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How We See the World cover art

How We See the World is a charity CD entirely written, performed and produced by the members of for the Coldplaying Charity Club. The album consists of 17 tracks from 13 different artists from around the world, ensuring the record with a varied, distinguished sound ranging from soft, acoustic rock to a bolder, bigger sound. The album consists of layered vocals, melodic guitars, rhythmic pianos and tasteful productions arranged over an indie-rock styled flair.

All album proceeds will support the Oxfam Unwrapped Projects.

Oxfam America Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped is an online giving campaign that helps people living in poverty in 26 countries. It works through catalogues that contain items that people around the world need to change their lives for the better - including emergency relief, farming, health, education, small businesses and advocacy. When a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped is bought, the donation will support Oxfam's work in these areas, ensuring the donation has an impact on the lives of people living in poverty.

Oxfam is a human rights organization based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Press release

Open Hearts, Open-Source

The internet, often a source of controversy with its predators, porn and other questionable content, has often proved also to be a great resource, helping you find your old high-school classmates, educating your children and providing a wealth of other tools and information. Musicians looking to expand their audience have found a host of new fans on the web. Charity organizations hoping to increase revenues have also found it to be invaluable in reaching the masses.

Now, in a one-of-a-kind venture, musicians and artists from around the globe are joining forces to use this powerful tool in a whole new way!

The members of, the largest unofficial site on the net devoted to the band Coldplay, are proud to present How We See The World, a collection of tracks offered to raise money the Coldplaying Charity Club, a sub-group of the forum which helps spread the word about Fair Trade, sponsors Third World Children and supports numerous other causes.

What makes this disc unique is not only the quality independent talent it showcases, but the fact that it is the first completely 'open-source' benefit album. The music, artwork and even the title were entirely designed or chosen by forum members from around the world.

It is our hope that this project will reach far beyond the members of one on-line forum, and find its way into the hearts and minds of music lovers and the globally conscious everywhere.

Track listing

  1. Mandyleigh - Sunny New Day (3:40)
  2. Alex Gladwin - Eyes (3:16)
  3. Joe Reimer - Rose Petal Ashes (3:32)
  4. Tracie Morgan - The Place You Are (5:26)
  5. Paulus - Today (Can You Feel) (4:18)
  6. Mayfair Winters - Emerald Green (3:24)
  7. Simon M. Harris - Above All (3:51)
  8. If I If I - Enough Too Many States Away (3:49)
  9. Andrew - Help (3:09)
  10. Mandyleigh - Keep The Silence (4:28)
  11. Frozen Inertia - Don't Stop (5:51)
  12. Alex Gladwin - Don't Ask Til Tomorrow (2:36)
  13. Tracie Morgan - Rain (4:42)
  14. Lance Fisher - Lull (3:38)
  15. Bound By Substance - Drink The Water (5:41)
  16. Mayfair Winters - All The Time (5:23)
  17. Petra Suennenga & The Voices Of Coldplaying Dot Com - Stille Wateren/How We See the World (5:12)

Artist biographies

Mandyleigh is a an extremely eclectic singer/songwriter with a range of 4 octaves. She's very eclectic and can write in as many musical genres as she listens to. Her raw, exposed music allows one inside the real her.

Mandyleigh is a leading artist on, and is hoping to record an internationally released album this year.

Many of Mandyleigh's songs stem from the suicidal depression she suffered for years. She survived through much love, support and the catharsis of writing music. chose the two songs represented on the cd ('Sunny New Day' and 'Keep The Silence'). She thanks Coldplay (among many others) for making this world a better place with their music and charitable initiatives and believes that together we can all make this world a fairer place.

  • Alex Gladwin

Alex Gladwin is a 22 year old musician, singer and song writer from London, England. He has been playing the guitar for 8 years and started writing songs when he first picked up a guitar. Alex went on to learn the bass guitar and keyboard to give a more rounded feel to his demos and writing, all progressing to his upcoming release through

Alex takes most of his lyrical inspiration from dreams and inspiring people. As a songwriter, he ironically finds it difficult to describe what his lyrics actually mean, but hopes that the lyrics are significant and meaningful to every listener.

The two tracks on How We See the World were written and performed by Alex Gladwin and mixed and produced by Ben Jones. They mixed acoustic and electric guitars with keyboard, bass and programmed drums, resulting in a crisply produced, live band-styled production. The main influences found in his sound are British pop/rock groups such as The Beatles, Coldplay and Oasis, as well as a strong influence by an eclectic array of artists including the likes of Bob Dylan, The Verve, The Beach Boys, Embrace, Doves, Spiritualized, The Monkees, Public Enemy and many more.

  • Joe Reimer

Joe Reimer is from Edmonton, Canada. Music is one of his many loves and feels that there's nothing like sitting with a guitar and having an audience hang on to every spoken word and every note played. Joe is an art teacher (painting being another of his loves) and he can often be found playing for his students. Musically speaking, Joe has a large range of influences - the main ones being Dave Matthews, Coldplay, U2, Jack Johnson and Lifehouse.

  • Tracie Morgan

This multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter hails from Toronto, Canada. Her influences range from Leonard Cohen to Peter Gabriel, from Coldplay to Joni Mitchell and from Mozart to Tool. All that she does is based in the belief that music cannot and should not be reined in by genres and names created by record labels to sell records. Music is just music, and we are blessed to catch a small part of it when we can.

  • Frozen Inertia

Frozen Inertia began as a recording project in 1998 by Timothy Graves (guitar, bass, vocals, computer) and Brad Palmer (drums, keyboards, computer) in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Currently Brad Lives in Ohio, and Tim has relocated to Chicago.

