A Wonder Blue Pill Helps With Ejaculation


Marketed and manufactured by Pfizer and generically known as Sildenafil citrate, viagra is a wonder blue pill that treats men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in both sexes. Viagra pills are available as soon as individuals want. Merely, they need to make an extensive search through the internet, resulting in availability of a number of online drug stores. It is pertinent to consult healthcare provider if planning to buy Viagra pills as there are a number of side-effects associated with the use of these pills.

Some common side-effects associated with Viagra

It is pertinent to consult physician before buying Viagra pills as the use of these pills may cause to some common side-effects that include:
• Bladder pain
• Cloudy or bloody urine
• Dizziness
• Increased painful urination
• Diarrhea

Irrespective of aforesaid side-effects, some men reported vision problems. These problems can range from blurred vision to troubled color vision. If reports are to be believed, there are some rare side-effects that may occur with the employ of Viagra pills including:
• Bleeding of the eye
• Seizures
• Decreased or double vision
• Redness and swelling of the eye
• Anxiety

Employ of the internet to buy Viagra pills

With the advent of internet, it has become quite easy to buy Viagra pills as an extensive search offers a number of online medical stores that offer the drug at a cost effective rate within least time. All you need to do is simply filling in an application form on the website and the drug will be delivered at your doorstep. Online purchasing process also saves you from being cheated. So, consult your doctor to buy cialis bästa pris and know its dosages.

Dosages of Viagra pills

Though, it is available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg, but 50mg of Viagra pills is recommended to administer before one hour of sexual activity. Moreover, your physician may increase your Viagra dosages to a maximum of 100mg or decrease to as little as 25mg depending on your current health conditions. That is why, consultation with the healthcare provider is recommended to any patient.