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First introduction

On 28th October 2014, Phil Harvey tweeted[1] the band had finished a new song for the soundtrack of Angelina Jolie’s movie Unbroken. This after news of Coldplay would enter the Best Original Song Oscar race [2] were revealed.

Online leak

There were rumours that a Sky Movies advert included a snippet of Miracles. Websites like Billboard [3] proclaimed it was teased online (it was later updated). However, Anchorman on Twitter [4] wrote it wasn’t the song and neither it was Coldplay.

Official release

Miracles was unveiled via Youtube on 11th December 2014 and available on iTunes and all digital retailers on 15th December 2014. This was the third time Coldplay has recorded an original song for a motion picture. The film was released on 25th December 2014.


The day it was released it landed on the top 30 on the UK iTunes charts. For the week ended on 27th December 2014 stayed on the 95th position in the UK Official Chart Company [5]. In the US Hot Rock Song Charts (Billboard)it entered the top 10 on the 9th position [6].

Promotional Party

In celebration of the upcoming release of Unbroken, the team production organised a party where Chris Martin performed the full song. Among the attendants there were members of the Academy Awards who enjoyed the live debut of the song as well as Viva la Vida and a Christmas carol, White Christmas with the help of Unbroken star, Garrett Hedlund. There was a video [7] which captured the whole presentation in which Chris’s sense of humour can be seen.

Lyric video


Coldplayer’ ratings

Among coldplayers it was a stand out receiving a score of 10 on the poll at coldpaying.com on the Forums [8]

Coldplayer’ reviews

Below are just a selection of Coldplayer’ reviews:

I absolutely love Miracles. My thoughts:
1. Jonny makes this song with that one riff after the first chorus and then his solo with Chris’s ooh’s. It’s kind of reminiscent of the ooh + guitar solo combination in Paradise. The actual guitar line reminds me of the end of Ladder to the Sun’s ending climax.
2. The way the bass comes in at the beginning kind of reminds me of the chorus of Sleeping Sun. Just a random thought. Why are people saying this is one of Guy’s better basslines? I’m not hearing a lot of musical complexity. It is a nice low bass sound with a nice rhythm, but it’s NOTHING like….say Magic, ETIAW, Major Minus, Paradise, X&Y, GPASUYF, Everything’s Not Lost…just to name a few excellent Guy lines. *I will concede that it took me a few listens to realize how interesting the bassline in True Love is.
3. The chord progression in the chorus is pretty cool. I also feel like Coldplay hasn’t done the I-IV-I thing much in the past so it’s really refreshing and feel-goody in a way that not many of their other songs has. This is a song that makes me happy.
3b. The way the beat drops before the very end gets me every time. I can feel my stomach drop with how well timed it is. I think they really learned some tricks from Avicii with ASFOS (which has good builds too).
4. WILL CHAMPION. The beat in the first half is good and kind of GS-reminiscent…but the end is absolutely great. Reminds me of the end of ETIAW a lot…4-on-the-floor and so driving. His backing vocals are AMAZING. It’s like UATW and Ink met and had a Will Champion lovechild…. [I fear I’ve said too much]
5. I’m a little skeptical about the instrumentation. I tend to like Coldplay songs that are more clearly 4-instruments, as in Atlas (which I somewhat like better as a song that really showcases Chris’s piano, Will’s drums, Jonny’s BOTH atmospheric and solo-ing guitar, Guy’s cool basslines)…whereas this has a very present piano-acoustic guitar thing. Which makes me wonder what it’d be like live. I hope Jonny switches between guitar and piano quickly like The Edge does in the song New Year’s Day. [Thanks MosesTheMarshmallow]

I loved this from the first time I heard it. Jonny’s beautiful guitar, Will’s powerful drumming and Guy’s throbbing bass are all so individually distinct behind Chris’s superb voice. Tremendous stuff! [Thanks Oldiefan]

I absolutely loved what they did with this one. The piano/acoustic guitar intro isn’t anything they’ve done before, then that massive drum beat reminds us of their (probable) new path (From MX to GS) but as soon as the real drums kick in that’s when the song comes complete for me. The ooh–ooh’s (which remind me of a Maroon 5 song here…) and yeah yeah yeah’s have become the standard for Coldplay song’s which to be honest always works well on their songs! (And you got to admit it’s always been there, everything’s not lost, in my place, the scientist, viva la vida and so on…). The bass line works very well too! In the middle, if you listen carefully you can hear this great background line which I think sounds like something they would have done during X&Y or VLVODAAHF. Jonny is present at all times, with a lot of different variations (not as repetitive as Magic or ASFOS). The end bit is the best part I think, the drums are absolutely amazing (maybe the best Will has done since GOW) and the whole part actually reminds me of an Imagine Dragons song, which, I think is a really good thing! The song gives you a feeling of happiness, euphoria and beauty, if this is going to be the way for AHFOD I will be very pleased! As long as their songs consist of piano-guitar-drums and bass (not a huge load of synths) and they can really reproduce this live! I think we’re going to get a real treat for LP7! [Thanks 42JTR]

Media/external reviews

Stereogum: Sou won’t necessarily get any of that from “Miracles,” a fairly generic uplift anthem that really just sounds like a Coldplay song. But it’s a more rhythmically focused Coldplay song than it has to be, and it’s a bit surprising hearing the band trying out ideas on syncopation during an Oscar-season end-credits anthem. [9]

Huffington Post:Sonically similar to the band’s most recent album, “Ghost Stories,” “Miracles” is a classic Coldplay mixture of sad, yet inspirational, with a dash more of the latter in keeping with the movie’s story. [10]

TIME:The song is poppy and easy on the ears (depending on your ears), bordering on anthemic as it builds to a cathartic release in the final minute. [11]

Radio.com:With a sweetly strummed guitar, a twinkling piano and a lot of snapping, this song sounds triumphant and as varied as the film itself. It also sounds ready for its Oscar moment.
Frontman Chris Martin sings about angels that talk to him, lightning strikes and floating above the world. It’s all pretty magical. [12]


From up above I heard
The angels sing to me these words.
And sometimes in your eyes
I see the beauty in the world.

Oh, now I’m floating so high.
I blossom and die.
Send your storm and your lightning to strike
Me between the eyes,

Sometimes the stars decide
To reflect in puddles in the dirt.
When I look in your eyes
I forget all about what hurts.

Oh, now I’m floating so high.
I blossom and die.
Send your storm and your lightning to strike
Me between the eyes
And cry.

Believe in miracles.

Oh hey, I’m floating up above the world now!
Oh hey, I’m floating up above the world now!

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!