Mylo Xylotour


Early dates of the Mylo Xylotour featured graffiti-covered walls and staging

The Mylo Xyloto Tour (affectionately named the Mylo Xylotour) is Coldplay’s fifth concert tour to promote the album Mylo Xyloto released in October 2011. The tour began in October 2011 with a series of rehearsal concerts in Europe. A full-production show began in December 2011 in the United Kingdom and continue into 2012 with shows in North America. A set of festival appearances preceded the Mylo Xylotour.


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After devoting the summer of 2011 to a promotional tour in Europe, the Americas and Africa, the band announced the tour via their Twitter account in September 2011. Initial dates revealed shows in the UK, France, Germany and Belgium. A set of rehearsal shows were added for October and November, seeing the band partake in radio festivals and fan-exclusive gigs. Due to the demand, the band added additional shows in the UK. One of those dates is a concert at Dingwalls in London. At the same venue in 1998, the band played several shows to help finance their debut album. Later in November, more dates were added in the UK, this time, playing stadiums in June 2012. The shows in Manchester, Sunderland and London sold out in under two hours. The tour kicked off with a live-streamed concert in Madrid.

Broadcasts and recordings

The premiere concert in Madrid was streamed live on YouTube. Entitled, “Coldplay Live: Unstaged”, the band performed songs from their new album alongside their previous hits. The concert aired on 26 October 2011. The show was not only streamed on YouTube but also in Times Square. Internet users were able to view exclusive content including a pre-show interview and footage from the band’s soundcheck. Viewers were also able to select their camera view, spanning from “front of stage” to “aerial”. The show was directed by Anton Corbijn and presented by American Express.[29] The live webcast is reported to have been viewed by nearly 20 million viewers. Replay of the show on Vevo was viewed by nearly 8 million viewers.

The show at the UEA Large Common Room was broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 on 27 October 2011. The band’s concert at La Cigale was also live-streamed exclusively for views in Eastern Europe and Asia on Orange. The show at Dingwalls is also planned to air live on BBC Radio 2 on 15 December 2011.

Notes from the tour programme

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XL and MX video production project

XL Video are supplying video production – including a projection system, LED screen, cameras and PPU

XL Video are supplying video production – including a projection system, LED screen, cameras and PPU – to Coldplay’s acclaimed “Mylo Xyloto” (MX) world tour, continuing its long working relationship with the band that started in 2005. Live video director is Andy Bramley and the content / media servers are designed and programmed by Ben Miles. Together they have evolved a unique, almost cinematic video aesthetic for the band’s live performances, working closely with the production and lighting designer Paul Normandale, who designed the screen layout, and Phil Harvey, Coldplay’s creative director. Misty Buckley styled the vibrant graffiti tagged set decoration which adds another layer to the visual tone.

Played to a 360 degree audience where possible, with audience seated behind the stage which is still in the end-on position, video is an intricate blend of raw and soft / colourful and monochrome elements in a lively, edgy interactive environment.
Both Bramley and Miles have worked with XL Video on many previous occasions and describe the service, equipment and attitude as “Excellent”. Over the stage is a single five metre diameter circular Barco O-Lite (10 mm) screen –which is directly backed with a projection screen surface for the 360 degree shows. Out in the auditorium are four circular screens – two at six metres and two at four metres – flown in the roof above the audience.

This ensured that everyone in the arena has a good view of the video. The screens showed a mix of IMAG and playback throughout the performance, and video was again an essential part of the band’s communication with the audience. Bringing the screens out to the audience also helps close the space down and make it intimate and theatrical when needed. Coldplay are one of a handful of bands to master the art of making large venues feel intimate and personal with a combination of performance, presence and production. Each screen is fed by a pair of XL’s Barco FLM 22K projectors with overlaid images, all connected via a fibre network, specified as the best data solution to deal with the long distances which can be up to 200 metres between projector and control. Miles is running two active Catalyst media servers, via a grandMA Lite console, with two hot backups. Each is fitted with a TripleHead2Go giving three outputs per device – one for each of the six screens, so all can receive independent feeds in any configuration.

