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Up In Flames is a track included on Coldplay's fifth album, Mylo Xyloto released in October 2011. It was the final track to be written for the album.

First introduction

Up In Flames was first discussed on 1st August 2011 during an Australian promo interview when Chris Martin said that he had wrote a new song (called Up In Flames) only the previous week, which was being rush-recorded to make the tracklisting for Mylo Xyloto.

"You know when you're finished," Chris said in the interview. "We don't need to write any more songs now. We were feeling like we were missing one, that was it. It's basially quite a schizophrenic record. We're still putting it together. There's some very loud stuff, some very quiet stuff, it's seeing if they can live in harmony together." [1]


In the article by Q Magazine published on 10th October 2011 entitled "First Impressions of... Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto"[2] they wrote: "Beginning with a reverbed, Massive Attack-esque drum sample before a plaintive piano motif and Chris Martin's hand-on-heart vocals, Up In Flames puts Coldplay back in well-traversed ballad territory. The chorus - Martin repeating the title over and over in an echo-chamber falsetto - suggests that the days of autopilot Coldplay are over, beautifully simple and using the melody as its dynamic. Again, just when you think it might take off, it ends. Coldplay have learned to make their point a little more succinctly. Stunning."

First performance

Up In Flames debuted at the Austin City Limits Taping Event on 15th September 2011. During the show, Chris Martin said that the 'gentle ballad' — which features a memorable falsetto chorus and hypnotic tick-tock rhythm — was completed just five weeks earlier, just in the nick of time to make the cut.

Live reviews

Consequence of Sound: Thanks to last night’s taping of a forthcoming episode of Austin City Limits, we now have eight of the 14 tracks that will make up Coldplay‘s fifth LP, Mylo Xyloto. Titled “Up In Flames”, the new live debut sees the UK collective slowing down a bit. Drummer Will Champion hits the edge of his snare, while Chris Martin repeats the song’s title. Again. And again. It’s soothing, if not monotonous, but it’s no “Warning Sign”. [3]

Idolator: Last week Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto track “Up In Flames” was described on the band’s site as “immense” and “hypnotic in its simplicity, but devastatingly, achingly gorgeous.” Last night the UK band debuted the song live for a taping of the long-running series Austin City Limits, ahead of today’s kickoff of the annual Texas festival of the same name. MTV News reports that Coldplay taped a special 90-minute editon of Austin City Limits, though the episode apparently won’t air until New Year’s Eve. Thankfully we can always rely on someone in the audience recording the whole thing on their mobile phone and slapping it on YouTube. The band’s performance of the somber, slow-paced tune clocked in at just under three minutes and 30 seconds. [4]

Up In Flames discussed on Roadie #42's blog 141

Describing a new track called 'Up In Flames' which was written shortly before their iTunes Festival show at London's Roundhouse on 22nd July 2011, Roadie #42 wrote:

I remember that this phase of things on X&Y is when I first heard Fix You. Dan Green and I had been up at a studio in west London pulling the multi-tracks apart and I was driving back to the rehearsal room to get to work. It only took a couple of listens for that song to burn itself forever into the brain. Even on a first listen, the degree to which people would take it to their hearts was completely obvious. Up In Flames feels the same to me right now. It’s immense. I first heard it when the guys were sound-checking at the iTunes show. Apparently, Chris had started the song the previous night, so it was less than 24 hours old at that point. It was hypnotic in its simplicity, but devastatingly, achingly gorgeous. The final version has lost none of this and is a masterwork of restraint. It hasn’t been crammed with a million ideas and embellishments. Every part is there simply to enhance the emotional impact. I can only predict floods of tears in every quarter. [5]


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So it's over
This time I know it's gone
Tasted it too long

I only know I'm wrong
Now I know it's gone

Up in flames, up in flames, up in flames
We have slowly gone

So it's over
This time you're flying on
This time I know no song
Can stop its lonely burn
Can stop it slowly going

Up in flames, up in flames, up in flames
We have slowly gone
We have slowly gone

Can't we pour some water on?