Home Remedies For Acne, A Few Simple Tips


If you are one of the many people affected by acne breakouts, you will want to pay attention. Acne mostly affects teenagers as they approach puberty. One of the biggest causes of pimples is a change in hormones. This is why teenagers are affected. It also affects adults of all ages, depending on your diet and lifestyle. To find home remedies for acne, all you have to do is look to your kitchen or bathroom for everyday items that you already purchase. You don’t have to go for the astringents as your only defense.

One of the most effective acne remedy is drinking plenty of water. If you are drinking at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day, your skin will bounce back and be vibrant. Another way to avoid acne is to eat a healthy diet. You should be avoiding greasy foods if you are having a problem with acne.

Some things that you can find in your bathroom or kitchen cupboards are toothpaste or baking soda. You can apply a dab of toothpaste to the affected area at night and simply wash it off in the morning. This will make that zit disappear. If you add a small amount of water to baking soda, making a paste and dab it onto the pimple in question at night, just like the toothpaste, and wash it off in the morning.

The best home remedies for acne are right in your kitchen. By eating a healthy diet you should avoid acne breakouts altogether. If by eating right your acne doesn’t disappear, you may want to consult a dermatologist to prevent scaring. They can either prescribe a medication that can be taken orally and/or topically that will help with your tough acne, but normally you can eat your way back to healthy glowing skin and avoid that greasy shine.