This gives the full flexibility to send any source to any screen, together with a 16 x 16 Lightware DVI matrix supplied by XL Video, a new product geared to touring and also remotely controllable. XL built a custom rack to house all the Catalysts, the matrix, associated devices and a UPS. Miles does all the screen management and effecting both playback and camera outputs – an organic Bramley / Miles process often with a flourish of improv– in the Catalyst. The playback footage follows a graffiti inspired trajectory, including re-edited video of the bespoke ‘hypnoflow’ laser frame from the summer festival tour – and other funkiness, presented with futuristic twists of psychedelia. Bramley has directed Coldplay’s live video since 2005’s Twisted Logic tour. He and Miles worked in tandem on 2008/09’s Viva La Vida tour, where their particular synergy and style of harmonising IMAG, playback and lighting in colour and movement was initiated.

XL are supplying four main cameras for this leg of the tour, one stationed at front of house with a long lens and three hand-helds in the pit – where they can move freely and follow the band. These and one robot cam onstage are cut by Bramley on his GV Kayak console and then sent into the Catalyst system along with the TX feed, and from there, output to screen. XL is supplying six crew to work with Bramley, including Miles, engineer Ed Jarman, projectionist Kevin Parry, LED tech Pieter Laleman and Rob Wick and Sacha Moore on cameras. James Morden and Tracey Donnelly have been XL’s technical and project co-ordinators, with Phil Mercer from the LA office as the project manager. This tour sees the continuation of a long and successful history between XL Video and Coldplay, and is currently scheduled to continue throughout 2012. [1]

Grafitti on crescent stage as seen during the early Mylo Xylotour in 2011

Set designed and built by ‘Brilliant Stages’

The lead up to Christmas 2011 saw Coldplay undertake a twelve-date European arena tour with their album Mylo Xyloto, taking with them a set designed by Misty Buckley and Paul Normandale which featured specialist pieces by UK-based, Brilliant Stages. Chris Martin’s inspiration was of the tour as a ball of energy with a warm nucleus reaching out into the audience to provide an inclusive, intimate atmosphere despite the size of the arenas toured.

The design incorporated a crescent stage which spanned the main stage, and a cross-shaped B stage both of which were built by Brilliant Stages and delivered to Park Royal’s LH2 studios for rehearsals prior to the tour’s launch. The arc’d stage was low enough for Martin to run across and not obscure the sightlines of audience seated behind it, yet angled enough for those at ground-level to gain clear sight of the stunning artwork on its surface. Buckley also worked closely with the band and with street artist, Paris, to create the striking artwork which covered the stage, set and instruments with graffiti, inspired by the works of Basquiat and Picasso. Intensive workshops involved all parties in the creation of a visual representation of the lyrics, through what Buckley describes as “a process of real and gritty evolution” which continued into the performances themselves with Martin frequently adding to the images on stage. “The completely unpredictable, transient nature of the art was a vital part of the show’s concept which kept every part of tour fresh,” explains Buckley.

Providing the solid basis to this activity was Brilliant Stages engineering. “Brilliant Stages were, as always, just a treat to work with,” says Buckley. “Mel and Tony are so accommodating and, from presenting them with the first visual and design, I know they are on my wavelength. They just get on with it, leaving me to focus on the creative aspect knowing all the technicalities are being taken care of.”

Regular Brilliant sub-contractor, Andy Russell, currently helping Brilliant through its busy period, was able to take the show’s production team through the assembly process. Support was also provided by Brilliant Stages’ Luke Johnson, Ian Blunt and Wayne Croft who visited during the rehearsal period to carry out the fine-tuning necessary when putting a set together for the first time. “The work was done without any fuss, and they enjoyed a good lunch with us!” says Head Carpenter for the tour, Mike Humeniuk. “I had the pleasure of working on this set design with Mel Welch, who heads Brilliant’s CAD department, and whom I have known for quite a few years,” continues Humeniuk. “Between our production manager, Wob Roberts, Mel and myself, we have got ourselves a very nice package of the half donut and the “X” stage.”

