Ways in which economic empowerment for women can be achieved


If we have a look at the working population of the world, it can be clearly seen that fewer women work as compared to men. It can be because of a number of reasons. In some countries, it can be because of the low income while in other because of the restrictions imposed on the women. No matter what the reason is, it is imperative to change the current scenario and to lead women to the path of economic empowerment. In this article, we have mentioned some of the steps that can help the government out to achieve this very goal.

Changing laws

The changes are required to be made in order to make the economic growth for women more flexible. Particularly the changes are necessary to be made in the laws that limit the financial independence of women. Both the genders must be provided with equal rights and opportunities in order to achieve economic empowerment for women. They should be able to make their own decisions without any kind of internal or external influences. Changes should also be made in the social norms and ritual that stops women from fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals.

Promotion of innovation and technology

It is seen that women are more technically backward than any other section of society. Technology surely plays an essential role for people to become economically empowered. That is why it is essential that women’s should be offered knowledge and education to understand the proper use of technology and also the ways in which it can be used to gain self sufficiency. This will not only increase the empowerment but will also lead to a major increase in the productivity of the country.

Investment is required

It is clear that for leading someone on the path of economic empowerment, necessary investment needs to be made. There should be special schemes providing the female population of the country with the required loans and capital to initiate their businesses and start ups. Also, the government needs to spend some of the amounts of creating places in the public services. Infrastructures and women friendly transport is also required to be brought into action.

Along with all these points, it is also essential that there should be provided a bit of help with the child care so that women with little ones can also take the path of economic empowerment.