Although the band has recorded over 70 songs, they have officially released 2 albums:
The First of The Fift was written in 2 locations: Chicago, IL and Canal Fulton, Ohio. Several tracks have been broadcast on Chicago radio and on various internet radio channels. The track "Don't Stop" which is included on the How We See the World album includes Tracy Pfeiffer on chorus vox, and Sunday Marstrell on ending vox.

Miss Steak is a compilation of past educational and humorous songs recorded (98-2007) which include subject matter related to the Periodic Table of Elements, Upton Sinclair, Louis Carroll and the Puritan religion. The track "When Using a Chainsaw" was featured several times on the "top 20" on DFSX, a streaming web radio station based in California.

Both albums are available on iTunes and CDBaby.

  • Mayfair Winters

Canadian born, Gordon Huntley's latest musical project is a solo recording project turned live band, under the name Mayfair Winters. Gordon has worked on numerous musical projects, such as an indie film and documentary soundtrack composer, ambient improviser, post-rock experimenter, heavy metal guitarist, hip hop and electronic music producer and jazz guitar soloist.

Gordon says, "[Music], when you think about it, it's just notes and rhythm. So any song could become a completely different genre with different instrumentation." With that said, the only consistency for Mayfair Winters will be Gordon's inconsistency, and his obsessive compulsive need to decompose the art of pop songwriting.

Mayfair Winter's emotional and poignant debut release, the Mayfair Winters EP has a focus on indie-folk songwriting, with influences of roots blues, jazz, 50's pop and modern brit rock.

  • Simon M. Harris

Although Simon M. Harris incorporates musical styles evocative of Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley, his sound is all his own. Simon’s songs are a welcome gift for listeners who want a change from the ordinary and a break from the cynical. He has so far recorded 3 complete albums, and is working on his fourth. He feel himself that he is influenced by artists such as Muse, Martin Grech, Coldplay, Martin Grech, James Blunt, Sigur Rós and a few other names. You can download all his music on his website, and visit his myspace to just give a listen.

  • Petra Seunnenga

Petra Seunnenga is a 15 years old songwriter from Holland. Her love and first attempt at music began as a young child, while singing songs with her father. Petra taught herself to play the guitar and the drums, but feels the happiest when expressing herself through the piano. She keeps herself busy by playing her favorite instruments, writing songs and playing in a band.

Most of Petra's lyrics revolve around her emotions and feelings, whether it's happiness or otherwise. She also incorporates the important aspects of life in her writing, such as love and hope. Petra enjoys many types of music, ranging from pop and rock to jazz and the classics. A few of her many musical inspirations include Coldplay, U2, Simply Red, John Mayer and Yann Tiersen.

Petra hopes to move to England in 2 years time to start a band and to live her dream of performing and helping others.

  • Bound By Substance

Although their sound is often described as a blend of early 70's rock and early 90's grunge, there is something else - a rare quality to the music of BBS. While Farina and Marino bring solid rhythmic movements and distinctive bass lines, Colacito builds complex moods by combining the two elements of tranquilizing arpeggios and aggressive riffs. To complete BBS’s soundscape, Rzonca adds a few more layers of colors with his soothing vocals and bright piano/organ melodies. BBS believes depicting dramatic contrast within its music allows it to capture conflicting emotions that are deeply intertwined.

BBS is no stranger to the New York City music scene. Over the years BBS has actively played the New York City club scene. Currently, they have a monthly residency at The Bitter End in Manhattan. They have also played clubs such as CBGB's, The Continental, Don Hills, Webster Hall, Orange Bear, 169 Bar, The Knitting Factory, the Pussy Cat Lounge, and Kenny's Castaways. They have played some successful college campus shows at St. John’s University and Colgate University in New York. Out in Long Island, BBS has played The Dublin Pub, Katie’s of Smithtown, and Mulcahey’s. They have also played several shows out of their home state. They have performed at the famous Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, Love Sexy in Secaucus, NJ and The Velvet Lounge in Washington D.C. BBS displayed their music for the large crowds of The Vans Warped Tour in the summer of 2006 playing inside The Dr. Mad Vibes Tent which is a solo project of Fishbone legend Angelo Moore

  • Andrew

One of Andrew's favorite and biggest passions is music. He contributed the song "Help" to the How We See the World charity disc because he believes in the cause and hopes listeners will enjoy and relate to his music. Andrew says, "This song is just about my passion for music. This may be the only time any people outside of people I know ever hear my music. I hope people enjoy this cd, my song, and everybody else's music here. Most of all people need to know that by buying this cd, they are doing a lot to help fair trade and all the other great charities. That why I named my song 'Help' because that's what it is. Help for the world."

How to purchase


CafePress is an online retailer that produces and dispatches a large variety of user-customized products on demand. It allows shop owners an unlimited number of products along with maintenance and customization features.

How We See the World is available for purchase through the Coldplaying Charity Club shop, the CCC's CafePress store. The shop will also feature other items, such as t-shirts, stickers and toys that will support the $1.36 Charity Campaign.

Digital online stores

How We See the World is now available digitally through a variety of online music stores, including eMusic, Rhapsody and Sony Connect.


The producers of How We See the World would like to thank the many musicians, artists and others who have given so much of themselves to make it a reality. Special thanks in particular to Ian, Nadia, Tania, Loretin, Semy, Bill, Andrew, Yamfox, Juan, Annie, Julia, GB, Mike, Merek, Katz, Iriden, Angie, Livia, Lana C.J. and all who have helped transform the album and the Coldplaying Charity Club from an idea to a worldwide movement.


How We See the World was organized and coordinated by Tracie Morgan. The album was mastered at Concept Audio in Kingston, Ontario, Canada by Tracie Morgan and Duncan Holt. Music and lyrics by members of All album art was created and designed by Nadia Bengali.


Tracie Morgan
S.D.G. Productions

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