The crescent shaped stage, measures 18.2m wide by 8.5m deep and rakes to a height of 1.5m at the upstage edge. Brilliant manufactured it from 39 decks of standard 18mm plywood, with each deck laid inside a special aluminium extrusion that protects the edge of the deck from damage. The decks are fixed together using coffin locks – half turn claw style devices that use an 8mm hexagon socket with a T-handled tool to lock and unlock for rapid set up and breakdown. The decks are set onto an aluminium framework which is held together using Brilliant’s ‘Hook and Channel’ system. “The ‘Hook and Channel’ system designed some years ago by Brilliant is such a fast way of constructing the framework of the stage set, and enables precise placement of this sub-frame,” says Humeniuk. “A slight taper within the mating of the hook to the channel ensure rigidity and, as near as dammit, squareness,”

The cross-shaped B-stage has a 7.3m span and rises 1.55m from the ground in front of the main stage. It is built from standard staging on a framework of interconnecting beams and aligned using custom made fittings secured with pins. Like the main stage, the edges of the outer risers are fitted with Velcro strips for attaching drapes and carry a number of cantilevered lighting brackets and shelves for laser fittings. Contained within the B-stage is a manually operated, hydraulic piano lift. A piano parking riser allows the piano to be moved easily on and off the lift, which is mounted on a dolly and wheeled into position before being secured and levelled on legs. Brilliant’s design process incorporated the mating of the All Access main stage and catwalk to the custom pieces supplied by Brilliant via a series of aluminium plates that formed intersections with the mainstage. “Mel was marvellous, I kept throwing bits at him and he handled it beautifully, getting the CAD team to produce drawings for approval almost by return of email!” says Humeniuk. “All those involved in this project have been nothing other than positive throughout.

“Of course, I would not be having such an enjoyable time on this tour if it was not for the fact that I have a couple of the best carps – Toby Pitts and Hobson (Andrew Pearson) – in the business covering my bottom! “Tony Bowern runs a great company that manufactures some of the biggest ‘Wow’ factors that the ‘rock n roll’ industry has ever seen. It is a pleasure working with them again, as you know exactly what you are going to get. “Brilliant Stages; it’s all in the name. Brilliant…… are!” [2]

Jason Regler’s Xylobands

Coldplay is on a world tour at present, called the Mylo Xyloto tour enthralling their fans. But the more interesting thing is that the pop/rock band is on to something new lately, turning its audience members into interactive participants by handing them, LED-illuminated wristbands called Xylobands that can be activated using a radio signal.

These LED-illuminated wristbands have been most notably featured in Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown” music video and at the band’s concerts.

These bands are given away free to the entire audience before the show and come in a variety of colors. They have the Twitter hashtag #coldplayfilm printed on them to promote the band’s live DVD. When turned on during the concert, the audience is illuminated with multicolored twinkling lights.

The Xylobands help to create a sense of community between the fans and connect them to the artist. After the concerts, they can either recycle the wristbands onsite or keep them free of charge. See what they look like in action in the video below:

The Inspiration:

Jason Regler, the Xyloband inventor and co-owner of RB Concepts told in an interview that he came up with the idea after listening to a lyric from the Coldplay song, “Fix You.”

“In 2005, when Coldplay did the Glastonbury Festival, I remember I was going through a few down days and I saw them doing Fix You. And there was just a feeling of it bringing everyone together, as well as the line “lights will guide you home.” That’s when the idea of a wristband came to mind.”

The entire concept was created with Coldplay in mind luckily the group was extremely receptive to the idea.

The LED Technology

The wristbands are controlled from single laptop that’s loaded with Xyloband’s software, provided by the RB Concepts company. The laptop is then connected to a transmitter and antenna through a cable, which can broadcast a signal to control the wristbands up to 328 yards away. Each wristband has a receiver, which allows data to be sent from the laptop to the wristbands, telling them how and when to flash during the concert.

Currently, the wristbands can only be switched on during events using the transmitters, combined with RB Concept’s software.

The Afterglow and the funny stories:

These wristbands are usually supposed to get turned off after the concerts. But there have been hilarious stories of Coldplay fans that freaked out when the wristbands continued to glow.

One fan told the Telegraph, “My Xyloband woke me up in the middle of the night and it’s still glowing.”

Another joked, “Really weird, my dad’s white Xyloband just started flashing again.” A Belgian fan added: “Mine is alive! It started flickering about an hour ago.”

Clive Banks, who is the co-founder of RB Concepts told The Independent that the “afterglow” is no cause for concern. “There’s no mind control or tracking, they are just for fun,” he said.

However Regler believes that if the Xylobands could be activated at home, users would control them during the event—thus ruining the community experience of flashing as one light.

