Blog 33 - 27th September 2008 to The spirit of Glastonbury (Article 2005)
The story behind the marriage proposal at Coldplay's Newcastle gig on … to ‘Viva la Vida’ brings end to Coldplay’s cold strea…
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