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In My Place” was one of Coldplay’s “old-new” songs for their second album. It had originally been written at the time of Parachutes original release in September 2000. The song had been performed regularly on live tours prior to A Rush of Blood to the Head.

“In My Place” won Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the 2003 Grammy Awards.

“In My Place” appeared on a 2006 episode of TV’s Cold Case, as a closing montage song about a case from 2003.

“In My Place” is the first single on Coldplay’s second album A Rush of Blood to the Head. This was their third Top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart. Regional singles were released for UK, Europe, the Netherlands, France, Canada, and Australia. Promo singles were released in UK, US, France, and Japan. The single cover features guitarist Jon Buckland, art directed by Solve Sundsbo.


All versions of the official single included the B-side, “One I Love”. This track was regularly performed on the subsequent A Rush of Blood to the Head Tour and is on the Live 2003 DVD.


Coldplay released In My Place in the US and UK on 5 August 2002 as the album’s lead single. The single was pressed with two B-sides: “One I Love” and “I Bloom Blaum”. The single cover features guitarist Jonny Buckland, with art directed by Sølve Sundsbø.

“In My Place” peaked at number two on UK Singles Charts on 17 August 2002, kept off the top by “Colourblind” by Darius Danesh. It stayed at number two until 23 November 2002. The song reached number eighteen on Billboard’s Hot Modern Rock Tracks in 2002. The band were yet to have a number one single. In 2005, “Speed of Sound”, the lead single of the band’s third album, X&Y, also reached number two, but never the number one position. “Speed of Sound” was marked as Coldplay’s most successful single until “Viva la Vida”, reached number one in 2008.

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  • UK Promo CD


Critics were positive towards the song. In the Entertainment Weekly review of the album, critic David Browne wrote: “Songs like ‘In My Place’ and ‘Warning Sign’ marry lyrics imbued with deep regret and mistakes (…You were an island / And I passed you by in the touching latter song) with lyrical melodies and guitar hooks that twinkle and sparkle.” Adrien Begrand of PopMatters wrote: “When the shimmering, pretty lead-off single ‘In My Place’ represents the album’s weakest moment, you know you’ve got something extraordinary. Currently storming the charts a la ‘Yellow’, ‘In My Place’ is another surprisingly simple song, carried by Jon Buckland’s chiming guitar and Chris Martin’s heartfelt vocals. It really shouldn’t amount to much, but Coldplay make it work very well. When Martin sings, “Please, please, please/Come back and sing to me,” he totally sells it, and you buy it. And why not? The song’s lovely. Amy M. Bruce of The Towerlight wrote: “With a slew of introspective rock songs like ‘In My Place’ and ‘God Put a Smile Upon Your Face,’ this album is worthy of the hype surrounding the band’s first album.” Jules Willis of the BBC wrote: “The second track, the first written post-Parachutes and sounding like a refugee from that album, is the grower ‘In My Place’. It’s a fantastic pop tune that justifies Coldplay’s status as one of UK’s most exciting bands.”

In 2003, In My Place was featured on Coldplay’s live album, Live 2003. The song appeared in the 2006 episode “Saving Sammy” on CBS’ television series Cold Case. The song was used as a closing montage song about a case from 2003. The track appeared again on an episode of the television series Fastlane. The song is also featured in as playable in Guitar Hero 5 (2009).


In My Place won a Grammy Award in the category of Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the 2003 Grammy Awards. The song was nominated for two MuchMusic Video Awards for Best international video–group and People’s Choice: Favorite international group.

Music video

“In My Place” music video

The music video for “In My Place” was directed by Sophie Muller, and it debuted on 17 June 2002 on AOL. It features a by-the-numbers band performance, in which the band is playing in a huge, nearly empty room. The two women in the background were members of the video crew: a makeup artist/wardrobe assistant and the video commissioner. The video starts off with band playing; while they play, Chris Martin who is sitting in a corner, gets up and joins them in the song. During the video, Martin sings directly to the camera. During the guitar solo, Martin runs up to two women in the background, talks to them for awhile, and then returns to sing the rest of the song. The video ends with the band finishing the song.


Chris Martin on “In My Place”: “That’s about where you’re put in the world, and how you’re given your position, and the way you look, and how you have to get on with it.” [1]

The Oracle on In My Place

July 10, 2012 – submitted by Vivek, Norway

Q. I love this one, was it ever released, and what are your thoughts on this version ?

The Oracle replies:

I like it! There have been quite a few acoustic performances of In My Place – mainly for radio show performances. None of are available on any official release which is a shame as I think it would have made a great b-side.

July 7, 2011 – submitted by Chloe, United States of America

Q. Dear Oracle, I was wondering where the music video for In My Place was filmed? I didn’t see anything about it in the tag cloud, but if you’ve already answered this question, I’m sorry! 🙂

Love from the US, Chloe

The Oracle replies:

Hmm, I thought I had actually but will be sure to tag this reply. The video for In My Place was filmed at Saatchi Gallery, London.

February 8, 2011 – submitted by Laurene, France

Q. Dear Oracle,

In In My Place who are the two guys on the stairs (1:12 and 2:50)?

Thanks for your answer and have a great day 🙂


The Oracle replies:

I was going to ignore this as you have sent it a few times and try to tell you telepathically about our Tagcloud. This question has been asked and answered before, ok so it was back in September 2009 but still…

You’ll find it here.

Thought this would serve as a gentle reminder to all that if I don’t answer there may be no need to keep sending the question as it may already be lurking within.

July 22, 2010 – submitted by Flor, Argentina

Q. Dear Oracle:

Who are or what represent the two people sat in the stairs behind Coldplay in the video In My Place?


The Oracle replies:

The people in the video are Faith Holmes – who used to be the video commissioner at EMI – and the makeup artist/wardrobe assistant. They were actually asked by director Sophie Muller to stay where they were to show the expanse of the room.

September 10, 2009 – submitted by Christina, United States of America

Q. Oracle,

I was watching the In My Place music video and remembered something to ask… do you know who those people are sitting wayyy in the background that Chris runs up to? I’m sure you do, you’re the Oracle. :]! Thanks a bunch!

The Oracle Replies:

Indeed I do; the stylist on the shoot and EMI’s video commissioner. They were sat on the step when the band were setting up and the video’s director – Sophie Muller – asked them to stay there to show the size of the room.

September 8, 2008 – submitted by Bonnie, United States of America

Q. In the video for “In My Place” Chris runs to the back of the room and there are two people sitting on the stairs. Chris appears to say something to them, and then runs back to continue singing. Who are those people?

The Oracle replies:

They are the video commissioner and stylist.


In my place, in my place
Were lines that I couldn’t change
I was lost, oh yeah
I was lost, I was lost
Crossed lines I shouldn’t have crossed
I was lost, oh yeah

Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
Yeah, how long must you pay for it?
Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
For it

I was scared, I was scared
Tired and underprepared
But I wait for it
And if you go, if you go
And leave me down here on my own
Well I’ll wait for you, yeah

Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
Yeah, how long must you pay for it?
Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
For it, yeah

Sing it please, please, please
Come back, come sing to me
To me, me
Come on and sing it out
Now, now
Come on and sing it out
To me, me
Come back, come sing it

In my place, in my place
Were lines that I couldn’t change
I was lost, oh yeah
Oh, yeah…