For now geeks can try and replicate the transmission to activate the Xylobands, but according to Regler they might have a bit of trouble cracking the code.

The Cost to the Band

The front man Chris Martin confessed that the band was considering dumping the gimmick because of the huge cost.

“Most of the money we’re earning on the tour is put into the wristbands,” he told Bauer Radio. “We have to figure out how to keep it going without going broke because it’s a crucial part of the concert.”

The Band’s Guitarist Johnny Buckland said that it has cost Coldplay nearly half a million Euro a night to fund the Xylobands but he hopes they will be able to continue doing it. “It looks amazing, it just makes everyone have a great time, most of all us – and it just feels so magical”.[4]

2011: Appearances & Shows

January 29, 2013 – submitted by Danny Ackers, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle.

So I seen MX tour at Manchester, Etihad… Which was fantastic – obviously, and managed to grab me some MX confetti.

When I got it home I posed the question, what do these shapes mean? Where do they come from?

Can you enlighten me with your knowledge?



The Oracle replies:

If you look at the artwork on the MX album, you will see the same symbols by the side of each song title.

Each confetti shape represents a song.

December 10, 2012 – submitted by Ethan, United Kingdom

Q. Hey Oracle,

I am just curious to know how does the band get to the C stage? I know that they come back through the crowd, do they go that way as well to the C stage?

Many Thanks,

Coldplay For Life!:D

The Oracle replies:

It depends on the venue. In the Live 2012 film, there’s footage of the band driving buggies around the corridors taking them to the back of the arena and then they run down the aisle to the C stage.

In the stadiums they walk around the back of the stage to come out half way down and are escorted through the crowd via a makeshift walkway fashioned from tapes used to cordon a section off for easy access.

December 3, 2012 – submitted by Jaroslav , Lithuania

Q. Dear Oracle

I wanted to question you why the band dosen’t play Square One in the MX tour ?

The Oracle replies:

Square One was very much an opener; that is to say that its place was perfect on the Twisted Logic tour as the first song of the set.

It doesn’t really fit anywhere else so hasn’t been played since.

Politik was an obvious opener too but that somehow works where they have placed it over the years.

November 19, 2012 – submitted by Terry, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle, how many guitars have been wrecked by the throw at the end of GPASUYF? Looks like a damaging throw!

The Oracle replies:

Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes the guitar needs serious first aid and Hoppy will spend a long time repairing it but guitars are pretty durable so sometimes there’s little to no damage.

October 22, 2012 – submitted by Jameson, United States of America

Q. G’day, Oracle!

Now that the Mylo Xyloto comics have gotten so much more attention since the release of the HLH music vid, are the boys planning on incorporating any of the characters/animations into their shows? On the large screens where the multi-colored running man is, for example.

Hope you’re having a good one!

The Oracle replies:

No, they’re not. It would be pretty pointless to start anything new given the MX tour is coming to a close. Those characters have been around longer than the record so if anything it would have made sense to have them from the beginning.

August 15, 2012 – submitted by Daniel, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle! How come Frank Ocean has been taken off the upcoming tour dates? Thanks!

The Oracle replies:

He hasn’t been “taken off”; he’s cancelled all his scheduled performances including his own European tour, V Festival and the opening slot with Coldplay.

Anchorman will announce his replacement soon.

July 31, 2012 – submitted by Iris, United States of America

Q. Hi Oracle,

After Coldplay’s tour is over in November what happens to the roadies?

Thank You 🙂

The Oracle replies:

They get to rest, go on holiday, return home to their families and then start all over again – with another band. There is a handful of our roadies who remain with the boys even when they’re not touring but most other crew members will go on the road again. It’s a hard life – really hard work but most of them wouldn’t have it any other way.

July 10, 2012 – submitted by Eve, France

Q. Hi Oracle,

How many T-shirts and pants have the band for the shows?

When I see the pics during their MX tour, I noted that they wear the same clothes. And I don’t think they have only 1 pant and T-shirt.


The Oracle replies:

The guys have a wardrobe flight case each with various changes of clothes and footwear. If you look back at Anchorman’s live blogs, historically they often show a photo of the clothes. If you scroll down this one from the Emirates blog, you will see a picture of Chris’ garments.

