Live 2003


Coldplay Live 2003 is a live/video album by Coldplay, first released in November 2003. The set features concerts filmed at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion on 21 and 22 July 2003.

It was nominated for Best Long Form Music Video at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards.

The song “Moses”, exclusive to this album, was written about Chris Martin’s wife Gwyneth Paltrow. The song inspired the name of Martin and Paltrow’s second child, Moses Bruce Anthony Martin, born in 2006.[1][2] The song was solicited to US alternative radio as the album’s only single on 6 October 2003.[3] The live recording of “Clocks” had a small promotional radio release in some countries such as Spain.[4]

The album is the band’s second live release, following Trouble – Norwegian Live EP from 2001.


  1. “A Rush of Blood to the Head” (from A Rush of Blood to the Head)

  2. “Daylight” (from A Rush of Blood to the Head)
  3. “The Scientist” (from A Rush of Blood to the Head)

  4. “Clocks” (from A Rush of Blood to the Head)

  5. “In My Place” (from A Rush of Blood to the Head)

  6. “Amsterdam” (from A Rush of Blood to the Head)
Austrian Music DVDs Chart[6]2
Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders)[7] 35
Belgian Albums Chart (Walloonia)[8]46
Belgian Music DVDs Chart (Flanders)[9]8
Czech Music DVDs Chart[11]10
Dutch Music DVDs Chart[12]1
Italian Music DVDs Chart[15]1
New Zealand Albums Chart[16] 26
Dutch Music DVDs Chart[20]24
Argentine Music DVDs Chart[21]6
Dutch Music DVDs Chart[22]13
Argentine Music DVDs Chart[23]11
Italian Music DVDs Chart[24]16

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^shipments figures based on certification alone

Mistake in the credits

A Live 2003 Promo Image

The first sentence in the credits (starting at 1h:30m) is:

Filmed At The Horden Pavillion

But a Horden Pavillion does not exist.

The Oracle on Live 2003

August 11, 2010 – submitted by Jim, United Kingdom

Q. Oracle,

A while back you answered a question about Chris not playing the guitar on Yellow in Live 2003. Why did he not want to play? And do the technicians/backstage people play some instruments that the band can’t/don’t want to play?

Also, do you think Chris Martin looks a bit like Formula 1 driver Jenson Button, or is it just me?!


The Oracle replies:

At that time Chris wanted to do something different during the song to make it more interesting for the audience and for himself. It was decided that Matt McGinn would play the guitar part on that tour but generally speaking the techs don’t play instruments; the band do. There are occasions where backing tracks are used for instance, the introduction to Life in Technicolor…

You’re not the only one to comment on a similarity between Chris and Jenson but although I see why people say that, I don’t really think it’s a great likeness.

July 14, 2010 – submitted by Angel, Spain

Q. Dear Oracle

What does Chris Martin say in “Everything’s Not Lost” performance on Live 2003 DVD from 5:45 to 6:03, I’ve been looking for it but I haven’t found anything. Here is the link.


The Oracle replies:

This isn’t exactly verbatim but pretty much spot on:

“So if you’re sat down or even if you’re right at the back this would be the great point for you to start singing with us because we’re not gonna be in this neck of the woods for quite a while so you may as well sing as loud as you can now. Ready?”

June 25, 2010 – submitted by Jeroen, Belgium

Q. In the live 2003 version of Yellow, who is playing the acoustic guitar? Because Jonny’s playing the lead and Chris doesn’t have a guitar.. Is it a recorded track maybe?

The Oracle replies:

It’s not a pre-recorded backing track; it was Matt McGinn, Jonny’s guitar tech and now author of Roadie . Chris asked him to play the guitar part from off stage which Matt writes about in his book from page 49.

January 7, 2010 – submitted by Josue, Argentina

Q. Dear Oracle, what’s the music that can be heard in the subtitles menu for the tour diary in the Live 2003 DVD? I find that guitar riff familiar… Is it an early version of The World Turned Upside Down, the magnificent Fix You B-Side?

Thanks for answering this… It’s been puzzling me for years!

The Oracle replies:

The DVD menu has different songs playing for each feature. As you asked about the Tour Diary section I will start with that. It’s Yellow; it may be harder to recognize as it’s the extended intro version.

The music that can be heard at the main menu is Politik, the Concert is Shiver and the Extras is A Rush of Blood to the Head.


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