31 July 2011: Splendour In The Grass Festival, Queensland, Australia

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  1. Intro (Back To The Future theme tune)
  2. Mylo Xyloto
  3. Hurts Like Heaven
  4. Yellow
  5. In My Place
  6. Major Minus
  7. The Scientist
  8. Shiver
  9. Violet Hill
  10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  11. Everything's Not Lost
  12. Us Against The World
  13. Politik
  14. Viva la Vida
  15. Charlie Brown
  16. Happy Birthday - Will
  17. Life is for Living
  18. Clocks
  19. Rehab (Amy Winehouse tribute
  20. Fix You
  21. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


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Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[1], unless stated otherwise.

Wow that was splendiferous!! Grace and I stood at the barrier for a crazy but rewarding 12 hours!!! Songs were amazing live and the new tunes sound monstrous. I was the guy up the front centre singing every word of HLH and Charlie Brown... Think that surprised a few people. Chris seemed in a crappy mood after he smashed his guitar... The birthday sing a long and version of "rehab" were special. It was great to hear Shiver... What a treat... Every ounce of our energy was used up but they closed the festival in spectacular fashion!

I can't wait to fly home tonight and find all the live streams! Got some great photos from the front and a video of HLH.

Still buzzing and it's the morning after!!!!


Media Reviews

Coldplay closes Splendour

THE cold didn’t stop punters from packing into Woodfordia’s Amphitheatre to see Coldplay close Splendour in the Grass. The British rockers were in top form last night following glowing reports from Glastonbury.

Lead singer Chris Martin’s wife Gwyneth Paltrow was nowhere in sight when the band gathered backstage before their set. Where Kanye West and Jane’s Addiction had dancers in their shows, Coldplay opted for lasers, glow in the dark paint and a graffitied piano.

The crowd was more than happy to sing happy birthday to drummer Will Champion, who celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday. Martin apologised after releasing Champion’s birthday balloons into the sky. “I shouldn’t have done that. This is an environmentally friendly festival,” he said. “We travelled all this way and I (expletive) it up with the (expletive) balloons.”

Martin dedicated The Scientist to fellow Brits Pulp, who played before them at what will possibly be their last Australian show. “Bands like that should never break up,” said Martin.



The final day of Splendour In The Grass was all about the Brits, and there couldn’t have been a more spectacular closer to Sunday than a headline set from Coldplay.

Following an hour of thrusting and cajoling from Jarvis Cocker, the amphitheatre was overflowing with loved-up punters all eager for mass sing-a-longs and lighter-swaying moments – both of which would be provided in excess over the festival’s final ninety minutes.

As the theme from Back To The Future trickled out across the crowd it became evident that Coldplay intended their only Australian show to be one hell of a party. Chris Martin and co burst onto the stage accompanied by a sky full of fireworks and a deafening roar, which would only get louder as they band dropped Yellow two songs into their set.

Martin was in a good mood; chatting, dropping the occasional swear word and conducting the crowd through a set-list of songs that were written for exactly these moments. In My Place and new tune Major Minus had the crowd reaching for lasers that floated above them and entranced by frenetic screen animations that would accompany the whole show.

Scientist was dedicated to Pulp “because bands like that shouldn’t break up”, and then slid into Shiver and Violet Hill, which saw Martin running across the stage, leaping onto a speaker stack and urging the crowd to stay with them.

“This is a fucking great festival” Martin laughed as he stopped to catch his breath,” You know, this next song is actually about Scott and Charlene…fuck, no it’s not, I’m just trying to ingratiate myself to the Australian people. It’s actually about Alf Ramsey from Home and Away. Ok let’s just forget this whole thing…”

Martin’s light banter continued as Coldplay, adept in the art of festival headlining, bult their set with the audience right behind them. The crowd erupted for God Put A Smile On My Face before the band asked 30,000 punters to sing drummer Will Champion Happy Birthday. Will’s birthday celebrations were accompanied by a handful of balloons being released into crowd to which Martin quipped, “Shit, we shouldn’t have done that this is an environmentally responsible festival. We got all the way through the set and then fuck it up here. Just don’t tell the Murdoch papers.”

With this the band finished on Viva La Vida, and exited albeit momentarily, as the crowd wailed for more. They were back, of course, for Clocks and then in the only Amy Winehouse tribute of the festival, sung a surprisingly moving and tasteful version of Rehab which lead straight into Fix You. And with that, after a solid ninety minutes Coldplay Martin mumbled, “What a fucking amazing festival” and left us with Every Teardrop.

Coldplay are one of the biggest bands in the world, a fact that instigated a great deal of debate over whether they were still the right fit for Splendour In The Grass. But when all was said and done, whether you were a fan of the band or not, it was impossible not to get swept up in the bombast of Coldplay’s Sunday night set. It was everything a festival closer should be, and then some.