July 3, 2012 – submitted by Miguel, Philippines

Q. Hey Oracle,

I was watching Coldplay live videos of Yellow during their Mylo Xyloto tour on youtube recently, and I was wondering if they stopped using the yellow balls they release during the song. If so are they going to use them again? Much thanks! And I’m seeing them in Toronto in July.

The Oracle replies:

You will have balloons don’t worry. They aren’t yellow and they aren’t released during Yellow. They appear during… actually, I won’t spoil it for you!

June 20, 2012 – submitted by Danny, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle.

So I seen MX tour at Manchester, Etihad… Which was fantastic – obviously, and managed to grab me some MX confetti.

When I got it home I posed the question, what do these shapes mean? where do they come from? who came up with them?

Can you enlighten me with your knowledge?


The confetti is based on the symbols that appear in the Mylo Xyloto artwork.

June 12, 2012 – submitted by Bernie, United States of America

Q. Why is it that the set list stays almost exactly the same the entire tour? It’s a great set regardless but doesn’t the band get tired of playing the same songs in the same order night after night?

First time asking a question to the almighty Oracle so fingers crossed for a response!

The Oracle replies:

The production of a show can be very complicated and take a lot of time to prepare to get it perfect. This show particularly doesn’t lend itself to much change. I am aware of a very few number acts who change their set during a tour so it isn’t unusual not to – it’s more usual in fact.

A few songs have been replaced and moved around since the festivals last year and the latter end of the year’s dates.

The band buzz so much off playing the songs live to a different crowd every night that no, they don’t get bored.

May 31, 2012 – submitted by Gherardo, Italy

Q. Helloo!

Why not make a DVD at the end of Mylo Xyloto Tour? Like Live 2003!

It would be great to see how the band has changed, and what kind of show has created.

You should just do it, also for Xylobands !! They are f*****g incredible.

The Oracle replies:

I have no idea why, but every single question sent in by Italian fans this week (there have been a few) have all had swearing them! I have edited by inserting asterisks.

Anyway, to answer your request, you’re a little behind the news amico. There IS going to be a live film from the MX tour. We haven’t got any details to reveal to you just yet apart from a film is coming. Hoorah!

May 29, 2012 – submitted by Thomas, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle,

I just watched the Hurts Like Heaven video from the European Stadiums (seeing them in Manchester on the 9th June) and noticed all the lasers. I was wondering, that with the stadiums being roofless, is there any problem with the lasers hitting low flying aircraft and such?


The Oracle replies:

That’s a very good question Thomas and a subject I was talking about in detail last week in fact.

Lasers obviously do come with certain risks so there are stringent safety rules and regulations in place – they can’t beam over a certain height if there’s a risk to aviation. The same goes for beaming below the heads of the audience to protect them also. The lasers are all perfectly harmless at our shows.

Enjoy Manchester!

May 22, 2012 – submitted by Aimee, Poland

Q. during European MX tour, concerts are every other day. I was wondering if guys comes home (I mean UK) or stays in European countries where they perform on the day off?



The Oracle replies:

They were in Portugal the night before that show as it was the first of the European leg but they do come home in between the rest to be with their families.

April 30, 2012 – submitted by James, United Kingdom


Hello Oracle,

I’ve printed off a seating plan for Coldplay’s upcoming gig at the Emirates Stadium but there is no sign of the ‘X’ stage in the middle, will it be there?

Many Many Thanks 🙂

The Oracle replies:

As far as I know, the X Stage is the B stage which is situated at the end of one of the runways from the main stage.

I have a feeling you are referring to the C stage, as that is positioned in the seated area at the back within the audience.

That wouldn’t appear on a seating plan. Apart from it being a surprise on the night, the seating plan from show to show isn’t modified too much online.

April 23, 2012 – submitted by Christian, Germany

Q. Hey Oracle, I’ve seen the picture of the crew vs. band football match Roadie #42 posted on his blog. I was wondering if this is the whole crew for the tour ’cause it seems like few people to manage such a big thing like a world tour.

The Oracle replies:

Gosh no, Christian, you’re quite right to assume that’s too few people for a huge tour; that’s nowhere near the full crew. There are 2 crews taking 2 stages, plus backline crew as well as a local crew at each venue. I should imagine the number of people it takes to put on a show of this scale is well into the 3 figure area. The backline crew who make up the crew football team is considerably smaller.

