Couples with healthy children can have Secondary Infertility


Secondary infertility can affect all couples with healthy children and many will not have second thoughts about having more children. They will be in rude shock to find that secondary infertility can affect their chance of producing and getting the kids they desired. As they have already conceived before, it does not occur to them that they are not able to conceive the second time around.

Couples do not just accidentally get secondary infertility and a high percentage of up to sixty or more percentage of those who suffered from infertility are due to secondary infertility. Although the percentage is high, very few people view secondary infertility as seriously as they would with other types of infertility. The cause of Secondary Infertility Secondary infertility is the results of couples who have already produces children but are now not able to conceive in the natural form subsequently. In United States alone, there are up to three million women who are experiencing secondary infertility.

Over the past few years, the number of secondary infertility has increased dramatically. The cause of it lies in the thinking of secondary infertility as couples usually assumed that once they have given birth, they will continue to have children thereafter. Those that are going through secondary infertility usually prefer to ignore infertility treatments as they are usually in denial. They just kept at the process of conceiving thinking that persistence will pay off in the end and physician will usually not give secondary infertility

much thought but just tell the couples to carry on what they have been doing. This will result in couples getting more and more discouraged and disappointed when conceiving does not take place. Certain causes of secondary infertility are necessary for couples to know about before they attempt infertility treatments. Those reasons that you found in normal infertility are usually the same as secondary infertility. If you have conceived before, you will have to find out if problems have occurred since your pregnancy.

Since the last pregnancy, if you and your partner have contracted any form of infections, put on a lot of weight coupled with poor diet, then that will greatly contribute to infertility. If you realized that you and your partner are going through secondary infertility, it is necessary for the women to be examined for the quality of the egg and the men for low sperm count and that related to the problems of the sperms.

Other than that, the problem could be the matter of female ovulation, Endometriosis, pelvic adhesions for the women and the women fibroids and polyps. Seeking the help of a physician for Secondary Infertility For those with secondary infertility, female can consult a gynecologist and for male, a urologist. Both the gynecologist and the urologist can examine you and find out the cause of your secondary infertility. For those that have engaged in unprotected sex for more than a year and it does not result in conception, then seeking the advice of your doctor is necessary.

If miscarriages occur or you having irregular menstrual cycles, then you should consult a physician immediately. Some of the problems may be due to medical problems that cause you having difficulty in producing children as a result of secondary infertility.