Obesity and Infertility are closely linked


Obesity and infertility are very closely related so when you are looking to conceive, it is essential to know as obesity is one of the most common occurrences in the world today. With inexpensive food found everywhere, it is easy to indulge. Not just any food but fat and oily food that is served in restaurants and everywhere plus all of us has busy lifestyles which make it almost impossible to have healthy food, contributing to the problem of obesity

In what way do Obesity and Infertility cross path

Obesity contributes to many form of diseases and disorders and infertility is just one of those, thus the link between obesity and infertility. To many obese people, they will usually lay the cause of it to their gland problem but the truth is that only a number of obesity is actually caused by disorder in their body system.

One of the contributing factors of obesity that dramatically influence a person weight has to do with a condition known as the thyroid gland. It can be determined by physician obtaining a blood sample. If you found that your weight problem is caused by a thyroid condition, then it can be solved by medicines prescribed by your physician or other procedures as necessary. That cans greatly reduced obesity and infertility as a contributing factor affecting conceiving.

In the most common case, obesity and infertility are the result of the calorie intake exceeding the calories that you burned. Simply state, the person is eating more than they can remove through exercise. This can be solved by going through a low calorie diet and getting some form of exercise. But it is not easy for an obese person who faces infertility to be told to start exercising immediately as it is an added insult to their already low sense of self worth.

For those that want children no matter what, once they are told that obesity and infertility are linked, they will go all out to reduce their weight as getting rid of the excess fat is not as difficult if you have the knowhow. That can be done by getting the advice of a dietician, going to the gym or even consult your physician on ways to reduce those fats. If losing weight to you is very difficult, then you will have to consider infertility treatments as obesity and infertility can seriously affect conception if not treated.

Most people self worth are decided by having children and most of the time, this is enough motivation for them to lose weight. As obesity and infertility do indeed are greatly associated, and obesity will cause many other health problem, so it is best to reduce weight, otherwise infertility treatments are only considered if all else failed. For those who are obese and have children, losing weight is necessary so that they will have the fortune of seeing their child enters adulthood. Make losing weight a mantra so that you and your child can live healthily.