Ode To Deodorant


Ode to Deodorant Cassette

Ode To Deodorant” was one of the first songs performed by Coldplay. It was recorded and released in 1998 as a double A-side demo cassette tape for local concert promoters by Phil Harvey, the band’s original manager. The second A-side, “Brothers & Sisters” went on to become one of Coldplay’s early staples.

In an August 2003 article from Interview magazine [1], Coldplay drummer Will Champion commented that it, “had a good ending and a good bass line, but it was a crappy song.” When asked whether the song is cringe-worthy, lead singer Chris Martin joked that he doesn’t listen to it. [2]

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St Ode’s Day

In late 2005 a cassette tape of the song was sold on eBay. A fan bought the tape and “leaked” it onto the internet on 13 January 2006. As a result, the 13th January is now known in Coldplay circles as St Ode’s Day.

Re-mastering from Cassette

Ode To Deodorant – Original Upload (the Jan 13th St Ode’s day File):

Ode To Deodorant – Cleaned:

The Oracle on Ode To Deodorant

May 21, 2012 – submitted by Dhamar, Mexico

Q. Hey, dear Oracle!

What’s first? Ode to Deodorant or Safety EP? I’m confused, please reply!

Greetings from all the members of the League of Latinamerican’s Coldplayers!

Thank you!

The Oracle replies:

Safety (on CD) came first in May 1998. Ode to Deodorant (on cassette) was recorded later in the same year and served as a second demo.

October 11, 2011 – submitted by AJ, United States of America

Q. Was there ever any official album art for Coldplay’s first song, Ode to Deodorant.

Also on YouTube there is a comment that says their first song was Love I’m So Tired released in 1997. Sorry about all these questions but is there an official release of Ode to Deodorant I can download.

The Oracle replies:

Personally I have never heard a song of that name and there definitely wasn’t a release in 1997 of any kind. Ode to Deodorant was a professionally recorded demo that followed the Safety ep but it was never officially released in any capacity. This means there is not an endorsed download available. There are a handful of physical copies floating around and I have seen it online but that was a while ago.

October 25, 2010 – submitted by janie, United Kingdom

Q. Hi, I read about how the Ode to Deodorant cassettes were dubbed from a CD-R. I was wondering how many of these CDs were made? Did they get labeled like the cassettes or are they any other marks to know someone has seen a real CD?


The Oracle replies:

The copy I had was the original CD-R and didn’t have any labelling whatsoever. I copied it myself onto cassette before the cassette demo started doing the rounds.

I am not aware of any CDs being given out at that time to be honest.

The tape looked like this. Don’t bother trying to work out the phone number; it doesn’t belong to anyone these days!

May 24, 2010 – submitted by Sacha, Australia

Q: Hi Oracle! I was looking up Ode to Deodorant the other day and I was wondering why it’s not available on CD or anything? I know it’s like Coldplay’s first song but it’s actually really catchy! Sorry if you’ve already answered this.

The Oracle replies:

It’s not quite their first song but yes, it was rather catchy wasn’t it? The thing is it was the second proper recording they did as a band in a studio. They also recorded Brothers & Sisters at the same session. They felt that song represented the direction they were heading in more than Ode so the song was ditched as a potential single or album track. They did play it live for a while too.

April 19, 2010 – submitted by Hector, Mexico

Q. Dear Oracle who knows it all:

I was wondering if this really is the one and only Ode to Deodorant?

The Oracle replies:

Yes that really is the ultra rare, hard to find aforementioned song; a very early demo post Safety EP but pre-Brothers & Sisters. It’s terrible quality mind!

March 22, 2010 – submitted by Evelien, Belgium

Q. Dear Oracle,

I was wondering the other day: was Ode to Deodorant ever burnt on a cd and given away or something? I know they made a cassette and sent it to a radio station for a competition, but a cassette seems very ‘old school’, even for those days.

( + saw one pass on ebay several months ago and I was wondering if it was a genuine copy).

Thanks in advanceĀ !

The Oracle replies:

Well the master copy of the track was certainly burned onto a cd. Cassettes were still circulating in the demo world but they were on their way out. It was more to send to Radio Stations to play although there was an Xfm competition they entered too. (The Safety EP -on cd- had been sent to Steve Lamacq at Radio 1 earlier than this though).

If the copy you saw was the same one that I also saw it was indeed an original.

September 9, 2009 – submitted by Lucas, Canada

Q. Hi Oracle,

Is the song Ode to Deodorant by Coldplay, or by a different band, The Coldplay, as shown on the demo tape?

The Oracle replies:

That tape recording is from 1998 when Coldplay were still The Coldplay. It’s our boys, not the band that were previously called Coldplay before changing their name to The Bettina Motive; Chris asked if they could use The Coldplay once it had been discarded. Keeping up? Good!

June 8, 2009 – submitted by Diego, Venezuela

Q. Hi dear Oracle

I would like to know why you guys decided to call your first song “Ode To Deodorant” like that? It’s such a great song a I would really like to know!

Good evening! Thanks!

The Oracle replies:

I swear the first time I heard that song I thought it was a euphemism for something else. I’d never heard a song about something so random but totally believe Chris when he says that is in fact about deodorant!

April 29, 2009 – submitted by Jonsey, United States of America

Q. Was there ever a CD-R demo of the 2-track Ode to Deodorant release? OR was it recorded directly to cassette, then dubbed cassette to cassette?

The Oracle replies:

There was a CD-R demo but it was distributed on cassette, though not as a release. It was for demo purposes only.

March 6, 2009 – submitted by Carol, Brazil

Q. Dear Oracle, is Ode to Deodorant a Jatravartid song?

The Oracle replies:

I can see why you would ask given that people are making many connections between Coldplay and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Jatravartid invented aerosol deodorant but no, the song is not about them.

January 20, 2009 – submitted by Sunil, United Kingdom

Q. Hi, was Ode to Deodorant ever produced onto a cd as demo/promo?

The Oracle replies:

A cassette (the master copy was on CD) was handed out to record labels as a promo but there was no kind of release like that of Safety E.P.

August 29, 2008 – submitted by Simon, Netherlands

Q. Why did Coldplay wrote an Ode to Deodorant?

The Oracle replies:

Your question seems imply that you think Ode to Deodorant was a joke. I know that the lyrics do seem a little whimsical but I can assure you it was a serious composition. It would be like asking why Coldplay wrote Yellow? They just did.


Here’s an Ode, ah, to deodorant
It’s my thing, ah it’s my favourite hygiene
It keeps me through the day

Another ode, ah to deodorant
It’s my thing, ah it’s my favourite hygiene
It’s the confidence I need

It’s medicine for the soul
It’s medicine for the mind
It picks me up and makes me whole
It makes me feel alright

Here’s an Ode, an ode to aerosol
It’s my thing
Ah, it’s my favourite hygiene, it’s the confidence I need

It’s medicine for the soul
It’s medicine for the mind
It picks me up and makes me whole
It makes me feel alright

It’s okay Oh, would I ever let you down? No way
Oh, would I ever let you down, okay?
Oh, would I ever let you down, no way
Oh, would I ever let you down…

I’ll never let ya, I’ll never let ya, I’ll never let you down, no way

Would I ever let you let you down, no way
Would I ever let you let you down, no way
Would I ever let you let you down, no way
Would I ever let you let you down, no way