Prospekt’s March EP


Prospekt’s March EP cover

Two Coldplay radio interviews aired on Saturday 30th August 2008 the UK, the first one on BBC Radio 2 with Dermot O’Leary and the second on BBC6 Music. During the second one Chris Martin confirmed details of future Coldplay releases to a well respected Steve Lamacq. An EP entitled Prospekt’s March was to be released from 19th November 2008 and the band would then wrap up the decade with a full length release in December 2009.

We reported on 1st August 2008 at [1] that the band had finished working on some songs that will be released in EP format sometime in March next year, so it appears that this EP has been brought forward by four months. It also appears that the news [2] we reported back on June 2nd about a new album release in 2009 is correct.

Coldplay’s new releases can be attributed to an overflow of material the band created with producer Brian Eno while recording Viva La Vida. “The Viva La Vida sessions were incredibly fruitful. They gelled brilliantly with Brian and recorded much more music than they could fit on one album,” a spokesman for the band’s EMI record label said.


Prospekt on Prospekt’s March EP

On 30th August 2008, two of the biggest bands in the world went head to head on BBC 6music as Coldplay chatted to REM’s Michael Stipe [pictured] live in the studio with Steve Lamacq.

Following reports that Coldplay planned to release a record this year it fell on Stipe to get to the bottom of the rumours: “Is it true?” he asked. To which Martin replied: “We’re going to put an EP out at Christmas called Prospekt’s March and we’re going to release an album next December to end the decade.”

Martin then turned to Will Champion and asked: “Is it [the EP] called Prospekt’s March or Prospekt’s Song?” Before adding: “Lets ask Michael Stipe!”

Stipe preferred Prospekt’s March and the band agreed. This EP will come only months after Coldplay’s 4th studio album Viva La Vida which was released in June this year. But as previously reported, the band recorded so much material during the writing of Viva La Vida they had more than enough for one album.

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  • Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground

Release date

Coldplay confirmed on 6th October 2008 (thanks to Anchorman via the release date of both the Prospekt’s March EP and the special version of the album containing the EP’s eight tracks, which will be called Viva La Vida Prospekt’s March Edition. The dates are as follows (the EP and the album are released on the same day in each country)…

  • Wednesday 19th November – Japan, Sweden (digitally on 21st)

  • Friday 21st November – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, South Africa

  • Saturday 22nd November – Australia

  • Monday 24th November – UK, rest of the world

  • Tuesday 25th November – USA, Canada, Spain


At the same time the tracklisting was announced, Coldplay said that the cover would be another Eugène Delacroix painting (similar to the cover art for Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends). Indeed it is by Delacroix. It’s the ‘Battle Of Poitiers’ (1830). The complete painting can be seen online. [3]

Steve Lamacq talks about Prospekt’s March

Steve Lamacq caught up with recent Coldplay events on 30th August 2008 and wrote about them in his online blog. Here goes:

So what we suspected – but weren’t at liberty to confirm – turns out to be true. There will be another Coldplay album next year, currently set for release in December ’09. Chris Martin broke the news during a convivial chat with REM’s Michael Stipe and yours truly on BBC 6 Music on Saturday afternoon. What’s more surprising is that there will be a new EP, Prospekt’s March, released around Christmas… (“hopefully December 26th, something like that”).

All of which seems to confirm earlier suspicions that the sessions with Brian Eno for the current album Viva La Vida were so productive that they had songs to spare – although the band still claim the next album is far from finished. In the meantime, we got to hear a laid-back Coldplay democratically choosing the title for the EP, live on air, with the added bonus of Stipe having the casting vote.

Coldplay Spark New Online Interest Over New EP And Album News

Below are just some of the articles written across the world by the likes of NME, BBC, Gigwise et al. It might take you a while to read them all!

To summarise, Coldplay confirmed that they will be releasing an EP before the end of the year, followed by a new album at the end of 2009. Chris Martin announced the decision to release the EP only months after Coldplay’s fourth studio album, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. He told BBC 6Music: “We’re going to put an EP out at Christmas called Prospekt’s March and we’re going to release an album next December to end the decade.”


As previously reported, the band recorded so much material with producer Brian Eno during the writing of Viva La Vida that they had more than enough for one album. Chris previously revealed that the 2009 album will feature ‘Lunar’, a collaboration with Kylie Minogue that was deemed “too sexy” to be on Viva La Vida.

The Oracle on Prospekt’s March EP

April 7, 2010 – submitted by Dennis, United States of America

Q. In the Prospekt’s March booklet, there is a picture of the band running uphill with one person almost directly behind them and a lot of people way down the hill. Who are those extra people? Thank you, Oracle.

The Oracle replies:

All the ‘people’ in that photograph are actually the band members.

March 25, 2009 – submitted by Christi, United States of America

Q. Dear Oracle,

Forgive me if this is common knowledge but I’m a fairly new Coldplay fan. What are the paintings on the cover art of the Viva la Vida and Prospekt’s March?

The Oracle replies:

Both feature original paintings by Eugène Delacroix. The first being Liberty Leading the People, the latter is called the Battle of Poitiers.

October 28, 2008 – submitted by rohan, India

Q. How can I get the new Prospekt’s March cd without buying the Viva la Vida special edition ?

The Oracle replies:

I think a few people are a little confused. You don’t have to buy the album to get Prospekt’s March, you can buy it separately OR as part of a special edition of Viva la Vida as it says HERE.

In fact, we also announced that you’ll be able to order it from this very website.