April 19, 2012 – submitted by Meghan, United States of America

Q. What time does Coldplay take the stage? We have tickets for Seattle, but my daughter has to play the flute in her school band concert and we need to know if we’ll still have time to get there for them or if we should just try to sell our tickets. We’d be bummed to do it, but we don’t want to miss half the show and there’s no way our 14-year-old can get out of her school performance. Thanks in advance.

The Oracle replies:

Here’s the info for States dates:

Doors 5pm

April 19, 2012 – submitted by Hannah, United Kingdom

Q. Hi

Phil tweeted before about there being another concert DVD, do you have any idea where they’re thinking about filming the concert yet? Or any other information regarding the DVD?

Thanks, its pretty exciting!

No, that’s why Phil tweeted “…but where to film it?”

Feel free to tweet him back with your suggestions – others have.

It is exciting, you’re right. I personally cannot wait!

I have no news for you. It’s a case of watch this space. Well, not *this* space obviously, just keep an eye on the website and twitter in the coming weeks & months.

April 17, 2012 – submitted by James, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle, why is the UK tour so short compared to the US tour? All of the bands tickets are sold out in the MEN as far as I know and so is London plus I live in Liverpool so the only realistic place is Manchester, always wanted to go and see the band live and will now have to wait until their next tour :/

The Oracle replies:

The USA is in the top 5 countries listed by area while the UK is hanging around the #80 mark. There is a vast difference in size of the countries for starters!

By the way, if you’ve been looking at tickets for Manchester’s M.E.N, you definitely won’t find tickets as they’re playing the Etihad Stadium.
Keep trying, there may be tickets available or other fans may not be able to go so don’t give up just yet.

March 27, 2012 – submitted by Leah, Trinidad and Tobago

Q. Dear Oracle,

I bought tickets to see Coldplay on 24th July in Montreal with 4 other friends.
The Ticket we received says Section 205 “Obstructed view”. The Bell Centre said that they won’t know how obstructed the view will be because they don’t know the stage setup….

We’re flying in all the way from Trinidad & Tobago to see the show and I’m hoping that we didn’t get stuck with poor viewing :((((

Can you help or provide any info re: stage plan for Bell Centre at Montreal?? Thanks!

The Oracle replies:

The stage set-up is 360 degree so you’ll be able to see wherever your seats are. Obstructed view usually suggests some part of the supports and/or beams so you will definitely need to check with the venue to find out whereabouts Section 205 places you in relation to the structure.

March 15, 2012 – submitted by Josh Smullen, United Kingdom

Q. Will the stages for the UK Stadium tour strut into the crowd like I’ve seen on previous gigs? Would be amazing if they did!

The Oracle replies:

I’m pretty sure that a runway jutting out of the stage will always be there. It’s a great way to connect with the audience and of course, the band have had a ‘B stage’ section performed there too so don’t think they’d be keen to lose that.

March 15, 2012 – submitted by Hedy, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle! I have been desperately searching for some floor seats to the show in Atlanta, GA on July 2nd. However, ticketmaster no longer has them. So, if I purchase tickets from eBay or StubHub, there wouldn’t be any problems when presenting my tickets, would there? I don’t think so, but I have seen some previous oracle questions mentioning that one’s ID must be presented, and if I am buying someone else’s ticket, I don’t want any complications! Thanks! Hedy

The Oracle replies:

As far as I know I.D is required to collect pre-paid tickets from the box office so you should be fine buying from a 3rd party as long as they already have their tickets in hand. Of course I would always advise to buy from a reputable company as otherwise there is always a chance you could somehow be at risk.

March 13, 2012 – submitted by Yvonne, United Kingdom

Q. I hope the Oracle can help, I’m probably panicking too soon, but I bought tickets from ticket master for the June Coldplay gig at the Emirates, and haven’t had the tickets yet. Has anyone else? I will be completely gutted if something has gone wrong.

The Oracle replies:

I have no idea if anyone else has got their tickets yet but rest assured yours are not late according to the event info so you can stop panicking. Ticketmaster do state on their website that “tickets for this event are provided directly by the promoter and not printed by Ticketmaster and may not be despatched until ten days before the event”.

March 12, 2012 – submitted by Elaine, Ireland

Q. I have front row tickets to see Coldplay in the Hollywood Bowl. As I’m Irish I’m used to an enthusiastic crowd (eg Oxegen 2011 BRILL) But Jesus the Yanks just stand there with what I would consider, total lack of respect. Do I take an Irish flag and give the band the reaction they deserve or just shut up and stand????

The Oracle replies:

Er, I have to disagree there Elaine as I think you’re being harsh on the American fans. Whenever I have seen the band in the States (4 times), the crowd has always been amazing. In fact, I remember one particular show where I couldn’t understand why the audience were screaming as if at an *NSYNC concert! Given you’re on the front row I am sure you’ll be able to react to the band in your own way so go for it and don’t worry what anyone else is doing. I’m a quarter Irish and love all things Emerald Isle but as the band aren’t Irish I am wondering why you feel the need to take a flag at all? If it’s because you’re from nearer their home, maybe just say it with a t-shirt as that’s not likely to block anyone’s view.

March 7, 2012 – submitted by Franco, Paraguay

Q. Dear Oracle, you can tell us if this video cellphone record is true?

“Will Champion: “Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela watch out, here we go”.

We can’t found the complete video anywhere… Thanks! Please send us any link to see the complete video!

The Oracle replies:

I found the complete video which is also a much clearer version.

This video is quite old now and although Will does mention certain countries and says “…watch out, we will come”; he doesn’t mention when.
There is always the possibility of tour dates being added to the current itinerary but as yet there has been no mention of South America other than in that interview.

March 7, 2012 – submitted by Sarah, Canada

Q. Can you point me to a picture of how the stage is set up for the North American Tour. This is in regards to buying seats behind the stage and I am curious if it has a high backdrop or not.


The Oracle replies:

As I said last week (or the week before), the view from behind the stage is a good one so don’t worry. There isn’t a backdrop as such; it’s open apart from a low graffiti wall.

March 5, 2012 – submitted by Craig, United Kingdom

Q. Hi there, just wondering if the bands clothing is custom made or if I can buy similar gear in the shops as I love the colours and graffiti used in them ? Look forward to a reply thanks 🙂

The Oracle replies:

The beauty of Coldplay stage costumes is that you can easily recreate the look at home and most of the key items can be found on the high street. Ooh get me, I sound like Gok Wan[5]. Any that aren’t available from popular chains can be replaced by similar items given that they will be customized with dye or paint to change their appearance anyway.

February 29, 2012 – submitted by Paul, United Kingdom

Q. I Have two standing tickets for coldplay Friday 1st June 2012 want to swap for the Monday 4th June. Anyone interested?

The Oracle replies:

Try asking here[6]. Hopefully you’ll be able to find someone to swap with.

February 29, 2012 – submitted by JD, United Kingdom

Q. is Coldplay not playing at T in the Park 2012?

The Oracle replies:

Now there’s a date I can definitely confirm that they’re NOT playing given they appeared there last year.

February 28, 2012 – submitted by Shiva, Canada

Q. Hi Oracle, Coldplay is selling tickets for behind the stage seats for the upcoming shows. Any idea how the view would be?

The Oracle replies:

I assume it will be just like the London’s shows in December I know someone who sat there and said “good actually… really suprised how good”.

February 2, 2012 – submitted by Monique, Australia

Q. Hi Oracle, I recently heard that Coldplay are coming to Sydney, Australia, for two intimate shows. I really really want to enter to win tickets to these shows but the terms & conditions say you have to be a permanent resident of NSW and be 18 years or over. I am almost 17 and live in QLD but I would willingly travel any distance in Australia to see them. I can easily get transport and accommodation sorted accompanied by an adult guardian. I would like to know if there is anyway I can still attend???
Please please help, I really want to see them live and would do anything, I just hate not being eligible.

The Oracle replies:

I remember being of an age where I couldn’t attend gigs as I couldn’t get in certain venues. There are safety concerns with competitions and that’s why the minimum adult age of 18 is imposed. I am sorry to say it doesn’t matter how mature a person is or whether they have accommodation, the rules are there for a reason and they* will not bend them for any one individual or it wouldn’t be set that way in the first place.

I’m sorry it must be really frustrating but at least it is being streamed live so you’ll be able to watch.

  • “they” is not the band by the way. We have nothing to do with terms & conditions but for what it’s worth, I have organised quite a few fan events and I insist on the same rule. If it had said “unless accompanied by an adult”, that would be the only way you could attend.

February 1, 2012 – submitted by Holly, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle,

if I was to buy tickets off of a friend would I still be able to get into the Coldplay concert at the Emirates? is there any photo ID or name ID in use (like at Glastonbury) or can I use them without this friend present?

The Oracle replies:

If you have the tickets in hand you don’t need photo identification to get in to the show. It’s only if you’re collecting tickets from the box office that they may stipulate that at point of purchase.
Please make sure you always read the small print and terms & conditions regarding tickets as rules may differ between certain venues/ticket agents.

January 11, 2012 – submitted by Andrew, United States of America

Q. When I went to my first Coldplay concert at the Verizon wireless amphitheater in Irvine, California, the band moved stages three during their set. Meaning, they had two mini stages set up in the audience, which were more like raised platforms. On these mini stages, the band played their cover of Billie Jean and also did some acoustic songs. I was wondering if this was just special to the Viva tour, or to the Irvine venue, or if the band is planning on doing the stages in the audience thing in the future. It was truly memorable because I was able to be five feet away from them while they were playing on one of the stages.

The Oracle replies:

It always amazes me when I get two similar questions in quick succession. I think our fans have psychic powers!

See the last question I answered about the X stage (previously known as the B stage).

There hasn’t been a C stage (the part where the band went right to the back of the venue and performed from within the audience) so far on the MX tour. I don’t think it will be making an appearance.

January 11, 2012 – submitted by Leah, Canada

Q. I have tickets in front of the X stage for Toronto’s July show. How many songs does the band usually do on this stage?

The Oracle replies:

Generally they do 2-3 songs on the X stage. Don’t forget the protrusion is at the end of a catwalk that is used a lot by Chris mostly, but also Jonny. You’ll have a great view of those moments as well as a good vista via the screens positioned around the venue.

December 21, 2011 – submitted by Leah, Canada

Q. Greetings from BC!

I’m finally getting to go to a Coldplay concert in April and I’m so excited! I was wondering if they will be doing an acoustic part on the c-stage for this tour like they did before?

Thanks so much!

The Oracle replies:

The C stage – now dubbed the X stage given its shape – is pretty much a permanent fixture these days so yes, I’d say it’s pretty certain they will continue to have an acoustic set at the end of the runway to get closer to the crowd and have that more intimate moment.

December 15, 2011 – submitted by Giulia, Germany

Q. I see that Emeli Sande has done the openings for some of Coldplay’s concerts recently. Do you know whether she will do the same for the summer 2012 concerts (I would love to see her at the September concerto in Munich).


The Oracle replies:

It’s not usual for the support slots to do more than one leg (yes, I know that Bat For Lashes did but that was a Latin American tour sometime after the initial run).

I think Emeli will be very busy doing her own tours anyway. Did you know that yesterday it was announced yesterday that she has won the Brits Critics Choice award. Congratulations Emeli!

August 16, 2011 – submitted by Sarah, United Kingdom

Q. Hey Oracle!

In the beginning of Coldplay’s performance at the iTunes Festival and Lollapalooza, there’s an orchestra recording playing that sounds like something from Disney. Is that Coldplay’s doing or the festival’s way of introducing them?

Thanks!! 🙂

The Oracle replies:

It’s actually the Back To The Future Theme Song. I don’t know if you’ve seen the film or not but it was made back in 1985 and is a modern day classic worth checking out.

July 21, 2011 – submitted by Maaike, Canada

Q. Hi Oracle,

I hope you’re well. Did the boys make their own clothes for the upcoming tour like they did for the Viva tour? If not, who did? Thanks! 🙂

The Oracle replies:

The band are involved in ideas for what their clothes will look like and did have a hand in certain customising of the Viva costumes but didn’t actually make them.

The same goes for the current clothes. Beth, their stylist, bought various pieces and got t shirts screenprinted etc. The band designed patches that were added and they all put bits of spray paint on them.

May 26, 2011 – submitted by Laurens, Belgium

Q. Dear Oracle,

Will the band wear the same Viva jackets and use all the Viva la Vida stuff for the summer festivals or have they come up with something new?


The Oracle replies:

It’s all gonna be new. We’ve all had haircuts and there are new threads to wear too.